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Jon & Kate Emergency!

11/23/2009 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin may have a new player in the divorce. We've learned the lawyer who repped Jon Gosselin at the beginning of his divorce has just filed an emergency petition to intervene in the case .. and it's all over money.

Attorney Charles Meyer withdrew from the case in September, just before Mark Heller took over. Prior to his withdrawal, we're told there was an agreement with Jon that his lawyer's fees would be paid from Jon's share of the property distribution. We're told Jon owes Charles around $43,000 so Charles is asking the judge to make sure he gets paid before Jon gets his cut.

As we first reported, the divorce is coming in for a landing, and the arbitrator will decide within 30 days who gets what.

Story developing ...


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Meyer is probably in a panic over payment. If the arbitrator divides assets so Jon cannot come up with the attorney's fees one could see where he might be unhappy. The irony will be that as much as these parents wanted money it will be others such as attorneys, court, pr reps,etc... who get their resources. If that is the case then we may see more media panhandling from Jon & Kate.

1712 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

To All my Haters,
Yeah so what if I am a douche and so what if I am a loser. I can't help that I decided after 8 kids that I don't want kids and I can't help that my only friends are the paparaz's. I'm useless in this world but so what. I showed people what a loser I am but I will make it TLC's fault because they have lots of money that I want. I don't want to work and TLC will be my meal ticket. I love beer, I LOVE FOOD, I love my small weewee even though it would get lost in that Big H weewee. I think I'm just depressed on how I never know what its like to feel anything being so small.
I am being tested to see if I'm actually mildly retarded and maybe I can get social security as well. Don't hate me, hate yourself for not being me.
Love,Jonny Boy

1712 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Just terrified that a sex tape will suddenly soon appear. Shivers......

1712 days ago


Lawyers suck... What's the difference between a lawyer &
a hooker??? The hooker stops screwing you when you die....

1712 days ago

Take a Peek at her book    

#22 - Are you trying to start a riot?

Worldwide Blindness is nothing to joke about! :)

1712 days ago


Jon if you are broke after all of this you can stay with us...Jon made bad choices but we all do at times,so, Jon I will leave my e-mail w/your pr it is left up to you.XOXO....

1712 days ago

Paddy B.    

Let me see if I understand this corrrectly:Jon Gosselin hires a lawyer, Charles Meyer, to act on his behalf in a divorce case. Charles Meyer bows out of the case. He, in effect, quits. Another lawyer takes over. Now that the case is wrapping up, Meyer comes back and demands he(Meyer)be paid for a job he walked out on?

Charles Meyer shouldn't get a penny. He quit on his client. He should've stayed with his client and finished the proceedings.

Only a lawyer would leave a client and demand to be paid for it.

1712 days ago


Actually, I side with the blood sucking leech lawyer because the parasite that invaded our TV's might just not want to pay up. Go leech go.

Why do people hate leeches????? Imagine running our car over a parasite like Jon. You'll be the first one screaming for a leech.

1712 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

It's awesome when men, though legally innocent, lose their children, 20 years of income, most of their stuff, then get stuck paying all the legal bills. Suckers. LOL

1712 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Q: What do you call a lawyer gone bad?
A: Senator.

1712 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

A man walked into a bar with his alligator and asked the bartender, "Do you serve lawyers here?".
"Sure do," replied the bartender.
"Good," said the man. "Give me a beer, and I'll have a lawyer for my 'gator."

1712 days ago


Why isn’t Kate Gosselin considered a freak like Octo-mom, when they both artificially gave birth to a litter of children? That’s psycho sick and complete exploitation, they had those kids for the specific purpose of making money!

1712 days ago


GET AWAY FROM BELITTLING KATE AS FAST AS YOU CAN JON! ~ If she would have sat down and spoke with you, all this nasty lawyer stuff could have been avoided. You might even have gotten back with her! Just as well though. Now, GET AWAY FROM BELITTLING HAILEY ASAP!!!

1712 days ago


I just finished watching the last episode tonight and discovered that Jon is a bigger loser than I thought. He was wearing a t-shirt that had the words " Lies Lies Lies Lies" in big bold print running down it. And he was wearing it when he had visitation with the children. All this guy thinks about is himself.

1712 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

It sounds to me that this attorney is not concerned over Kate or her share but is concerned that he gets his money when the assets are distributed. He may have found out that Heller may have made himself first in line against what could be a long list of creditors.

I was hopeing that Kate could continue on with the show for a couple more years, giving her the ability to sock away more money as the contract had finally become far more lucrative than in the first years. By that time, the kids would be further into school and a more natural transition off the screen could have occurred. I really believe this could have been worked through.

However, Jon, the selfish liar and cheater he is, did the ultimate passive aggressive more but lying about his kids and the impact of the show on them. It was a direct attack on Kate and TLC solely because he could. A hateful, hateful little man.

It didn't have to end this way and it is Jon's fault. The only person he has ever thought of in this whole sad disintegration is Jon and Jon alone. It took almost ten years for Jon and Kate's marriage to reach this point. It's not like Kate hasn't been like this for years. Now its a problem worth destroying a family?

Its not like dealing with Kate going to change just because they are no longer married. They still are attached at the hip because of the kids. I think Jon will look at his time with Kate a walk in the park compared to the bed he's made for himself.

1712 days ago
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