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La Toya on Dr. Murray -- Don't Hire the 'Murderer'

11/24/2009 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson is still in attack mode over her brother's death -- shredding Dr. Conrad Murray last night and warning, "Nobody should hire him."

La Toya Jackson: Click to watch
Last night outside of Boa Steakhouse, Michael Jackson's sister blasted the doc -- who just returned to work yesterday -- saying "Dr. Murray murdered my brother and it was wrong."

As we previously reported, most of his patients are actually excited to have him back.


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I actually agree with her on this

1771 days ago


La Toya is the one who accused MJ-his brother of child molestation. Why she is so much concerned with MJ now???? She makes me feel sick

1771 days ago


Yes, the bartender CAN be charged for serving alcohol to a driver that has had too much. I know of a bardender that was held accountable for over serving to a particular driver on many occassions and on the final night, the driver killed several people as well as himself. Knowledge of the possible outcome places responsibility on the bardender. I do not see where it is any different for Dr. Murray, not to mention his oath to do no harm.

I say to everyone, how would you handle and comment on this situation if it was your brother, father or friend that died while being treated by this doctor? Do not cloud your judgement with your personal hatred or desperate need to continue to punish someone that needed help. It is not a crime in this country to be an addict. It is a disease and when this country decides to recognize that and help those in need, the demand for drugs and the problems that are associated with them, gangs etc, will be greatly diminished.

Those that judge others are afraid to judge themselves.

1771 days ago


No Dr. should be an enabler period, and if they choose to be, then they should have their lic's pulled.

Murry gave in due to the need of money, he should have said NO and if MJ sought out someone else they should do they same too. If they don't and MJ dies then they should be held accountable too.

Murry knew MJ for a couple of years not a couple of months. There is no way I believe that Murry didn't know MJ had a problem. If he is suppose to be this great Dr he should have seen all the signs.

I don't think Murry did this on purpose but I do think he is responable for his actions. Mj has paid his price with his life now it is time this Murry pays his price.

I would be more apt to believe Murry's story if he had called 911 right away but he didn't. Instead he let his patience die by not acting responsable.

It is not only his actions of giving a dangerous drug that holds Murry accountable but it is his actions or lack of actions he took when he seen MJ in trouble.

Simple fact is Murry could have avoided this by simply calling 911 right away or by not giving the drug. Murry is just as responable as MJ was.

1771 days ago


A Call to Action, Contact Campaign
Justice for Michael!!!!!!!!

1771 days ago


Dr. Murray has an ethical, medical and moral responsibility to care for his patients. There is no excuse whether Michael was in the wrong or not. He was administering the drugs and he died. He knew Propoful was not to be administered outside of a medical facility and was an extremely dangerous drug. The necessary equipment to save his life and monitor the patient was not there. Murray is responsible for this mess. Because he wanted money he was willing to compromise and it backfired. Very careless, unprofessional and irresponsible. He should be held responsible whether Michael was an addict or not. All the more he should have arranged for intervention for his patient. So many excuses in this sad story. And Jermaine getting up at the AMA's and thanking Alla and mentioning the family names was sad indeed. I highly doubt Michael Jackson would have approved of Jermaines rant...Jermaine failed at saving his brother..Something could and should have been done if he was the addict their claiming. I was an addict for many years and know the horror, darkness and bondage of an addicts mind. Along with the false accusations, extortion schemes,
Tom Sneedon, Martin Bashir and the media/tabloid lynch mob mentality thrown at him throughout the years he was self destructive. Evan Chandler committed suicide because of the pressure and conviction of his actions and results it caused to a human life. He took money instead of going to court to protect his son. No father that sincerely loves his son would settle for money to make it go away..Terrible situation and the truth will be revealed if not entirely in this life but we'll all stand before God and give an account of our lifes someday. I know I need mercy as much or more than anyone.I think Michael Jackson got to the point where he couldn't trust anyone. So many greedy, money hungry vultures hovering around. Jermaine should have given credit to Michael period and not slipped in his own agenda...My opinion.

1771 days ago


I bet ole MJs skin is fallin' off his doped up dead ass corpse. Bet it stinks too. Wooooo Whooooo

1771 days ago

moe l.    

What planet is she from? She not only looks hideous, but the noise coming out of her mouth is similar to a barnyard animal.

1771 days ago


La Whora, your brother was a drug addict! Quit blaming others for his failures as a human being!

1771 days ago

me so horny    

Latoya is crazy psycho bitch that had accused her family of a bunch of things, now she really loves and miss her brother and all of his MONEY!

1771 days ago


Please give Prince, Paris and Blanket my LOVE.
Michael Jackson is watching from HEAVEN,
and he is proud of you, LaToya.

1771 days ago


Thank you la toya for speaking the truth.You are quite right in saying this.Will we ever see justice for michael?Murray should be in jail.

1771 days ago


Um, wtf people, you act like he ran in his house and stabbed him unwillingly with drugs.

Why can't the family accept that he was a druggie?

I am waiting for Murray to fire back with slander suits lol.

1771 days ago


Why do people keep referring to MJ as a drug addict, when the toxicology report indicated no other drugs were in his system? Furthermore, the autopsy revealed his internal organs to be in relatively good condition, including the heart, liver, and kidneys. If he were a drug addict, the liver and kidneys would undoubtedly have shown signs of long-term abuse. Also, Dr. Murray's behavior was questionable not only in his dispensing the drug in the first place, but also in his behaviour afterwards; delaying calling 911, for example.

1771 days ago


Ok to people that said Michael is responsible for his death, in a small way its true. But that DOESNT mean that "Dr." Murray gets a free pass. He did a lot of illegal things and he DID ultimately kill Michael Jackson whether he wanted the drug or not. Dr.'s are supposed to make the choice between what is right for their patient's, and what is wrong. "Dr." Murray made the wrong choice to give a man the drug after he had administered other drugs that are a deadly combonation with Profo. Bottom line: HE SHOULD HAVE NOT GIVEN MICHEAL JACKSON THAT DRUG!!! Period! i dont care if he could have gotten it from another willing doctor or if Michael was on his hands and knee's begging for it, but the FACT IS that Murray gave it to Michael Jackson. He inadvertently caused Jacksons death. He needs to accept the consequences for what he caused in the form of jail time or unlimited harassment from the Jackson family and fans. Actions have consequences and Murray is going to have to live with that.

(And Murray didnt do himself any favors in not going with his patient to the hospital or not being around at all after Michael Jackson died. if he was innocent, why did he hide? Why did he not do what any other personal physician would have done? WHy the HELL did he leave a man alone who he should have been watching like a hawk? why did he perform CPR on a bed????!!!!??? These and many other facts the defenders of Murray are ignoring. DO NOT blame Michael alone. If u do, u are just as big as an a$$ as Murray.)

1771 days ago
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