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Conrad Murray -- The Doctor Is In

11/23/2009 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray went back to work at his Houston, TX office this morning -- despite being the target of ongoing investigations by the DEA, the Texas Medical Board and the LAPD in connection with Michael Jackson's death.

Dr. Conrad Murray: Click to watch
Anyone need a checkup?


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This is just the most absurd thing Does he know that someone could seriously attack him or even try to kill him?! there is a huge number of MJ hardcore fans out there who wouldn't give a damn to shoot him down...the man is stupid as hell. if i was a doctor who killed MJ,resuming the practice would be the last thing on my mind. perhaps that doc knows that he won't be charged or somethin'...
Michael sang "as harsh as it sounds the whole system sux, damn it!" he was right, the injustice is done to him constantly even after his death. now, that is disgusting!

1758 days ago


I think it's lovely and ironic that Michael Jackson fans are suggesting that they or other Michael Jackson fans could, would, or should shoot or otherwise bring down Dr. Murray.

What happened to all the gentle, sweet, peace, love, don't be judgemental, practice forgiveness and understanding, heal the world crap you admired so in your idol?

Guess this is different, huh? It's called hypocrisy.

1757 days ago


if it was any one else they would be sitting in Jail till convicted. He is guilty & everybody knows it!!! what is wrong with our system. I agree we shouldn't judge and less we be judge according to God's word. but the guy killed him there is no doubt in that he was the only one w/him when he died and he was on the phone w/ a girl what kind of Doc. does that? may God have mercy on your soul Dr. Murray.

1757 days ago

brian cleland    

ok, all these poeple saying ti was michael's own fault, he asked for it so the doc gave him it.. if you asked your doctor for something that you were addicted to but were not meant to have and he gave you it cause you could afford to pay him would that make him a good doctor? doing the right thing by his patient? no. i think not, and it is illegal cause he is a doctor, so he can only give you what you need. administering the drug he did to michael was wrong by anyone's standards. it really was wrong. and if he is not charged then there is something wrong. also, he should not be allowed to go back to "work" as his power to do "full" doctoring is under question. if this was in the uk he would be suspended from his duties until he was fully cleared of any criminal activity. please people, this man is dangerous. let him inject your child with something, i dare you, would you? should he be allowed too? no way on this earth, yes until your guilty the finger should not be pointed, we all know that. but for safety i'm affraid any doctor under suspicion should not be "working" until cleared. thanks

1753 days ago

brian cleland    

Raejean.. We all know Michael would not approve of our thoughts or behaviour.. but we are angry, just like his family. so why don't you go to another website and plant your useful idea's there. there simply not needed here. thanks anyway

1753 days ago



I don't think your "freedom" will last long

Son of a who#@

1745 days ago


I say we all contact the Texas Medical Board and ask them how can they allow such a man to continue practicing when he is currently under investigation for the death of the King Of Pop?? For his miss use of Profol? This is sickening!! Who did he pay off?? It will not be long b4 some fan f*cks him up!!

I would rather lay dying than to have this man doctor on me!!

1745 days ago


TMZ esta de parabens por tudo que fez sobre MJ , pois foi o unico orgão de noticia que relatou a verdade e que Noticiou com exclusividade e no ato do fato, sobre o Médico , tem que ver se o paciente não pediu a dose a mais , sabe como funciona quem tem dinheiro manda

1477 days ago

severine gelig    

I turn to this beautiful young blond woman in this video, you never think of you on stage in a sulfur gold pant, because you are sexy ... but gold pant ... I'll do a cardiac arrest . TOY

1423 days ago


Who is this blond lady in the end ?

1343 days ago
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