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La Toya on Dr. Murray -- Don't Hire the 'Murderer'

11/24/2009 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson is still in attack mode over her brother's death -- shredding Dr. Conrad Murray last night and warning, "Nobody should hire him."

La Toya Jackson: Click to watch
Last night outside of Boa Steakhouse, Michael Jackson's sister blasted the doc -- who just returned to work yesterday -- saying "Dr. Murray murdered my brother and it was wrong."

As we previously reported, most of his patients are actually excited to have him back.


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that was a great post. you are so right. DO NOT BLAME MICHAEL ALONE.
murray was the one to administer the deadly dose.

1759 days ago


have you ever lost someone you love or a brother?it's just don go awaya like hurts especially when there you know someone was responsible for it...he should have known better stupid doc..murrrrrrrrraaaaaay watever...useless doc and all who are still paying him a visit shud be ashamed.....sick peepsi wish it was your brother who died christine then you wouln't be moving like you say---shut the f...up buona notte

1759 days ago


Dr. Murray is just wrong....PERIOD. He's the doctor, the one that is educated and knows better than to give a drug like Prop while not in a hospital setting. I really feel Michael Jackson was reassured that this was a safe method of sleep. He loved life too much to risk death and leave his children behind. His children he exhausted every effort to protect. I'm sure Dr. Murray wasn't the only doctor to reassure him that Prop was safe. Where's the others?

I guess fame & fortune did come with a price for our King of Pop, and he paid the ultimate price...with his life.

RIP MJ, as long as this world exists, Michael Jackson never will be replaced or forgotten

1759 days ago


La Toya is right Dr. Murray did commit murder. TO those who are posting things like "Michael wanted the meds" thats so besides the point. This doctor should NEVER have administered Propofol to him period - and certainly not in a private home. That drug is for operating room use only. Dr. Murray should never be allowed to practice again, and should be arrested and charged with Murder2. What shock this creep is allowed to practice. How many more lives are in danger now??? God only knows!

1759 days ago


Latoya has always been the whack job in the family! Well, they had some others but she her star shined the brightest! She fails to remember what she said last week.......MJ was a drug addict and they tried to intervene, but to no avail! Now, WHO is guilty here? MJ was a drug addict, point blank! He's gone, he killed HIMSELF, just like Elvis! Money=Power! Why the hell does Latoya look like she's 80?

1759 days ago


Grr. reposted due to posting issues:

Not to mention the doctor who owns that Houston clinic JUST got his license back after a long suspension from the TX med board (poor care given to 15 patients there). Who in their right mind would stay a patient at that place??

1759 days ago


Murray's patient better home to not need CPR during one of their doctor's visit. He'd probably lay them on the waiting room couch to give them CPR---after letting them lay out there for, oh, 80 minutes or so. Oh, if their family complains, they can listen to Murray tell them not to worry, that the "troot" will come out and he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe get their picture taken with him, give a few interviews how wonderful he was to that dead family member?

1759 days ago


The Saga continues...
It's LaToya...again. But I'm not mad at her in the least for making this statement nor the first time she cried, "Murder." Had she not put it on blast, the LAPD, Coroner and DA would have probably quietly let it go as another drug OD. After all, isn't that the way Dr. Murder and his bosses set the whole thing up--to look like an accidental OD or a suicide? Here's the thing, LaToya is not exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch, nor is she anyone's fave, but THIS TIME SHE IS RIGHT! It's just that it's so clear even a child can see it. Someone took Michael away from us. Accept it people. She's made errors in judgement in the past: Marrying Jack Gordon, turning on Michael during the 1st allegations (BTW--she didn't say he molested anyone, she said it was unnatural for him to be around young boys so much and you have to remember she was taking her marching orders from Jack Gordon at the time who had no love for Michael nor the rest of the Jacksons) and having enough work done on her face to age her about 20 years.
So everyone wants to talk about Michael being responsible, that he was an addict? What a bunch of crap! First off did any of you read the Coroner's report? HELLO? NO DRUGS IN HIS SYSTEM EXCEPT WHAT MURRAY GAVE HIM FOR SLEEP. Yes Michael may have asked Dr. Death for the 'P' to go to sleep, but he intended to wake up the next day, I'm sure. If you support the theory that a Doctor is innocent of his patient's death when he gave him drugs that WERE KNOWN TO BE DANGEROUS UNLESS USED IN THE PROPER ENVIRONMENT, NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT MURRAY CLAIMS HE THOUGHT MICHAEL WAS ADDICTED, then I want to know what planet you live on. On this planet, if you push me off a cliff or shoot me with a gun, simply because I asked you to, THAT IS STILL MURDER!!! How crazy would you look telling the DA, "she asked me to do it!" Ludicrous, but it's the same thing.
To #60, thanks for setting #44 straight on the bartender thing. I've worked in restaurants in my past and one of the first things they tell you is if you don't check an intoxicated customer (e.g. stop serving him, ask to call him a cab, or have him stay there and eat until he returns to normal) not only will the bartender or whoever served him be held responsible but the Restaurant as well. They will pull your license and may even send you to jail, on top of the fact that you can be sued by the injured party if there's an accident.
Finally, the point of this story is not how crazy LaToya is and how the Jacksons failed to help Michael. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. All I know is he was like a brother to me, and now he's gone forever. I'm crying because I know how hard it is to accept a loved ones death. Move on? Never! Especially when the loved one died tragically too soon at the hand of another. I expect not only LaToya and a few others to cry "Murder", but all of the family--and fans for that matter. They should continue to pressure the DA until he gives results. Some of you who have made harsh statements about LaToya and family need to realize that sometimes life can get in the way of your relationships. During the time Michael did "The Wiz", there were always pix of him and LaToya. They had an apt. in NYC while he was filming and would hang out at clubs and around town constantly. I'm sure Michael knew LaToya was a little "extra" but he loved her in spite of it. That's how it is with family--you may not see them for years but when you do, everything's the same, like no time had passed. Like the saying goes, you don't miss what you have until it's gone (Michael I want you back!)
BTW--#34 and others: LaToya is reportedly a millionaire, thank you very much. She may have made that million doing interviews and reality shows, but the fact is she made it so I doubt she needs to beg for money like the brothers.
Kudos #21, #51, and #76 for your words of wisdom and being true to our man. To #41: try again, please. I'm not buying it anymore than I would buy that the pusher or pimp has no responsibility in the death of their clients. Sorry. Michael deserves credit for many things, but his death ain't one of them. And please no suicide theories--been there done that--he had too much to live for: his children, conquering younger generations (which has happened even though he's gone,) creating the Tour to end all Tours (see This Is It) and possibly...meeting me!!


