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Chaz Bono

Fearless with the Change

11/19/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono debuted his new look this morning -- and said since he started transitioning from female to male, "Life is just great now."

Cher and Sonny Bono's daughter-turned-son was on "GMA," where he called his sex change "the best decision I've ever made" because he's now "living the life I've always wanted to live."

Chaz is now only eight months into a years-long process.


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This is what happens when parents take to many drugs. Messes up the chromosomes.

1769 days ago


trying to understand what it means when chaz says : i always felt like a male . what does that mean? how does a young child distinguish what it feels like to be either male or female and really know that being the opposite gender will feel better to them or more right to them if they have never been that gender and don't know what that will feel like yet..i don't understand and i would like to. is this considered a type of mental illness, could it be that a person who feels this way has some type of thinking/perception disorder to an extreme or something like that? just trying to understand how someone knows that becoming the opposite gender will feel more right when they have never been that opposite gender. not putting her down for her choice or anyone else. just wish i could understand how the conclusion is reached before actually experiencing it firsthand or what goes on exactly in a person's mind with this type of life wishes to her. has anyone ever thought that it may be possible for someone to do this if they are for instance a woman attracted to women sexually or man attracted sexually to men and perhaps they get the change to somehow make being with another woman or man more acceptable...if they struggle with shame over being gay.....not saying this is true for her, but just wondering if that ever happens?

1769 days ago

Kooky Fan    

This is the first Trans that I feel for. Chaz seems genuine and a nice 'guy'. Best of luck..............

1769 days ago


We are not hating chaz chastity..Chers kid did the worst thing You can do...We are not given the right to change our sex..NO- WE are not..God formed us in our Mothers Womb not the plastic surgeon..This is wrong WRONG..If you have MOMS money it is all ok in hollywood they think..IT is a FREAK show and cher must be suffering horribly..It aint chers fault.. I dont know who to blame this one on?? The Blame game is wrong too..Well 98% maybe.. We are all some what to blame in certain situations..I feel sad for chaz..Chastity was a lovely woman who needed a diet and lots of therapy

1769 days ago


"Nothing Scares Me" .... ??

Chaz Bono scares me.

1769 days ago

two cents    

Poor Sonny. How he must be rolling over in his grave to see his once beautiful daughter turn into a fat, ugly slob right before our very eyes. It's obvious, money can't buy happiness (or a small waistline). How tragic.

1769 days ago


This is just plain ass WRONG in every way.

1769 days ago


what a freak show

1769 days ago


Whether male or female this person really needs to go on a strict diet. To be sooooo fat is just not healthy for anyone. However, good luck to him/her.

1769 days ago


This woman clearly has mental problems. First of all, it is one thing to want to be a man, or to "feel" like a man (subjective), but it is another to role-play a fat, farting, ball scratching SUPER EXAGERATED STEREO-TYPE of a man. The over compensation alone indicates that she is F'd the F up in the head. Any doctor who would mutiliate her while she is obviously mentally ill is irresponsible, immoral and doing her a very serious diservice. She needs a shrink, not a set of artificial balls and a shot of testosterone.

1769 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

I am SO going out as Chaz next Halloween!

1769 days ago


Sex change procedures are private, only for self benefit,IMO. She will always be female. I wonder if she was molested before or during her gender identification development stage and became confused?

1769 days ago


"nothing scares Me".......JUST WAIT TIL JUDGEMENT DAY.

if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, DOESNT MEAN IT'S A DUCK.

1769 days ago


Fatty better lose a lot of weight or he/she will never see his/her new penis!!!

1769 days ago


jezus crimany

1769 days ago
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