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R-Patz & K-Stew

... Just Because

11/24/2009 7:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That $140 million "New Moon" pulled in is proof enough that you Twi-hards will watch anything Bella and Edward related -- so here's video of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together last night at LAX.

Robert & Kristen: Click to watch
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No Avatar



it pulled in 140 million because of assinine fanboys, lames, and stalkers no sensable person would volenteer to watch this garbage

1795 days ago


Ya, the heroin question was extremely stupid. No wonder they find the attention so annoying!

1795 days ago


I unwillingly saw New Moon. Loved Jacob-don't care for any of the rest of the cast. Kristin Stewart is a terrible actress....she looked like she was always shaking or trembling. Give me a break!

1795 days ago


OMG! As teenage girls would say, but the only reason that lame @ss movie broke records on a day was because stupid teen girls. Too bad two other GOOD movies with GOOD actors made more on it's opening week and went on. That New moon crap won't even go any further than it already did. But Twilight will die off just like any other teenage crap. My problem now, is that homo Justin b!tch who'll also enjoy 15 minutes of fame who will go nowhere because he is part of a girl fad and has NO talent. Kristen Stewart is pretty hot tough.

1795 days ago


Your "vampire" momma!!!!!!!!!!!

1795 days ago

Truth Hurts    

New Moon was much better than Twilight. The problem with Twilight the movie was the script, director and Kristen and Rob. Everything else was ok. The new director ironed out a lot of those problems in New Moon so now I'm really looking forward to Eclipse. Dallas Bryce Howard was much more interesting as the red-haired vamp villainess. Taylor is Haught! The other Native Americans were good and the story was just better told! I'm sorry but Rob is not very good looking, just at certain angles. Kristen was prettier in this movie but her acting really sucks. She needs to open her freakin mouth and talk. All the emo crap gets old!

1794 days ago


What's with all the hate for two young people who happen to be extraordinarily talented, great looking, and seem to be great people. They have both done a wonderful job as Edward and Bella. I am far from a teenager, but I really liked Twilight and admire both Rob and Kristen as artists. I don't understand all the hatefulness. Does it come from jealously? Taylor Lautner was good as Jacob but this is a love story about Edward and Bella. The problem with New Moon was way too much Taylor and not near enough Rob. The whole franchise is based on the chemistry between Rob and Kristen and they are fantastic together.

1746 days ago

raven marie    

yez...go robsten fight fight....

1539 days ago


That was retarted, why do they have to hound sucj greta people?? I htink its absolutely ridiculous those people should be ashamed of them sleves really, get a life. How do the y sleep at night ( them)" oh I harrassed 2 of the greatest actors today I made them feel very uncomfortable and invaded their privacy I feel great about myself good night" stupid.

1525 days ago

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