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Carrie Prejean -- I Barely Know Myself

11/21/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean didn't wanna use her own noggin' when it came to filling out a very personal contestant questionnaire for the Miss California pageant back in '07 -- so she went to the guy who knew her inside and out ... her solo sex tape recipient.

TMZ has learned Prejean's former cross-country booty call received an email from Carrie on 11/7/07 -- when she was 20 -- in which Carrie asked for help answering several brain-busting questions such as:

If you could have lunch with any one (1) person, who would it be and why?

What is your career ambition?

Name one personal achievement that makes you especially proud.

What is your most treasured possession (tangible object) and why?

What is the most interesting or surprising thing about you or that has happened to you?

After all those "special" tapes she made, you'd think she'd know herself better.

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republican mensa    

To are STUPID!!!!!!! DEMOCRATS STUPID!!!!!! Ever heard of freedom of speech so what she doesn't like gay marriage, she can think any way she wants so can I that's why I hate when you libs get on here or anywhere else TELLING everyone how to think the right way.....why don't you go F**k yourself a**hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I find it interesting that the Right way is a pun for right wing get it right , right hahahaha

1767 days ago


What a stupid stupid woman....please just go away.

1767 days ago


You can find the Carrie Prejean videos at

1767 days ago

republican mensa    

Ha to all the libs every single one of you have to pick on this woman or palin because you have nothing better to bit*h about the lib president is a idiot pelosi good god don't get me starting on that nazi loser barney frank pot smoking daffy duck chris dodd laughable so keep picking away on your scapegoats and the rest of us intelligent people will continue to fight the enemies!!!! The liberal government...maybe perez hilton can be you spokesperson he's REAL smart

1767 days ago


LMAO... tsk tsk tsk.. See Carrie, this is exactly what is meant by 'pride will come before the fall' Your prideful, holier than thou attitude and your vanity put you in the middle of this $hit storm. Too bad you didn't actually practice the values and morals that you bragged about so publicly.

1767 days ago

Jerry Martin    

RELEASE THE DIDDLING TAPE! I want to laugh at her some more.

1767 days ago


Hey Repuglican Mensa .. did it ever occur to you that the idea of freedom of speech applies to us ALL. That means we ALL get the same freedom NOT just Carrie and the other sheep you happen to agree with. Dope. Might want to check out the constitution while you are at. You idiots sound so ignorant when you keep spouting off about freedom of speech and rights to opinions and then slam those who don't agree with YOU. Yep, like Carrie most of you throw backs are just a bunch of bigoted hypocrites quoting scripture and the constitution to defend you ignorance and stupidity...and of course your hate. So mature.

1767 days ago


why do people bother this girl soo much? She answered a question that wasn't politically correct so what. All these condemning her for a solo act they all have done and still do except she was young and allowed her boyfriend to tape it.

1767 days ago


I agree with both President Barack Obama and Carrie about gay marriage.

1767 days ago


I barely know myself... but I'm pretty familiar with my vagina.

1767 days ago



1767 days ago


I dont know how she couldnt get her finger on the right answer

1767 days ago


To #34 Jake, I do not need to beg forgiveness. I am not a lying hypocrite. Nor do I have 8 or more videos out there, of me playing with myself. And I attend worship services every Sunday. Surprise, surprise! I am not an atheist. I have gay and straight friends alike, and usually do not judge people. And as a matter of fact, I made up for her at first, when I felt Perez Hilton set her up with that question. I felt her opinion was her opinion, and I respected her opinion. But when she starts acting like a pretentious, narcissistic self righteous lying bitch, and more and more details are coming out of all her lies, all in the name of religion, then she leaves herself wide open to be judged and made fun of. I am simply calling out a liar and a hypocrite!!!

1767 days ago


Apparently all conservative women are liars and all conservative men are closet queens.

1767 days ago


I wish tmz would SHUT THE F UP or give us the videos

1767 days ago
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