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Tila Screwed Up Really Bad, Lawyer Says

11/19/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila  TequilaTila Tequila's lawyer blames his client's meltdown on former BF Shawne Merriman.

Attorney Cyrus Nownejad tells TMZ he thinks the "domestic violence" incident with Shawne in September may have "pushed her over the edge."

Nownejad acknowledges something is seriously wrong with Tila and he's trying to figure out how to get her some help.

Tila just took down her Ustream, showing her dancing nude and talking crazy in front of the camera. She also went off on Shawne and his alleged drug use.

Tila is suing Shawne for $1.5 mil over the September incident..

Tila Tequila Bruises


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theredjawa = turd    

theredjawa -
Why aren't you being "part of the solution" by getting your idol into rehab? And who the hell would consider this girl an idol? Oh right, a 12 year old that's already had a kid and spends all day on tmz instead of being at school. POW!

1735 days ago


The awesome part is I prove what I am saying words. You guys are calling me 12 and stupid. WOW! Sounds like you are the children. I am sure that I am years older than most of you.

When you resort to the tactics that most of you used in responding to me it means you have nothing intelligent to say. And I do know what I am talking about.

1735 days ago


jeez, this person theredjawa is really going off on people about their hatred of TT. It's almost as if it was TT herself disguised as this douche. You sure posted enough to be just as much of an attention whore just like TT.

1735 days ago


Let's be honest here people, places like TMZ would be boring as hell without people like Tila. I follow her on Twitter and she's always entertaining. I hope she gets help, for real. She's a real person who has feelings regardless of how she behaves. I don't wanna see anything bad happen to her, and it seems like it's bound to.

1735 days ago


I wouldn't do her. Besides the obvious viral strains she is cultivating, I think she looks like the aliens from the drawings of abducted peoples.

1735 days ago


Rob S:

There was always something about her looks that bothered me. I can totally see the alien thing. I still think she's a cutie though - even if she's crazy.

1735 days ago


Two words: daddy issues

1735 days ago


NO Criminal charges because the bruises were FAKE FAKE FAKE! They don't even look real on camera! "IF" they were, he would have been arrested! I hope SHE ends up having to pay him! Screw her dumb gold digging ass!

1735 days ago


OH PULEEEEZE! GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK! I honestly believe her lawyer is dumber than SHE is!

1735 days ago



You should be so embarrassed for even admitting you are a part of Tila's imaginary is a place for lost, empty, social outcasts who have so little self esteem that they follow a disgraceful wh0re who is a mentally ill pthological liar..its very pathetic that you aspire to so little in life and have such low are wasting your time defending the skank because people who have maturity and brains can see what a loser Tila is and you and the 2 other followers that Tila has are the laughing stock..maybe when you grow up you will look back on your worship for Tila in utter horror..but sadly you will probably be in jail or dead if you continue to follow the crazy shrew..don't be a sheep and broaden your life a little rather than wasting it on a toxic, cross eyed lying witch

1735 days ago


Hahhahahaha Tila begs her little army to go on TMZ and defend her flat, overused a@@ and only one showed up think you have so many followers Tila yet the truth is you are all alone with an ugly mutt and a cocaine to be you B*****!!

1735 days ago


Ohhhhh thank god

I thought they were going to blame the hand-full of Etabs...

or the fact that this broad is nucking futs.

1735 days ago


Just a useless, talentless skank looking for free publicity.

1735 days ago

Miss Bu    

This NUT JOB was this way long before she meant Mr. Merriman.

1735 days ago


Good God! I just tried to watch the video and I couldn't sit through five minutes of it. I thought it might be kind of funny or hot, but it is so tragic! This girl has issues and needs help. Like Dr. Drew kind of help. It actually pained me to the point where I had to stop watching. She might actually be a sweet girl, but you'd never know from that video. Tila, if you are reading this, I am sure this is not the first time you have had to deal with slings and arrows, but really, you are better than what I just saw. You don't need to do that to draw attention to yourself. Head to a theatre group or some place where you can develop yourself professionally, instead making an internet naughty video. You are sweet and beautiful, and definitely better than this.

1735 days ago
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