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Carrie Prejean -- I Barely Know Myself

11/21/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean didn't wanna use her own noggin' when it came to filling out a very personal contestant questionnaire for the Miss California pageant back in '07 -- so she went to the guy who knew her inside and out ... her solo sex tape recipient.

TMZ has learned Prejean's former cross-country booty call received an email from Carrie on 11/7/07 -- when she was 20 -- in which Carrie asked for help answering several brain-busting questions such as:

If you could have lunch with any one (1) person, who would it be and why?

What is your career ambition?

Name one personal achievement that makes you especially proud.

What is your most treasured possession (tangible object) and why?

What is the most interesting or surprising thing about you or that has happened to you?

After all those "special" tapes she made, you'd think she'd know herself better.

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Harvey/TMZ: You do the best job of covering what needs to be covered! I am not sure why anyone wants to go after the messengers (TMZ in this case) and complain about anything you are covering. You are simply accomplishing your mission... gathering the news and presenting it to us... so well! GREAT JOB AS USUSAL HERE with this story! Readers and viewers are not forced to read or view TMZ. Thought we have choices here in America! This is America last time I had heard! Thank Goodness for TMZ! TMZ viewers are intelligent folk; and should be allowed to make up our own minds on what is what.. Thank you very much! I do not think what TMZ posts in this story is performing any injustice to Carrie! Carrie seems to be projecting that she is very proud of her accomplishments! Go Carrie!
Thanks for covering Carrie so much!! - The pictures you have posted are stunning! Thank YOU!

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1795 days ago

Robert van den Heuvel    

Carrie barely knows herself. Love to get to know her better. When will the tapes be leaked?

Love reading all your reactions. Keep them coming!

1795 days ago

republican mensa    

Why are you always running a story on her how barney frank and his gay lover getting busted for pot and barney frank getting off the hook because he claims he didn't know what pot looked like OH MY GOD what a idiot but you not once mentioned this is this because he is gay and you don't dare say anything bad about him and what a hypocrite because he is the one who passed the medical pot bill WELL WE KNOW WHY NOW DON'T WE HIS OWN PERSONAL AGENDA

1795 days ago


Homophobic comments still lighting up Carrie's comments... It re-ignites my anger and confusion from this story, usually right as I'm about to move on. Homophobes, you're the ones that are gonna keep this girl in a tough place. You're the ones that cause me to comment, and comment, and cause me to get angry, and every other bad emotion you can imagine. Leave gay people alone, focus on divorce for a few moments. You already gave me hell in the 90's, I'M DONE. :-)

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1795 days ago



January 20-February 18

Your brain is throbbing with awesome ideas today, so get them down on paper or pixels so you can make use of them later. Action works okay on a day like today, but planning and brainstorming are better!

1795 days ago


Her book bombed, the Christian Taliban organizations are dumping her and it is just a matter of time till her privates are all over the internets. It's all over for her. Goodbye to trash!

1794 days ago
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