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Miley Bus 911: Driver Suffering Cardiac Arrest

11/20/2009 5:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 calls made when one of Miley Cyrus' tour buses crashed last night on a highway in Virginia, killing the driver and injuring one passenger. Miley was not involved in any way.

In the first call, the caller tells the dispatcher the bus driver is still alive, but "losing color." This is significant because officials were investigating whether or not the driver died before the crash occurred ... which would help explain how the bus drifted off the road and then crashed.

In the second call, which sounds like it's being made by a different person, the caller says the driver was suffering cardiac arrest.

A third 911 call was made
, in which you can hear the caller being instructed on how to perform CPR. This caller also says there are people still trapped in the back of the bus, but they are all okay.

The driver, 53-year-old William Douglas, died at the scene.

UPDATE: Police tell TMZ there were no obvious signs that alcohol played a factor in the crash, and believe Douglas may have had health-related issues. The matter is still under investigation.


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Who cares? I do. I was fortunate enough to tour more than once in a bus driven by Bill Douglas. He was a kind, gentle, considerate man and a very conscientious driver. His buses were always immaculate and he would leave jars of candy for the crew to enjoy. Back in the days of the Silver Eagles, I remember him shifting the bus manually as he felt the rough automatic transmission disturbed his passengers sleep!

If there's an Expando Prevost in heaven, Bill's driving it.

1792 days ago


how the hell is this story developing???? youre repeating what you already suspected all over again with NO new information.

not that anyone cares..........

1795 days ago


Love that little picture of the hillbilly skank in the corner. Shows her for what she is.

1795 days ago

steve allen    

Boy, do I know the feeling...when I'm driving and I hear a Miley Cyrus song come on the radio, I want to drive my car off the road also...hey berta??? make mine a double...

1795 days ago

A Person    

Too bad miley didnt have one.

1795 days ago


Condolences to William Douglas Family. It's sad for everyone involved.

1795 days ago


so who cares? was miley the one that died? then no i dont care. i think michael jacksons cousins daughters baby momma farted tmz get on it!

1795 days ago


Oh thank god she is safe, so her parents can still live off of her.
Why does the fat guy pull his shirt out of his fat rolls durning the live show?

1795 days ago


Your guys are morons. Miley was probably on a jet at the time of the accident and it WAS THE LIGHTING bus! Miley has probably never even met the driver. Those drivers are expected to make long hauls on no sleep, this ISNT about her, it is about THE GUY THAT DIED!

1795 days ago

pink floyd    

hey labian go sell crazy some place else were all stocked up here..

1794 days ago


Too bad she wasn't on the bus...

1794 days ago

Lippy Loo    

So sad for the driver, but I think he was stopping to get a bag of feed for Horse Face, no talent, Skanky, Smiley Miley.

1794 days ago


She wasn`t on the bus??? OOOO, ( darn). Thought Miley`s reign was over.

1794 days ago


I hope the drivers family is not ready these comments. A man passed away, with family, I am sure. It doesn't matter weather or not you like her..Show some respect..How about some compassion for a man losing his life??

1794 days ago


Anyone who is talking trash about a bus driver who died, who has no control over what Miley Cyrus sings, the quality of her shows, or the decisions made in her career, just shows how hateful, and petty they truly are. I feel sorry for the ones who have to put up with your anger, hate and shallowness. This man did an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. He could be anyone's father or grandfather. What is wrong with you people? If you hate Miley Cyrus because of whatever reason you have, fine you can do that, but at least point your ire where it belongs. This is not the right target.
Please get this upset over world hunger, soup kitchens being shut down, or if the draft will have to be put back into place.

1794 days ago
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