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Jack White

Puts a Ring on It

11/19/2009 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's White Stripes front man Jack White at some event in NYC last night (left) -- and Samara from the 2002 film "The Ring" (right).

Jack White
One of them was married by a shaman on a canoe in Brazil.

We're just sayin'.


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@Stevie: do you have any idea that back in the 50's 60's bands were making record after record in matter of months. This is what White is doing: Taking music BACK to its roots.

he has toured nonstop for about 2 years now or when he does have a "break" he's off making/producing records. If that's being lazy, then I think I might be the laziest sob on the planet.

@nixie: Alison is good, but not THAT good.

1793 days ago


Jack White is BEAUTIFUL in person. I'm SO serious. I saw him in Nashville, TN pumping gas, and thought he was gorgeous.

1733 days ago


Some of these I CAN see, and some I can't. This one is one of those really, really don't see its.

1797 days ago


Great musician but a freaky lookin dude.

1797 days ago


Jack who?

Is this guy the opposite of Jack Black?

I don't get it. He's who?

1797 days ago


only one the greatest rock guitarists that ever lived, crunkie

1797 days ago

Amber Berglund    

I love Jack White. He's a little bit arrogant and kind of a diva, but his musical mind works in wonderful ways.

I don't know, I love his music...I'm afraid he might be a Republican, and that would ruin everything for me.

1797 days ago

Amber Berglund    

#6 Ummm - I don't mean "arrogant" in a bad way. Trust me, my car is full of White Stripes CDs. I'm a total Jack White fan. L-O-V-E Jack White.

But he's arrogant in the way that he thinks he's about the same as classical painters. Of course he's arrogant.

That doesn't mean he's not polite. I've seen his interviews. I've seen him on Charlie Rose.

I think he compared himself to Orson Wells or Stanley Kubrick -- yeah, that's arrogant.

But he is a pretty good actor, as well as musician. He's very handsome. He keeps himself in shape. I think he's got great muscles.
I would love to hang out with Jack White and have "Coffee and Cigarettes" (wink wink)

1797 days ago


Which one of them was married by a shaman on a canoe in Brazil? They both suck that's why I don't know the answer.

1797 days ago

Amber Berglund    

I want to meet Jack White. That's my dream. Ever since the White Stripes came out, people asked me if I was into them because I look like a female Jack White. I had no clue who Jack White was, but I wore my hair in a similar way, and I would dress in Red and Black, and I drove a Red Honda with Black trim.

"Who is Jack White and why does everyone ask me if I'm into the White Stripes?"
Then I bought a CD and understood. I'm like his female twin. It was really, really spooky.

1797 days ago


White Stripes is the suckiest band on the planet. They are totally overrated.

#4 joeschmoe "Quote"
only one the greatest rock guitarists that ever lived

Are you insane?
Have you ever listened to a real guitarist?

I can't believe what people call music anymore.
Either it's a no talent richbitch or a lip syncing whore.
The more you people support this crap, the more the industry will continue to puke on you.

Lip syncing = Loser
Jack White & White Stripes = Suck

The only reason this crap is on the air, is because no one wants to take any time, to learn how to play their instruments. It's just to much effort. They just tune their guitar to a chord, and bang on it. That's not playing music, it's cheating and it's lame!
Now anyone can be a star, it's privileged BS!

1797 days ago


Her name is Samora, guys! I have no idea who Jack White is though, sorry :( BTW, I make a better Samora than he does...can't see it this time. It's a rarity for you guys to be this off, though. Did Mike pick this one, lol.

1797 days ago


This talentless wanna-be significant rock star is slowly turning himself into Robert Plant...the wanna be poser.

1797 days ago


Stop hatin' on Jack White; he's original and a great musician.
P.S. He looks nothing like Samara, are you guys on crack?
Although I do admit he actually looked like Sweeny Todd in that other comparison... not gonna lie

1797 days ago


None of you b!tches could do what Jack White does. He's made millions off of a two man band, and is also a member of the supergroup, The Raconteurs. He was ranked number 17 on Rolling Stone's list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time". He has performed with greats like Loretta Lynn and The Rolling Stones. What have YOU done? That's what I thought.

1797 days ago
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