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Dr. Conrad Murray's Patients -- No Fear

11/23/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's Patients -- No FearDr. Conrad Murray's patients aren't gonna let a little something like the death of Michael Jackson keep them from seeing the good doc ... in fact, most of them couldn't be happier.

Since Dr. Murray is now back in business, we called a few of his patients to see if they were just a lil' skittish.

Jack Hammond, told us Dr. Murray saved his life twice in the last ten years ... and he "couldn't be more excited."

Everyone else we spoke to was just as upbeat. Eliza Robertson said she had already seen Dr. Murray and would "recommend him to any of my friends."

We could go on ... but you get the point ... Dr. Murray isn't losing any business because of MJ. And he needs the business.


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Suicide Says:

What up Deb??

1759 days ago


Insanity Says:

What Up Ma?

1759 days ago



1759 days ago


Murray has made a complete sham of the medical profession and doctors everywhere should be appalled at his mockery of medical licensure. The man is unfit and an example of why there will be NO tort reform in this country.

1759 days ago


Nothing about the awards MJ won last night, nothing on here about how the father of MJ's "accuser" blew his brains out last week, and now publicizing Dr. Murray's career when he should be in jail. No, TMZ isn't biased in the slightest.

1759 days ago


Insanity Is Smiling :)

1759 days ago


Good luck to those patients. They'll need it.

1759 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    


1759 days ago


CONRAD IS A MURDERER HE KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON. if you patients want to die by this man's hands, go ahead. because you're being stupid to think he's okay. he killed Michael Jackson. he should die. a life for a life. Michael did not deserve to die. by killing Michael it left 3 kids without a mother and father as since he was both to them. Michael was their whole world. so Conrad Murray and followers of Conrad Murray should burn in hell. the world Needs Michael Jackson. it doesn't need Conrad Murray. Conrad Murray is a dead man walking as far as us Michael Jackson fans are concerned. actually he was dead when he gave Michael those dangerous prescriptions. he just doesn't realize it yet. he Killed Michael Jackson, and yet he gets to continue practicing Medicine like it's okay for him to take a life and not get a death sentence? That is Bull. Lock the guy up. Conrad should Pay dearly for what he did.

1759 days ago


31. Suicide Says:

What up Deb??

Posted at 3:30PM on Nov 23rd 2009 by Suicide you really want an answer to that question? It could take all day!

1759 days ago


37. HEY I THINK I'M OFF IGNORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 3:35PM on Nov 23rd 2009 by pmiller

I think you are too, I see you!!!!!!

1759 days ago


Insanity Says:

Insanity would like for this entire board to know something. TMZ has a habit of blocking people from posting. I hope that you will be wise enough to figure this out. Why is the very person that is on the verbal assualt in here still allow to post freely? Trust me I do not know how long it will be before they erase this message.

****Insanity Says:

I figured I would do the Public A Service And Broadcast This Announcement!

1759 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

10. What happened to doctor/patient confidentiality??? Isn't this against the law Harvey??? Or do you choose to ignore the law, the way you did when you falsified a story about the Olympian Michael Phelps, owing back taxes??? I am sure you obtained the patients records illegally, the way you seem to practice the rest of your "journalism". And I use that term loosely.

Posted at 3:08PM on Nov 23rd 2009 by Linda

Linda, TMZ is not bound by medical confidentiality, nor have they breached it in this case. Jack Hammond, as an example, was mentioned November 8, 2009 by News of The World (UK) and identified himself as a patient of Murray's. for your reference.

Also, back when Murray's lawyer posted the video of him, many of Murray's patients gave themselves as references to news organizations, and yes, TMZ. Check TMZ' archive for similar posts on Murray or use a search engine with the suggested criteria "patients of Conrad Murray".

As for TMZ 'making up' the story about Michael Phelps, I guess that's why a (cough) reputable news organization such as Fox News would report the same. Here, for your review.,0,5628417.story

Try using a search engine once in a while before you spout off that someone is lying. Facts are indeed important and you have none at the moment.

Good day.

1759 days ago
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