1759 days ago


Comparing the deaths of Elvis and MJ is like comparing apples and oranges. Although EP had numerous enabling Dr.s more than willing to over prescribe (he actually went into a pharmacy after-hours one night and talked the pharmacist into giving him meds and would "get the prescription back to him" the next day) Elvis was the one to actually take the pills himself. He put them into his mouth and swallowed them. EP died at his own hand.
A medical "professional" gave Propofol through an IV into MJ's blood system. Propofol is a highly powerful anesthetic and can cause a reduction in respirations, when mixed with benzodiazepines the risk is greatly increased. This med should NEVER be given outside of a surgical suite nor without the proper equipment to monitor blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and oxygen saturation. And normally an intubation tube I'd used to maintain a patent airway and a ventilator to assist breathing. And above all, the patient is NEVER left alone at ANY time.
In the medical field, the person who gives the med is the one who is held accountable for it. When a Dr. writes an order, it is the responsibility of the nurse who is going to give that med to make sure that order is right. If I for instance notice a mistake it is my responsibility to clarify that order with the Dr. and have it corrected. If he refuses to change it (it does happen) then I need to report this to the DNS or house nurse and refuse to give the med. If I give the med knowing it is wrong then I am held accountable for any negative outcome that occurs. This is negligence--the failure to act accordingly as someone else with the same training. (not the "official" verbatim def, but close enough to make my point).
Dr. Murray was negligent in the fact that not only did he give the Propofol outside of the proper setting and without proper monitoring equipment, he failed to act IMMEDIATELY when finding his patient not breathing. He failed to call EMS as soon as the problem was noticed, he failed to start CPR immediately and once he did begin compressions he was doing it WRONG, he lied to the medics or withheld crucial information in regards to what he had given MJ. "If" his heart and lungs had stopped recently then antidotes for those meds could have been given and could have possibly been effective.
Did Murray "murder" Mj--no, but he DID kill him because he was negligent straight across the board in everything he did.

1759 days ago


For the first time, I'm agree with LaToya.

Michael Jackson only wanted can to sleep. Murray who was the doc I suppose should have help him, but not certain to die. He is without scruples!

1759 days ago






1759 days ago


Latoya said cruel things about MJ in the past, but I believe she has matured and for once Latoya is acting like a caring sister since MJ passed.

FACT, Murray murdered MJ by giving him PROFL. then Murray cleaned the crime scene etc. etc.

LAPD you have your man. Murray is guilty, he needs to do some jail time. Out of interest what would happen if the missing tape suddenly turned up?????

Also, Katherine should seek advice regarding slapping Dr. QUACK QUACK with a lawsuit.

1759 days ago


Hey you MJ haters. Guess what, MJ's is FOREVER. So keep on dreaming about a boycot as much as you like. What are you losers doing on this page anyway or are you busy converting to MJ fans. Must be, since you spend a lot of time with US.You are in DENIAL. You just LOOOOOOVE him!! RIP you UNFORGETTABLE KING OF HEARTS!!!

1759 days ago


Pity that Latoya and most of the MJ fans can't grasp the basic concept of what murder is and isn't. (SMH)

1759 days ago


re comment 66
evidently you will die some day and you will be stinking too your skin will be falling of your stupid ass no respect for the dead imaging how you would feel if this was said about your peeps

1759 days ago
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