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Shakira vs. Sofia:

Who'd You Rather?

11/23/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Colombian goddesses Shakira and Sofia Vergara sizzled at last night's American Music Awards.

Question is ...


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danger baby    

Has the one on the right had plastic surgery? She looks old, old. She also has some strange flesh pile under her armpit. And why is she smiling? Oh, that's right, because rape is funny.

1797 days ago


Don Juan #14, they are both from colombia, and became american
citizens, so they do not speak mexican, just colombian and usamerican, do not worry you will be fine.

1797 days ago



1797 days ago


They are both Colombian, They are both from Barranquilla.

Even if Shakira is Half Lebanese, people from Barranquilla really knows how to dance; is in our heritage.

I can't decide.... BOTH

- to 34 She is nearly 40, what do you expect at least she looks god at her age.

1797 days ago


I'd take Sofia. Still beautiful at 37. Any ONE of her sets of features - legs, ass, "assets" - could be the "calling card" of another model, and you'd say "She's hot!" For all that, it's the beauty of her face that does it for me.

She does NOT have a music career. She's a good singer, though. She sang decently on Broadway in "Chicago" - not the highest Broadway caliber, but like you'd see in a college production.

1797 days ago


Jenn -

Right out the gate, you say you haven't seen Sofia's her show. When you condemn a person, you should kind of know what the hell you're talking about. You then are in a position to judge that person's talent or lack thereof. See how that works?

Chelsea said that Sofia was the best guest she ever had. Even so, there was a bit of defensiveness to Sofia's humor to me, and it did feel a little tense.

Sofia should offer a simple apology for her rape "joke," then move on.

Beyond that, I sense a jealousy under the surface of your comments, like when you call her an "alien," and wish she'd be sent back to "wherever the hell she came from." (that would be Barranquilla, Colombia).

It's up to you, Jenn. Take steps to pull yourself out of bitter misery, and try to become a happy person.

1797 days ago


Like it matters. They are both hot.

1797 days ago


Shakira is a famous singer she is a person who helps the world in some way , specillay her native country Colombia She is is classy (don't like her music ,admire her.) the other side is Sophia Vergara the Colombian Viagra ,how embarrssed being called like that .why ?,becasue she sleep with everyone one in Hollywood to get roles in the movie sad.....she is not intelligent just sexy is all .The last time I saw her levaing earlier a hotel with Tom Cruz ,that was before he got married to his current was just a night stand how sad!!!!!!!

1796 days ago

George William Gockel    

I take both Shakira and Sofia Vergara.

1796 days ago


# 14 Both Shakira and Sofia are Colombian nationals. Even if Shakira were Mexican she would be speaking Spanish just like Sophia. Ignorance and hate only limits a persons capacity to lead a happy life. Stop hating and you'll see how wonderful the world can be.

1796 days ago

shakira is half lebanese    

To #40
What you mean even if she is half lebanese? SHE IS sweetie!
Shakira has said her dance influence is from belly dancing... her moves come from intense training with professional belly dancers...also..look up ur history..a lot of ur music and dance influence come from yes "dancing is in your blood..ur African blood"... :)

1796 days ago



1795 days ago


BOTH!!!! and idiot #14 they r BOTH colombians not mexicans not all hispanics are mexicans dumb ass!! When TMZ does these they should add both or neither as an option cuz sometimes i choose neither but in this case ill take both any day or time.

1793 days ago


....i love shakira

1567 days ago

Bill Andrews    

Never herd of them, a bit before my time I guess ? ( Who Knew ! ) I thought that one's name was Helen D. or something and the other looks like that nice older lady that played on Dallas series a time ago in 80's.

823 days ago
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