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Conrad Murray -- The Doctor Is In

11/23/2009 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray went back to work at his Houston, TX office this morning -- despite being the target of ongoing investigations by the DEA, the Texas Medical Board and the LAPD in connection with Michael Jackson's death.

Dr. Conrad Murray: Click to watch
Anyone need a checkup?


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Harvey & TMZ you are unbelievable, why are your goons filming MJ's children coming out from the library. why are you invading their personal space, whats wrong with you people, you stalked their father and now you are going after his children. You sit around with your low life goons discussing why MJ's children are at the library and make it look so bizarre. MJ is paying your bills and now its MJ's children turn right, pathetic.

Check this video out see how bunch of adults discussing three young innocent children just for going to the library.

1765 days ago


25. For a very little moment I thought when I saw the headline "the doctor is in" he was really IN, IN JAIL I mean!
But no, not even close.
He is just getting on with his life, it's incredible.

Posted at 2:34PM on Nov 23rd 2009 by Irene

I know, I am so disgusted right now! I am having revenge fantasies about Dr. Murray, ie, ways to take him out! Of course I would never, but it's fun to think about!

A tribe of Indians, not sure which one, used to take their victims out in the desert and bury them to the neck in the hot sandy-dirt. Then they would take a strip of leather, get it wet and tie it around their victim's neck. What would happen is, as the leather slowly dried, it would constrict and veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly strangle the victim to death.

Or, you could stake him out by all fours so he can't get up, put honey all over him, and unleash a bunch of fire ants! Oh yeah, that one sounds good LOL!

I can think of many others but if I told you, you would think I am a very, very cruel person. I'm not, I just want justice for Michael, and failing that, VENGEANCE!

1765 days ago



WHY is this guy still allowed to practice medicine??? He is responsible for a person's death due to his negligence & lack of ethics, WHY????


1765 days ago


to allow someone that incompetant who has admitted to administering a lethal combination of drugs to a person under his care and supervision to go strolling into the clinic to work shows the incompetancy of the clinic...what a nerve they all have to do this now as they are on the verge of charging this quack (supposedly)'s like spitting in the face of the jackson kids...the one's who deserve sympathy. this is vile...this ahole thinks he is above the law and acts like he's the victim's his own fault for making the unethical choices he did and he needs to be held accountable and punished before it happens again...sickening

1765 days ago


TMZ already has a new story on Murray up - I guess they are gonna drag this out to get as many hits as they can.

1765 days ago


Hi Deb, good to see you and yes I have those fantasies too, they help in a way to handle the frustration, the anger and the sadness.
In the fantasy you can act and don't have to wait endlessly for JUSTICE, you take it into your own hands and that's a good feeling.
I also could never do such a thing in real life.

1765 days ago


There's more to this than meets the eye. I think his legal people have advised him to 'go back to work' for appearances sake. Maybe so when he next goes to court for not paying for his kids, they can say 'well look, he tried to make a living, but couldn't'.
There'll be a reason for it, we just don't know it yet.

BTW I have it on good authority that Randy Jackson was NOT at the house "that" day. Does anyone know what's become of MJ's 911 bodyguard, Alvarez? People on net are saying he was very nervous that last week.

1765 days ago


33. 25. For a very little moment I thought when I saw the headline "the doctor is in" he was really IN, IN JAIL I mean!
But no, not even close.
He is just getting on with his life, it's incredible.

Hello Irene, Deb,
that's just what I thought! What a disappointment! When I heard this doctor would be able to possibly mistreat his patients again, my sorrow was that he isn't under investigation at all. Good to hear that he at least is... Nevertheless I can't understand why the US- or Texas-law allows a doctor to practice while he is under investigation. Any other profession, maybe, but not a doctor with all of his responsibility!
Irene, you wondered this afternoon which country I'm from. Well, I'm your southern neighbour, I'm from Germany. Nice to see you here!
And Deb, have you ever thought about writing a screenplay for a thriller? Your torture-fantasies make me shiver, lol

1765 days ago


Ah, Dr.Quack-Quack needed his ego stroked by those poor mislead patients that still remain with him. Many patients only require a doc to have a good bedside manner. He might prescribe something that may make them drop next week but you'll never convince them that their particular doctor isn't a 'God'. Dr.Quack-Quack just wants to think that not EVERYONE is wishing for his demise in the world. Those are probably his 'pain management' patients (wink, wink) or the ones suffering from 'dementia'. I hope he enjoys the brief time he will still be practicing medicine. Don't get upset guys it WON'T BE FOR LONG!

1765 days ago


please watch this~!!!

time to take some action!!!
time for justice for michael jackson!!!!!

1765 days ago


Posted at 3:06PM on Nov 23rd 2009 by moni

Hé moni, good to see you and you live so close to me!
I thought that post this afternoon didn't come through, it took hours. But obviously it did.
Yeh Deb write a thriller, I will help you ha, ha.
Janalal4 so nice to see you again!
I can't imagine Murray feels comfortable at all, he should be scared as hell and I hope he does!

1765 days ago


Hello Irene,
yes, it was a little bit of a problem this afternoon, my posts seemed to be on their way through the universe for quite a long time as well. And you're so right about that doctor: As much as I hope to see him in jail I suppose that he already is done. For the rest of his poor life and in the books of musical history he will be the man who has killed Michael Jackson.

1765 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    


1765 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I think you left out Medicare fraud as well, but who's counting. This guy has been accused of just about everything except being a good doctor.

1765 days ago
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