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Adam Lambert: I Respect GMA's Decision, But ...

11/24/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert takes issue with "Good Morning America" for pulling the plug on his post-AMA/mouth-to-crotch performance -- so he tells Ryan Seacrest.

Adam Lambert: Click to listen

Lambert's revenge is CBS's "The Early Show" -- which he'll appear on tomorrow.

As for having a guy "snorkel" in his crotch -- as Ryan put it on his radio show this AM -- Adam admits he got carried away, but he's "not a babysitter" and kids shouldn't have been watching TV that late anyway.


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Oh it was ok for Madonna to tongue Brittney on TV but don't let two men do the same thing? Double standard in reverse!!!!!!

1794 days ago


I thought his performance was disgusting and I won't watch him anymore.

1794 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

Hey Tracy DO YOUR RESEARCH! MJ was NOT a pedophile,its all in the transcripts!It is people like you who say things like this that disgust me way more than what Adam Lambert did.

1794 days ago


That was one of the sickest things I have ever seen. He needs to save that crap for his concerts and be more conservative when on live television. No, he isn't anyone's parent, thank God, but he should have respect for the rest of us that normally enjoy the awards shows and their performances. I'll be cautious in the future to watch anything I know he will be on.

1794 days ago


@ by the end of the day:

He isn't shoving anything down anyone's throats. It was on tv.. don't wanna seeit? Don't watch it, simple as that. No one is being forced. Secondly, why is it acceptable (to you or others) for heterosexual depictions of sexuality to be shown on tv or in public, but this isn't? Hypoocrite.


It wasn't 10pm it was 10:55pm and no child should be up that late. If a parent allows that, then they're not doing their job. I am in my mid 20s now, and growing up I was IN BED by 9pm. I never saw anything "in decent" for my age on tv because my parents acted like parents and didn't cater to my every whim. It has always been clear that Adam is racy and will push the boundaries--don't be so stupid as to suggest it was a surprise.

1794 days ago


Not judgmental about anyone's sexuality, however the AMA's or any other globally televised show (where many adults are not selective about what their young children watch) is not the place for Adam Lambert to be outrageous and expressing blatant sexual activity in music. If he chooses to be disgusting in his own retail videos, that's one thing but music awards are something quite different. Keep-up the stunts and he'll find himself isolated from his meal tickets (general public) just like Kanye West was isolated after what he did at the Grammys and Chris Brown with beating up Rhianna.

IMO that Adam Lambert, obviously, could no longer contain his classless ego, and the public got a sneak peek of what is, unfortunately, to come.

1794 days ago


@Rochelle, btw, I was just as disgusted with Madonna and Britney as with this. That kinda thing needs to be saved for the home videos that these celebrities leak, er, have stolen and then leaked.

1794 days ago


Guys, these awards shows have been racy for years--it is EXPECTED. If you don't like that sort of thing DO NOT WATCH. As for the crap-parents who allowed their children to watch because their little brats whined enough, that's your fault. DV-R it, screen it yourself, and only then allow your kids to watch it, after.

1794 days ago


Saying he is not a babysitter is just a cop out, Adam you just proved that "being gay" means having no moral compass or basic self respect what so ever.
Gays are nothing but destructive to the moral fiber of society they want to be sexual deviants shocking and sick with no consequences. sure says a lot for the "gay community" .

1794 days ago


Okay freak, weirdo, your 15 minutes are up. Lewd, vulgar and a prima donna without a real career. Here's a tip, dummy: Become famous first, then you will matter outside of your litle gay group.

1794 days ago


@ Maggie

"where many adults are not selective about what their young children watch"

The FCC guidelines prohibit questionable material between 6am and 10pm just for these idiot parents who use the tv as a babysitter for their kids. It is not a network, nor a musicians job to make sure everything is palatable to all ages, especially at 10:55pm on an award show that IS NOTORIOUS for being racy.

1794 days ago


sonja, go blow yourself. no one cares what you think. as for moral, who says your morals are what we should live by?

1794 days ago


How come its okay for Madonna to kiss two other women in a performance and we think its cutting edge and a guy does it and its gross? I agree the crotch thing was a bit much but you all are hypocrites if you liked hers and bash his.

1794 days ago


First of all, it was shown at 10:55 on the east coast, central time zone was 9:55, think a little bigger than just yourself (m). Second of all, the Britney, Madonna stint was on cable, not broadcast television. As for Adam's comments, I do not need him of all people giving parenting advice! Other stars have done crazy things to get attention, usually not 15 minutes in to their stardom. If your that desperate already, there is nowhere to go but down.

1794 days ago


I heard this FREAKAZOID was comparing himself to Madonna and Britney. Is he serious. Hello, they are superstars and this Lambert guy is who? A freak with bad makeup who has no major accomplishment other than coming in second on a talent show.
Go away, PUH-LEESE!

1794 days ago
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