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Miley Cyrus Tour Bus in Deadly Crash

11/20/2009 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Miley was not in any of the vehicles that were traveling in the caravan.

Miley Cyrus
' tour bus driver was reportedly killed last night after one of the buses in her 4-vehicle caravan flipped over on a highway in Virginia.

Miley Cyrus

Officials also confirmed the driver of the bus was the only fatality -- one other person was transported to a local hospital due to injury.

Officials are investigating whether the driver died before the crash or after -- which could explain why the bus drifted off the road. Officials also tell us the roads were really wet from overnight rain. A man at the scene says the bus appears to have drifted off the road for a fairly long stretch before tipping over.

A reporter from was on scene and shot footage of the wreckage.

A rep from Dinwiddie Fire and EMS tells us the bus had been carrying Miley's concert production crew -- there were several passengers on-board.

The survivors of the wreck were able to exit the bus through the front windshield, which was busted out during the crash.

Miley's manager tell us, "It was one of our tour buses, but not Miley's. It was one of our buses that transported our lighting crew."


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1798 days ago

rfb is a moron    

miley wasn't hurt?

there is no god.

1798 days ago


In the first sentence she was involved in the accident and in the next paragraph you say her bus was not involved? Does anyone proff read any of this stuff before it is put on the website? Check this out for real news: http:www//

1798 days ago


In the first sentence she was involved in the accident and in the next paragraph you say her bus was not involved? Does anyone proff read any of this stuff before it is put on the website? Check this out for real news:

1798 days ago


too bad the lil skank wasnt in that bus...maybe if she was in that accident it would give her a singing voice and not something that sounds like a cat in heat...who cares!

1798 days ago

Nidwest Rick    

Computers are just like alcohol. You consume a little and you gain a sense of false courage and security, then you begin to shoot your mouth off inappropriately. You know that no one will ever "see" you so you let it flow. The funny thing is, your day is coming and when you slip in real life, its not as much fun as in your make believe virtual world. Was that a loud "thud" I just heard?

1798 days ago


Whenever I hear one of her songs on the radio, it makes me want to drive off the road too.

1798 days ago


See what happens when we let Miley Cyrus continue to sing!!! People will die!!

1798 days ago


I used to really like this website. But the more comments I read, the more disgusted I become. It seems like some people have no compassion what-so-ever. About ANYTHING. You find something negative to say about EVERYBODY. Tell me, if you really don't like these celebs, or appreciate their work, or enjoy being entertained by them...... why do you read about them in the first place? Why bother? Are you really, seriously all THAT bored that you will sit around reading about people for whom you have absolutely no respect? SERIOUSLY? That's what you've become? That's what WE'VE become? A society of disrespecful people who can only see the negative in everyone?

1798 days ago


Sad as the death is, as long as Miley didn't die or wasn't hurt no one will give a rats ass about the bus drivers death.

I'm sure Disney will release the typical statement on behalf of Miley soon... "We are sorry to hear what happened... our thoughts and prayers are with the bus driver's family... blah blah blah"

1798 days ago


Shame on those of you who find humor in this. This is a horrible tragidy that just changed many peoples lives. The family of the driver who holds lives in his hands everyday. The crew that was asleep in their bunks on their way to do their jobs. The crews that witnessed the accident. There is nothing funny about this. How dare you!

1798 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Very sorry to the families of the driver....Very sad.

However, we have a final destination here. I would never go near Miley. Maybe she can find Jesus and stop dancing on stripper poles while her Daddy watches in the audience, that was disturbing to no end. Mr.Syrus you do know your daughter is under 18 and did a show with her on a pole, that is nasty.

1798 days ago


Hear, hear, iwnbb. I am in total agreement with you. This is a tragic accident that has devastated a family. Jokes about drivers using drugs and such have no place here. Can any of you imagine having to step over the body of your driver as you climb out the front windshield? that is a friend and colleague. Tours like this create a special bond between all members of the tour. whether cast, crew, driver or catering personnel, it is like an extended family out there on the road. And now one of their own has died...
The public needs to show some class and respect for all involved.
God bless them all but especially the driver's own family back home, that received the terrible phone call that no one ever wants to get.

1798 days ago


im not a fan of hers at all, but i can't understand how anyone can wish death on her b/c you don't like her.

1798 days ago


i absolutley hate miley too but i dont want her dead, everybody deserves a chance in life so to all u haters shut up its not funny and nobody thinks its cute.

1798 days ago
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