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Octomom -- Bird Lady

11/23/2009 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman rounded up some of her hungry kids and went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving turkeys this weekend.


The 33-year-old wannabe reality star knows a thing or fourteen about turkey basters.


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For someone who gets so much state assistance , how can she afford all the hollister, A&F & Ed Hardy clothes & UGG boots that she is always wearing????? give me a freakin break

1765 days ago


I know this is gonna sound gross, but she's always looking kinda hot. I like to hit that. Oh yeah?

1765 days ago


Everyone should leave her alone. She is a very responsible parent. I'm so happy that she finally found true love with, Aras Shuma, arab oil tycoon: They look so sute together.

1765 days ago

Your Face    

why so many turkeys? lol...

happy "thanksgiving" everyone!!!!!!!

1765 days ago


Oh PUHLEEZE. She is staging that. She doesn't even know how to cook, she gives those kids fast food every single day (photos prove it). Not only that, she doesn't even have a table to eat on! She bought a 70" plasma, wii, and jacuzzi with her fraud money but not a table for the kids to eat on. She can't stand those kids, watch the videos she keeps pimping out, it's so obvious.

1765 days ago


She seems a lot better than Kate Goselin, I mean come on You don't see this girl flying off to be on every TV show she can every week and god knows she does need the money. Kate is self absorbed and uses her kids as an excuse every chance she gets.

1765 days ago


FFS leave the woman alone so she and her children may have a realistic shot at a normal life.

1765 days ago


Have to say she is looking good and has some nice big boobs.

1765 days ago


Excuse me, you can to get a turkey for less than 5 bucks, mine is over 15 pounds and I paid $5.70, 38 cent a pound, Shoppers Food Warehouse, I'm sure they're not the only ones selling cheap turkeys. Mine was over 15 pounds, they had them over and under 15 pounds, so it can be done!

1765 days ago


where are you buying a turkey for only 5?? lol they are not 5 bucks more like 15 stupid! this woman shouldnt even be able to keep those kids but she does

1765 days ago


Puh-leeze. Don't give this skank any more air time!!!!

1765 days ago


All I want for Christmas is for someone to buy this woman a BRA!!!

1765 days ago


LOOK at the way those poor babies in the CART have no PADDINGto sit on. Those carts are NASTY METAL and I NEVER EVER put my babies in them like that. Any parent with a BRAIN or OUNCE OF SYMPATHY will provide a blanket, or even a cart pad seat {they make can BUY's a PADDED "seat" to sit a baby in while shopping and it can be fastened to keep them safely sitting upright too.............}, this woman has her head up her BUTT. I'm sure she tosses those little babies around like are nothing----I can't stand this photo it makes me cringe-

1765 days ago


Look how this dumb bitch is dressed! Like a teenager that's trying to pick up a man! That baby is MUCH too young to be in that car! She doesn't give a crap about her children, ONLY how she looks and that she's on tv! DUMB BITCH needs the children taken AWAY asap! Those children are OBNOXIOUS and with a mother like her it's no wonder!!!

1765 days ago


Suleman isn't buying a turkey. She is pimping er: selling her wares in exchange for money. This is a photo-op. She wouldn't buy a whole turkey. She doesn't cook. That requires work. She doesn't work . Her children do. Besides, turkey can be bought ready- made, fully prepared. Just look in the Gerber section. It sits alongside the jars ofcarrots, peas, corn, potatoes ,pumpkin, and cranberry sauce. The next aisle: turkey basters. Yes, she will buy some of those.

1763 days ago
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