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Statue of Liberty -- A Balloon's Eye View

11/19/2009 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Heene and his overexposed balloon family took a break from televised interviews to do a little sightseeing at the Statue of Liberty on Thursday.


"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled convicted felon con artists yearning to be famous..."


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OMG people get off you pukey high horses. I think you are all so jealous that this guy knows how to build a cool looking balloon and you don't. also he managed to pull off the hoax of the millennium and it was funny! He is also cut like pro wrestler and could probably kick all your lousy butts. Leave the man, his wife and his family alone. Go get an interesting life of your own. RH already has one

1797 days ago

Leno Rules    

Balls. First . Whatever

1800 days ago

Jerry Martin    

This guy makes me puke. I wish he would get in one of his balloons and go away forever.

1800 days ago

ya stink    

This is really pathetic. This guy askes the judge if he could travel to New York and California for the purpose of work. The only work he is doing is milking the crime he committed. I hope the judge is paying attention to this. Shame on ABC for driving this guy and his family around and buying them dinner. Wonder who he is going to milk in Calironia..

1800 days ago


REALLY? Instead of giving him what he wants - give that money to the farmers crops that were ruined by his hoax. Additionally put some away for all the therapy those children will need when they get older.

1800 days ago


Anyone else would be in jail, his wife deported and his kids in foster care. Why the special treatment?

1800 days ago

What a freakin' joke this loser is.

1800 days ago


TMZ, you're making things worse by giving this loser what he wants: publicity.

1800 days ago


Click for some great music!

1800 days ago


Do his kids ever even go to school?!? Whenever you see a picture of him, one of the kids is there . . . Even if they are homeschooled, when is that happening?!

1800 days ago


I find Richard Heene appealing.Sexy,hyper,manly and adventurous.Slim, with nice hands.

1800 days ago


and the kids are not in school - why? TAKE THOSE KIDS AWAY. they need an education, not time off for bad behavior.

1800 days ago

tigers lair    

Oh dont worry....the judge and the court is definitely watching Mr. Heene and his family's actions as he goes to New York and California "for the purpose of obtaining work" (a.k.a cashing in on the crime you and your degenerate family committed)...I hope the judge throws the book at Poppa Heenen...

1800 days ago

Nor Cal Low    

Way to go guys, your giving him EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTED! Goal reached, way to go TMZ, you gave him the fame he so badly wanted, WAY TO GO AND GOOD WORK!

1800 days ago

rob from KC    

Richard Heene should teach this hoax at a university. how do you get away with a felony, and travel the states with your wife and kid's while the kids should be in school. maybe Richard Heene is planning his next hoax in new york. lets see his tax records and his income records how he plans on pay everyone back for his last great adventure.

1800 days ago
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