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Carrie Prejean -- I Barely Know Myself

11/21/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean didn't wanna use her own noggin' when it came to filling out a very personal contestant questionnaire for the Miss California pageant back in '07 -- so she went to the guy who knew her inside and out ... her solo sex tape recipient.

TMZ has learned Prejean's former cross-country booty call received an email from Carrie on 11/7/07 -- when she was 20 -- in which Carrie asked for help answering several brain-busting questions such as:

If you could have lunch with any one (1) person, who would it be and why?

What is your career ambition?

Name one personal achievement that makes you especially proud.

What is your most treasured possession (tangible object) and why?

What is the most interesting or surprising thing about you or that has happened to you?

After all those "special" tapes she made, you'd think she'd know herself better.

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"I dont know how she couldnt get her finger on the right answer"

Good one! That was funny!!

The homosexuals are still defying God though. I'm Jewish and the condemnation of homosexuality is VERY CLEAR in the Torah. No matter what any liberals say.

1795 days ago


For all those who keep saying people are "picking" on this twit, or think she should be left alone...

She's the one who keeps putting herself in the spot light/public eye with interviews, speaking engagements, etc. She's the one who opened her gob in a public forum speaking out on a controversial issue. She's the one who had been caught telling lies, and continues her public prevarications. If she can't stand the heat she can get the hell out of the kitchen.

1795 days ago


I guess Christianity is just a set of strict codes regarding sexual conduct and Carrie broke the rules! Conservatives offer no compassion so none should be given to someone like Prejean. She is pure white trash.

1795 days ago

Bob L    

I think Carrie Prejean is hot!
So when are we going to be able to see her solo sex tape? I can hardly wait. I want to learn all her sex secrets!

1795 days ago


68. why do people bother this girl soo much? She answered a question that wasn't politically correct so what. All these condemning her for a solo act they all have done and still do except she was young and allowed her boyfriend to tape it.

Posted at 12:08PM on Nov 21st 2009 by reuben

Yes, you can wonder. Read all the psycho hate here. I'm all for same sex marriage and don't share Miss Prejean's views, but harassing her is just mean. I'm sure there are a lot of private videos out there that people are sure will never be public. The guy who released those clips is the one that should be hung out to dry.

1795 days ago


"She's the one who opened her gob in a public forum speaking out on a controversial issue."

Are you implying that being against gay marriage is a good enough reason for TMZ to bash christians?! In that case, TMZ would be a highly political site and I would advise anyone who is against gay marriage and wants to stop this bashing, to boycot Warner products. You are inciting hate against christians.

1795 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

I hope Vivid Entertainment at least gives her a choice between lesbian orgies or scenes with Ron Jeremy.

1795 days ago


Lesson learned- NEVER go up against gay marriage if you are a public figure- lie, steal, bs your way through, but never, ever dare say gay marriage is wrong. Except if you are the president, then it's OK.

On a side note, this girl has been drug through the mud and destroyed at every turn (which never would have happened if she was for gay marriage) and yet gays still are not able to marry. Don't you think your anger and hatred could be directed at more productive tasks?

1795 days ago

JJ (don’t be shocked if it disappears out of thin air)

Also on Al brings up that The Reading Eagle ordered Dana to stop at one point after Kate Gosselin contacted the editor

1795 days ago


Prejean may be a dumb broad, she was at least smart enough to figure that she needed good clean answers to get into the pageant. You really think that other contestants did not minimally ask anyone to check the answers they gave on the questionaire made any sense and would give them a change?

1795 days ago


This slut is even stupider that I thought. She can't even answer simple questions about what she thinks? She doesn't know what she thinks????? I'm starting to think there something wrong with this moron.
And I LOVE all these ladyfingers supporters. They just keep on churning out the same homophobic bile. This is not about Gays, this is about hypocrisy and lying that is so common on the right.

1795 days ago


Release the tape. Oh man!

1795 days ago

Sue Wong    

5. Anyone ever notice how hot Republican conservative women are compared to liberal Democrats. I mean look at Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin vs Hillary Clinton, Madamm Albrieght, and Michelle (oh my god my butt is the size of Vermont) Obama. Democrats are not only stupid but they are ugly as well.

Posted at 1:45AM on Nov 21st 2009 by Democrats are evil

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder BUT true beauty comes from the inside and that leaves out Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin. Also, Carrie colors her hair and she's got implants and who knows what else to enhance her looks. There's nothing beautiful about her personality and that's more important than outer beauty. I defended her before but after the LK interview I've seen her true colors. It's no wonder her best action is solo.

1795 days ago

Mr. C    

TMZ ought to consider reversing the order of the posts to most recent on top to thwart Simone and her First!!! posts.

1795 days ago
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