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Girls Gone Wild

At Justin Bieber Mall Signing

11/20/2009 7:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mall SigningCops tell TMZ a young girl was hospitalized this afternoon after fans went crazy ... anticipating the arrival of 15-year-old music star Justin Bieber at a Long Island mall.

Cops said the girl was taken out of the Roosevelt Field mall on a stretcher just moments ago.

Bieber never showed, because over 1,000 screaming girls showed up and mall security lost control of the crowd. The senior vice president for sales at Def Jam Records, 44-year-old James Roppo (mug shot, below right), ended up getting arrested.

Bieber posted the following message on his Twitter account, pleading with his fans to leave the mall:

"The event at roosevelt mall is cancelled. please go home. the police have already arrested one person from my camp. I dont want anyone hurt."

The injured girl should be okay.

: Employees at Abercrombie Kids tell TMZ someone in the mall falsely screamed out that Justin was inside their store, so a ton of kids rushed the place. The workers said a fight broke out in front of the store -- and that it wasn't the only fight that occurred.

James Roppo


No Avatar


The typical "EMO" none will remember in 2 years from now.
Yes, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

1806 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

P.S... Laughing out Loud at his hair!!!! HAHAHAHA

1806 days ago


I am sick of teens today with this haircut. Oh, I know why! Covering up their acne riddled forehead!

1806 days ago


His looks and especially his singing make me cringe.

1806 days ago


You guys have the absolute worst pictures I've ever come across. Do you seriously go out of your way to find pictures sourced from VHS video taken with a 1982 camcorder? Is there a reason for this? Or do you want everyone to look bad?

1806 days ago


Like two of my friendds went there too see JB and saidd he made historyy wit how many people showed up and that if he went inside the mall he would be arrested too. Also that people were chanting, and there were helicoptters & you shouldd see the picture she just sentt...Loaddds of ppl it was caoticc. Longg Islandd

1806 days ago


His balls haven't even dropped he sounds like a lil girl

1806 days ago


Who the hell is Justin Beiber?

1806 days ago


Laughing so hard at what is happening to this child and the obvious children that love this kid. He can't even carry a note. (wait for puberty) I admit that I took my daughter to NKOTB but at least they could dance and sing. This kid is overrated by far and his 15 min will be gone soon unless he gets some voice lessons and dancing moves and maybe somewhat important..tell him to be original with his hair. Copy cats get no where.

1806 days ago

A Person    

I hate teenyboppers.

1806 days ago


my friends were there they say that they poeple FELL OFF THE SECOND FLOOR BECAUSE THE GLASS BROKE because of so many people pushing and one girl got arrested one got hit by a car; and that since no one listened to the guard they cancalled it, so since justin cudnt tweet bout the cancel cos his phone died he was threatened to be arrested also because if the fans wouldn't leave...& he wasnt anywhere allowed near the mall...

(what i dont get is why would he get arrested for not tweeting about it ) ( how wud he know it wud be cancelled if the security decided that on the spot?)

1806 days ago


I just got home from Roosevelt Field had 7 girls with me. We got there at 5AM. We had our wristbands and were waiting for him to arrive when we were told that it was cancelled. All the girls started crying and were absolutely hysterical.Went into the mall and it was CRAZY. Roosevelt Field is to blame because they did not have the staff required for an event like this. They underestimated the number of people that showed up. I am very sad and dissappointed for all his fans. They just wanted to meet him. They did nothing wrong. What's disturbing to me is why the police arrest on of his people, they weren't even involved.

1806 days ago


Okay... I don't care what the people who commented above me said but I really feel bad for Justin! I personally think he is a great singer/dancer and so do millions of other people! So if you don't like him keep it to yourself! The whole situation at the mall was totally uncalled for!

1806 days ago


Great, now this teeny bobbing untalented loser will be the next big thing. But for what, 15 minutes? Ha ha ha! I can't stand these stupid teen pop stars anymore. He'll make a bunch of cash because of stupid girls. Man he is so untalented that kid's fame will crash bad. This kind of "music" sounds exactly like all the other boy bands except, he REALLY sounds like a girl with that stupid synchronized voice and of course that's why he can't sing for crap. Enjoy you fame now you loser, you'll be a nobody by 18. Just goes to show that music really is dead and it's all about making money today. And what's up with kids today and that stupid emo hairstyle? You suck!

1806 days ago


That is one sexy teenage girl.

1806 days ago
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