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Chaz Bono

Fearless with the Change

11/19/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono debuted his new look this morning -- and said since he started transitioning from female to male, "Life is just great now."

Cher and Sonny Bono's daughter-turned-son was on "GMA," where he called his sex change "the best decision I've ever made" because he's now "living the life I've always wanted to live."

Chaz is now only eight months into a years-long process.


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London not England    


It's NOT about Chaz Not feeling good about "being a woman"....
It's about "feeling good about Being".....

Just like Michael Jackson didn't feel good about "being Black", so he paid a lot of money$$ (Like Sammy Sosa)to become WHITE....

Well, she's paying a LOT of money to become what he feels will make him feel better when he gets up in the morning. And I find it VEEEEERY HYPOCRITICAL when 99% of you BITCHES will have GEL/SALINE implants shoved into your TiTs, RAT POISON Pumped into your face, knitting needles shoved into your ass to have Fat sucked out, fake eyes, fake hair, and fake LIPS, and then want to criticize someone else....!?!?!?!?

Go back to Carrie Prejean/Sarah Palin Land...Ooops..I'm sorry, they're out pushing their tell-all books!

1710 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1710 days ago


Gosh I have so many questions, was she before a he thrown into menopause and what was that like? The awful night sweats or treated differently? Those of us that had to have surgery because of one thing or another (cancer) have a terrible time with hormones and finding the right match to combat night sweats etc. How did she get through all of this? Can't wait to read the book, best of luck to you Chaz, you only get one life, and live it on YOUR terms !!

1710 days ago


She really needs to get health physically. She has got to be 100 pounds over weight.

1710 days ago


Caden & Gay Guys Rule ... The anger you both exhibit is really quite disturbing. You might want to seek professional help.

1710 days ago

Ignorance is not Bliss    

A penis does NOT a man make. How many of us know guys who have gotten women pregnant and then abandoned those women and their children?? Those guys are NOT men simply for having a penis!

A little biology lesson for you all - in the womb we all start out as FEMALE (no penis) Its then up to the proper hormonal signals/washes while still in the mothers womb that then will allow to change a babys sex from female to male. There are many reported cases of people who received too little of the correct hormonal "bath" and causing them to be born with both sex organs. There is also scientific proof that if a baby receives only partial hormonal "baths" (this by the way being the term used for what happens in the womb when we all receive the hormanal dosages from our mothers body) this can lead to transgender people. Their brains get programmed as one sex and there bodies are the complete opposite.

God doesn't make mistakes - but God does make many different types of people in the hopes that we all get along and learn from one another.

1710 days ago


3. That has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. However, what do you expect when a person is raised by Cher. This kid probably came out of the womb confused.
Posted at 9:38AM on Nov 19th 2009 by Jody

Hey, Jody, what makes you think Cher had much to do with raising her kids? How much time could she have spent with them between her affairs & plastic surgeries.

1710 days ago


those of you invoking God's name to say this is an abomination are complete idiots. Only God can judge, right? Or do you pick and choose what suits you from your religion?

I had the pleasure of meeting Chaz several years ago. What a sweet person. If he is happy, good for him. and as far as keeping this private, um, how was he supposed to do that? sites like TMZ and Perez don't allow stuff like this to go unnoticed. If you are in the public eye, its going to get out. At least Chaz did it on his terms.

1710 days ago


If you're born with a vagina, then you are a SHE!!!!

1710 days ago



No different than how kook liberals decide which anti-gay opposition to attack and slander. Carrie or the DEMOCRAT President? They chose Carrie.

1710 days ago


Soooooooo, she lied for 20 years saying she was a LESBIAN? When she came out as a Lesbian she never said she's felt like a male as long as she could remember. If she didn't know the difference between a Lesbian and a Transgendered person, she's a confusion person.

1710 days ago

I, Slay The Dragon    

Wow. Chazzy, you REALLY made the leap to manhood. Like ALL
manly-Gay chicks, you not only skipped the Blood, Sweat, and
Tears the covers the road to M-A-N hood, you've TRIED to make
a liar, of Supreme God. Anyway, now that you're a "man",
I'd like to invite you (and ANY manly-Gay chick in THE UNIVERSE)
to what us guys like to call some one-on-one, Wall-to-wall,
counseling. After all, your da man now, right?
So, You (and ALL others)can MAN-UP...ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

1710 days ago

London not England    


not angry baby...just telling the truth...
but if you see that as Anger?? maybe YOU should be on somebody's couch.....

1710 days ago

London not England    


and mind ya bizness.....

1710 days ago

London not England    

#93 -NAMS

Was that Before or AFTER she decided to show her COOCH on Camera...?

Ooops...I forgot, it's Obama's fault she decided to do her own self-sex tape and send it to a man who she wasn't married to so he could sell it to the highest bidder....

My bad....

1710 days ago
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