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Levi's Johnston Is Gonna Cost Ya

11/21/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You wanna see if Levi Johnston lives up to his name? It's gonna cost you.

Fact is ... the hype is bigger than the payoff, because there's no full frontal -- at least that's the skinny. Playgirl has figured it out, though. You have to "JOIN NOW TO SEE LEVI JOHNSTON NUDE!"

Here's the deal ...You want to see a shirtless, hairless man this weekend, just go see the new "Twilight" movie.


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Bring 'Em Young    

At least he doesn't desecrate the American flag in his pictures like that bitter old hag Sarah Palin does in the pictures she poses for.

1735 days ago


Sup bro's...Let's do him in the butt...then toss him naked into the woods with the moose.

1735 days ago


Ho hum, boring. What is his claim to fame? Got an underaged oversexed skank pregnant? Gee, that will look great on his resume...but I guess it worked for that other no talent sperm donor, Jon Gosselin. Playgirl, you should be ashamed, at least have a real man get naked, and preferably one with a brain, so there is something to talk about after his 30 second performance.

1735 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1735 days ago


Poor Levi no one would pay any attention Levi the dough boy if it were not for Sara Palin. Even after all the buffing up & tanning he still looks white & doughly. The photog looked at him naked, laughed uncontrollably and said no way can we show that tiny winnie. Cover up boy. He's such a joke. Was he always such an A$$ or just became one recently. Did he graduate from high school, is he continuing his education? If he ever grows up mentally he will be so embarrassed by his actions. His son will be mortified when he's a teenager and the other kids bring pictures of his daddy Levi.

1735 days ago


This is the guy that they show working out all the time? Please what a pip squeek.

1735 days ago


Worthless Weasel!!! All the anticipation and then you dont show full frontal Johnson... LOL!!! THANK YOU now i know it must be little...

1735 days ago


Now we know why Levi broke up with the easy meat he trapped earlier; he's gay. CNN asked him if he knew Playgirl had mostly a gay audience and he had no problem with that. Now (via TMZ) we see the photos are not particularly "male" and Levi is prepared and posed like a flaming fruitcake. Now we must ask if Sarah Palin is so assertive because she's an army-boot polishing iron-pumping lesbian? Obviously her "husband" is a stand-in for a real man, and no real man would have anything to do with Sarah Palin, because she's not particularly female. Is there too much mercury or H2S gas in the Alaskan area because of oil well flares? Alaska - where all the DNA damage goes or where it starts?

1735 days ago


Bravo!!! Levi you have emancipated from those freakin tight clutches of a wannabe mother-in-law (SP)a control freak...more POWER to you man for not becoming her little puppet on a string or gofor boy, trailing around on her skirt tail....Levi you are a man with your own back bone...those suckes/haters don't thing about them for a second...Levi just do you man, just do you!!!

1735 days ago

Jen O    

Ugly attention whores with not even an excuse for abs should not be allowed. That's it. Just not allowed.

1735 days ago


#5, David C.

It's called a pun, you idiot.

Let's see YOUR paycheck from the "We're so stupid and uneducated, we take everything literally" store.

OMG, did I just stick up for TMZ???!!!

1735 days ago


Ok so I've seen all of the photos (don't ask) (and trust me NO I didn't pay to see them) they're ALL on the free net already.

HE LOOKS HORRIBLE. Doughy as hell, totally rolly poley, pastey white, not even a one pack AND the worst part is the pictures are so cheesey. TRUST ME, he'll regret this the pictures are awful and VERY unflattering.

He had to beat the clock (15 minutes) and it clearly shows. Dough Boy should have done the gym and a diet for a year before putting a staple in his naval BUT of course time (15 minutes) would have run out.

I'm embarrased for him.

1735 days ago


This guy is such a sleazebag. He's no better than those inner city gang bangers who go through the housing projects getting teenage girls pregnant. He's worse, because a bunch of balding fat 50 year old homosexuals are going to be masturbating while looking at his picture.

I hope Bristol has an attorney ready to garnish all his wages and fees from Playgirl for child support.

1735 days ago



TRUST ME homo's aren't going to be "masturbating while looking at his picture". Homo's have MUCH better taste than dough boy Johnstonless.

1735 days ago


All of you people that are throwing stones at Levi, might want to consider looking in the mirror; only to find that a few stones should be thrown at you.

1735 days ago
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