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Swift Sues Sports Bar After Sting Operation

11/19/2009 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift wants justice after a sting operation in Idaho revealed that a little sports bar was totally cheating her out of ... a few dollars a month.

Swift has attached herself to a copyright infringement lawsuit spearheaded by BMI -- the enforcer of music royalties.

According to a lawyer connected to the case, BMI deployed an "agent" to go on a recon mission at The Sports Cellar bar sometime last year, and the agent noticed the bar was playing music -- including Taylor's stuff -- that they hadn't paid for the right to play.

We're told they even used the allegedly stolen music for Karaoke!!!! Have they no shame?!

Swift and co. are suing for unspecified damages -- but compared to the millions she's raking in right now, this thing in Idaho is totally small potatoes.


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It is funny how people dont want to believe the good stuff about people or the good people do doesnt even make the news. But the moment someone writes/makes up bad things about people, everyone jumps all over it and starts trashing people w/o know if the story is even real. Magazines get paid to write crap about people, it makes the ratings go up. Look at Jon and Kate, maybe if the tabloibs had stayed out of it, their marriage could have been reconciled. Anyway, think about it. A little old bar would be small potatoes for Taylor.Why should she even care about that and risk ruining her name for small potatoes? How would she even know if a bar was playing her music w/o paying..she doesnt even go to one!!! Does a bar have to pay to play anyway..I dont know, I have never been to one either.

1767 days ago


to are right but this country is headed that sad..look at Fort Hood!

1767 days ago


Swift's people are doing this, but she needs to grow a pair and put a stop to it. She is a spoiled buck toothed brat.

1767 days ago


How very gentlemanly to tell a lady to grow a pair..Your comments aren't worth $.02 if you talk like a pompass jerk.

1767 days ago


Mark this as the day she went over the top and into the sickening ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ world……….

1767 days ago


First of all, what kind of bar would actually play her horrible singing voice. She should be happy that played her CRAP at all.! The inbred singer can't sing.

1767 days ago


What? Is Ms. Swift afraid her reputation was too sugary that she needs to go after a small time bar? And since when can't bars play music? What's next, maybe they'll go after radio station for promoting their music? Isn't this the same as bars playing music. I often purchase new music after hearing it in a bar!

1767 days ago


This trend by the record companies and ASCAP is basically extortion. They are going after the little guys for money because they know the owners cant afford to fight their high paid lawyers. It goes far beyond the bar and karaoke. They are also going after DJs, bridal show promoters, festivals, local cover bands, and everyone else. Whats next? They show up at your backyard
bar-b-que? They should be happy anyone is listening to their artists at all since the music industry blows and their artists are talentless hacks. Alienating their consumers and fans and attacking them for listening to their stupid artists makes me sick. F all the record companies, artists and especially ASCAP.

1767 days ago

Trish Caldwelll    

Come on....this is a sports bar in northern Idaho. How many times could they possibly have played her songs? It's ridiculous. I've never liked her and this just makes me like her even less. I think the Sports Cellar should just give her the fifty cents she's owed for all the times they played the crap and never play it again. @John Caldwell-lmao I'm with you there. midnight ride to the snake river canyon seems appropriate.

1767 days ago


My understanding of copyright law is if you don't defend your copyright you lose it. If at any point in time even the smallest infringement has happened and you do NOT defend yourself, this can be used against you in the future when there is a larger issue at stake. This goes for music, writing, patented products, etc.

1767 days ago

Adam Pacman Jones    

Taylor Swift is who I thought she was. Now, if you want to crown her ###, then crown her, but Taylor Swift is who I thought she was...and I let her off the hook!

1767 days ago


I am sick of Taylor Swift, no one even knew who she was until the Kanye mishap, which was great for and damaging for him. I also believe that was a publicity stunt to get her name out there. But enough already hasn't she had her over her 15 minutes yet.

1767 days ago


a lack of consentment, drain that account by force, no questions, pay up, don't let the door hit your ass as your out on all fours, someday it'll be hers they sing, but she'll be damned without royalties, "swindled again" like a baby the lawyer will sleep.

1766 days ago


Do you think this is becuase swastika boy is from Idaho!?

1766 days ago


You know, this bar owner had NO idea that he was doing anything wrong. Who buys the rights to sing karaoke music?!? I honestly don't know of ANY BAR in Idaho or anywhere else that has bought music except for the CD's that come in the mail from the karaoke company. I don't care if Taylor Swift knows about it or not, why ruin someone else's livelihood by trying to take the little that he has when she is making millions? This bar is his life, his only income, his only way of supporting his family. Why try to take that because of a little mistake?
I also happen to know that the bar owner pays royalties through its jukebox and cable. This karaoke machine was brought in by a third party during a private birthday party in the back room of the bar. He didn't know what was going on. These people paid for a room and were in there having a freaking birthday party!! He pays for the music he plays in the bar. Who knew he would need to pay more for something he didn't even know about.

1766 days ago
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