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Octomom Shows Off Her Sweater, Puppies

11/20/2009 2:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking to add to her already plentiful brood, Nadya Suleman went pet shopping in La Habra yesterday.


Because what Octomom really needs is a small creature to chase after.


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Those dogs don't stand a chance.
Too bad she didn't get a couple of pit bulls, at least they could defend themselves.

1734 days ago


I would hit that record it and sell it for millions

1734 days ago


you have got to be kidding, she's buying dogs????? is it one dog for each child??? is the state of california going to pay for this also?????? This person has the mind of a 2 year old and they trust her with kids and dogs??? One of the dogs will end up injurned or worse, or one of the kids will end up bitten.....

1734 days ago


Dogs will be dead or disappear in a month...

1734 days ago


Octomom and the Heenes are the faces of BAD PARENTS and HORRIBLE PEOPLE who then turn around and get paid to live the high life. How can she even afford to buy pets if not for our society financially rewarding her for her irresponsible behavior.

The rest of us good parents are stuck living with family because of the economy and having to give our beloved pets away to friends since we can't afford to feed them anymore.

It pays to be irresponsible in this society...I should think about doing something crazy like having kids I can't afford and then crying on tv about needing help....

1734 days ago


I hope her neighbors are all over the Humane Society with her latest blunder. I'm sure they'll be called out all the time.

1734 days ago


this biatch needs to get a life and start taking care of her 20 kids! no need for damn puppies!!! lame...

1734 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I am gald everybody here is thinking for once.
This woman is nuts and she has not received the fame and fortuneseh thought she was going to get.
What she has recieved is govt.welfare, some private donations and European tv that makes fun of her.
Ok,6 kids by IVF and including one child who is Autistic.
An Autistic child like having four kids.I am not making fun of Austism,just being real and having worked an Autistic classrooms before.
Thenthis nutis implantedwith 8 kids.

14 KIDS welfare. thisnut does not need 2 innocent dogs.Not even agoldfish.

Where is Gloria Allred? Paging Gloria Allred?!?!??!

1734 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Yes, by all means...PLEASE adopt a puppy or about the entire litter? Keep doing whatever makes you feel good OctoBroad...

I hate this woman. She just continues to make stupid decisions...and always will. People like her don't change, they just keep doing what they're doing until they drop or get shuttled off to the looney bin.

...and that Octo-Broad is one looney chick.

1734 days ago


Do not let that thing buy any innocent animals. Have you seen the video of Elijah throwing screw drivers at his mom? Those poor puppies will be in harms way! Where the hell is PETA and the SPCA

1734 days ago

David M.    

Octobitch is proof that you can be selfish and stupid and still have society cater to your irresponsible ways. I'm going to work every day and living a responsible life. I pay for my own life style. She is a welfare mom and continues to breed babies that we pay for while she has the life style that she wants. Babies, babies and more babies. She has never earned her own money. We pay for everything for this creedy bitch!!!!!!!!! I hope she dies and goes to hell!!!!!!!!

1734 days ago


Are you nuts! All those kids will hurt those puppies!

1734 days ago


omg...first a baby mill, now a puppy mill?? what this woman wont do for 15 minutes of fame....california tax dollars hard at work to pay for her zillion kids, now will the dogs end up in animal shelters when they are too much for her and her nannies to tend to with the kids??? good thing.. PETA will get involved and probally get the dogs removed before CPS is able to do anything for those poor kids....

1734 days ago


She really wants to be the Gosselin's, before their marriage fell apart they adopted two adorable german shepards. When the marriage collasped the dogs where on a truck headed back to the breeder.

What happens when her 10 seconds of fame do the puppies get shipped off along with a couple of the babies?

1734 days ago


those dogs will be dead from mauling and abuse in a week. the spca should be stepping in here to protect these poor animals and the little dogs too!

1734 days ago
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