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Robert Pattinson Needs to Lighten Up

11/21/2009 8:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Pattinson looked truly overcome with angst joy as he left the Bowery Hotel in New York City last night after dinner with friends.


Biggest movie in the country, hot girlfriend -- what's it take to get a smile out of these "Twilight" kids?


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Brother Harold, S.J.    


1734 days ago


He looks drunk as a skunk

1734 days ago


He's just a little unhappy 'cause I couldn't be in NY with him!

1734 days ago

go away    

I don't see the attraction. No wonder Johnny Depp was named Sexiest MAN Alive. These Twi twits are nothing but overated BOYS.

1734 days ago


what would make him happy is to be able to walk down sidewalks without worrying where the annoying pap's are going to jump out at him.

THEN he would be happy.

1734 days ago



1734 days ago


My guess? He'd probably be smiling if the good folks who run sites like this one would back off of him a little.

1734 days ago


Well, maybe if he took a shower and washed his body with soap-that will make him feel so much better. Then, if he washed his hair-that would make him feel even better. Then, if he put on clean clothes and deodorant-that would make him very feel even better. So, ugly butt face and body Robert-give yourself a long hot shower with soap and shampoo!

1734 days ago


hiya balls

1734 days ago

Truth Hurts    

His lips are so thin you can't see his smile :-)

1734 days ago


This dude doesnt know how to be a star. He's undeserving and uncharismatic. He's a photoshop marketing meeting product. Taking all that adoration for granted. Starless and the internet geekery of fandom forums and obsessing over fantasy characters is whats created this. But, hey, its will all go away one day and he and his kind will be on TMZ's remember them!? See what they look like now!

1734 days ago


He looks like a junkie, dirty and is not attractive. Kristen Stewart also looks like a junkie.

1733 days ago


Robert Pattinson really seems like a great guy. He's an overnight celebrity, completely unprepared for all this madness that Twilight brought. I think he handles it well, and if I can wish anything, I'd wish that he isn't changed by all of the crazy headlines and blogs that are out there focusing on every aspect of his life. I hope all fame leaves him before he's tainted by all that bs. Hollywood is more dangerous than the real hood. And to the people that are calling him names and putting him down...why? This guy didn't ask for this stuff. Just because someone is in the spotlight, it doesn't mean they deserve random strangers' complete disrespect. Especially when they're more or less dragged into all the insanity. He didn' ask to be some kind of sex symbol. Give the man a break. And stop letting internet's anonymity turn you into heartless jack@sses! If you wouldn't say your comment to his face, then don't type it.

And I've polished off the whole Twilight series, and that "Team Edward", "Team Jacob" stuff is something I don't identify with. I respect the craze but I'm not a part of it. So I'm not a Pattinson fan. I'm just speaking as a human being here.

1733 days ago

Romantic Fool    

Why do the some people assume that Rob behaving as you would if you were rich and famous. He is not a player or druggie. He is a very decent and well-brought up young man who has said that he is a practicing Catholic and is celibate. NO GUY would admit that unless they were too honest and naive not to realize that it is considered uncool to care about one's personal health and not want to be a heart breaking love and leave them type. He is adored by the fans because he is refreshingly different. He is not a prude but he has morals. He is not a womanizer but he loves woman. He is not a player and he is romantic enough to believe in a soul mate and waiting for the right person as his faith teaches. His is an awesome and wonderful actor and guy.

This guy does not have the luxury of dating as he said to Vanity Fair Italy in the summer that he does not want to put a girl through the hassle and privacy invasion they would suffer if he dated. He wants to wait a few years for things to settle down. He knew what the paps and Hollyweird were going do to him. He said once you get on top, there are always those who take evil delight in tearing you down. They want to get the money shot with him losing his temper or being a fool or drunk. They can't get anything on him...he is a nice guy...shock...gasp...gulp...they are many out there like Rob. It's the players, pigs and sex maniacs that are out of fashion..not guys like Rob.

This young gentleman has been through hell this past year and under pressure and scrutiny. He handled himself AMAZINGLY well unlike dipstick Kristen who curses like a sailor and is more macho than most men.He knows her well and is close to her. Unless he becomes serious about her, he will remain, as he and she has stated, platonic friends. Sex is not supposed to be recreational and is a very serious undertaking to most people who have morals.

Rob has never been anything other than kind to the fans. Watch him on You Tube with the fans and his funny interviews. He always has a great smile, laugh, twinkle in his eyes and has a modest, humble and endearingly sweet personality.He can't stand the paps sticking cameras in his face as he is shy and does not like his photo taken. He is in acting as he loves film, wants to make GOOD movies and grew up on old ones. He wants to act not be a star and he is trying not to drown. He is not conceited, jaded, a hypocrite or an ass. He is just a nice guy in a strange situation.

He drinks in moderation and does not do drugs. He is a normal, nice and well brought up young man. Leave the bloke alone so he can have some fun and explore the world rather than be locked up in hotel rooms with Kristen throwing herself at him every 5 minutes and watching his every move.

Rob Pattinson won over the hearts of millions of teens and their moms because he let us see who he was before he became famous. He is an impressive and beloved guy who has been blessed and deserves his good fortune, fame, success and good wishes. It could not have happened to a nicer more humble guy.

1726 days ago

Romantic Fool    

He does not have aids, his eyes are red from being over tired from traveling around the world on the New Moon promo tour and all the smoke in the air. Cut the guy some slack.

1726 days ago
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