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Adam Lambert: I Respect GMA's Decision, But ...

11/24/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert takes issue with "Good Morning America" for pulling the plug on his post-AMA/mouth-to-crotch performance -- so he tells Ryan Seacrest.

Adam Lambert: Click to listen

Lambert's revenge is CBS's "The Early Show" -- which he'll appear on tomorrow.

As for having a guy "snorkel" in his crotch -- as Ryan put it on his radio show this AM -- Adam admits he got carried away, but he's "not a babysitter" and kids shouldn't have been watching TV that late anyway.


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I am not even a child and it grossed me out. Why is it when some of these celeb's come out of their closet they have to shove it in eveyone's face all the time. Personally, I don't care to know who you are doing.I actually liked Adam on American Idol but, he has gotten so rude and big headed lately, now I just want him to go away.

1790 days ago


So sad, this guy is really sick, no morals,no class, no respect for others.

1790 days ago


Those people still saying "so what? He kissed a guy! Madonna did it to britney spears!" either only saw the edited version or are ignoring that he Grabbed a guy by the back of the head, and rubbed and grinded his crotch against the guys mouth! Who cares about a kiss? Homophobes do. Who cares about a graphic oral crotch grind on network TV. Many many people

1790 days ago


Hey, #321 & #322, I have a life. And part of it is amusing myself F'n with morons like you. People who make comments like yours obviously feel threatened by "invisible combatants". If this were face to face, I'd still mess with you, just to see you spew crap like this. As for being said that, not me. Feeling on the shallow end of the gene pool lately?

1790 days ago


Oh Adam gag me with a spoon, eek eek!!! My kids began their holiday after Fri, Nov 20 so therefore this was a showed that we all planned on watch this as a family event. We were looking to watch a few of their favorite enertainers, but then we had to be grossed out by adult XXX. It was nothing entertaining about his ear screeching act!!!! This wasn't even a performance. Get over yourself, you'll be shortlived in the real entertainment world with "no class". Trust me, do your homework Adam @Tracy comment -"I find it very disturbing that a drug addict and pedophile was honored that night. PRIORITIES!!!!!" Then maybe Adam should learn from other's mistakes, it still doesn't make it morally or the Chrisian way.

1790 days ago


Straight sexuality is always shoved down everyone's throat, LITERALLY, on a minute by minute basis. Just look at primetime. What Adam did is NOWHERE as bad as what you see on these shows. It is just that it was 2 men and all of you homophobia A-HOLES cannot stand it. Too F&%^ing Bad. If your kids saw it and you had to answer some difficult question...OH freaking well...guess you had to do some PARENTING. That sucks to have to do what you are SUPPOSED to do. When Madonna lip locked Brittney and Christina there was no outcry. All you heard or read were all these straight men have virtual orgasms over it. Deal with it. If you wanna talk morals, live by your own. No one has to live up to YOUR moral but YOURSELF. STOP pushing off your morals on others. Let us all live FREE. Bet you kiss your wife and hold her hand and even smack her butt in public don't ya. Guess what..WE ARE GOING TO DO IT NOW AS WELL. Hope you get even MORE difficult questions to answer.

1790 days ago

the seer    

Now you know why The Early Show is number 3 in the ratings. Poor decisions like having this sicko on their show. Save it for those nasty little flamer clubs down in Hollywood.

1790 days ago


I didn't like Adam's performance at all. Period. I don't think it was the best move for his career. Also, I really wish some gay people stop trying to liken their struggle with the struggles of black people. They are different.

1790 days ago


I care not that he is gay, I care that he doesn't care who sees it. Regardless of the completely reinforced liberal agenda of TMZ, this kid is an attention seeker and does it the best way he knows how. It's one thing to be Gay, no foul. It's another to use it for gain, sensationalism and to cover a 15 minute lack of character and talent.

1790 days ago


I like to watch the AMA's and I am not a child nor do I have a child but I was offended that this was on TV. The truth is I don't want to watch any two people simulate sex . Madonna was the first to be very raunchy with her videos but she took a lot of flak for it and she was /is a mega star and can afford to lose sales and fans, something I don't think AL is in a position to do.Adam I doubt your as tough as Madonna so bring it down a few notches. I do think you are talented but you are going to blow it,no pun intended

1790 days ago


Hello everyone. The more I read the comments here, the more I see how people are so .... full of their prejudices. If this offends so many people, there is no hope for everyone whether man or women (gay or straight) being treated fairly ever. Hope upon all hope. Guess not! Wow nothing will every change. We as a country can do so such more to respect each other.

1790 days ago


A word of "advise ADAM" clean it-up and fast. If you want a singing career, and to be taken seriously, then enough of this arrogant attitude and stop with this GAY self pride. You had a chance to make a positive first impression, and that performance was a train wreck. Trashy, low class and terrible timing. Who is handling you? Your agent's need to be fired.." You have "raw talent" but' "ZERO experience" to handle you life and in-making good choices-- I suggest you find someone to help you on a positive path, not this ( sadistic path of aka: "GAY PORN" image )that's what you showed the world, and it will hurt you, and now you will forever have to live down that performance....and if you don't get-it' then bend over and kiss your short career goodbye..!

Even the gay community is out-raged' what are you not getting? and your parent's too" Come-on you are better then that, wake-up..!

Your next performance is damage control: Figure it out, before it's to late..........

1789 days ago


The AMA and other media has become nothing more than soft porn shows. At least Adam had some clothes on which is more than you can say about the females. Also, I hope the pity vote for Swift is over.

1788 days ago


Adam is right -he is no babysitter, but what about the rest of us. Your performance was bad and It took my attention away from the song. It was too much and nasty for television. You are right when Madonna and Britney kissed on television I felt the same way. People alway say if you do not like turn the television off- okay what if everyone who did not like your performance turn their TV off. The show could not go on without the viewer. I do not know if I can hear your name and be willing to watch another show with you in it. It is all about the performance and not being white or sex .

1786 days ago


Go Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1605 days ago
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