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Tequila Threatens Lawsuit

Over Stolen Sex Tape

11/24/2009 8:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TilaMore naked drama for Tila Tequila -- this time over a sex tape she claims was stolen off of her laptop computer.

Just days after she Ustreamed herself in a naked rant, a new XXX video surfaced on a porn site called featuring Tila in a very compromising adult position with a naked man.

Tila doesn't know why the video is surfacing now, but she claims it was ripped from a laptop that she reported stolen roughly two years ago -- and now she's threatening to sue the site for posting the clip.

TMZ spoke with Tila's lawyer, Cyrus Nownejad, who told us, "A police report has been filed for Tila's stolen laptop computer which contained that specific clip. I am currently in the process of sending a cease and desist letter and a notice of intent to sue if it's not removed."


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well well    

This slut has a sex tape out already...she's eating this guy's ass and everything. look up Tila Nguyen! You can't've already been filmed and you are on the net

1733 days ago


It's amazing that these sex tapes "magically" show up out of the blue just when a d-list celebrity's career is in toilet. Always a good way to generate some attention and possibly revive/re-launch a tired career.

1733 days ago


Hilarious! It's the same guy in this video that was in the Shaunda Sands video. This guy most be stock meat for celebrity videos no one wants to see.

1733 days ago


The guy in the video that Tila shows holding his private member.
Closely resembles Halle Berry's baby's father the male model.

If it is him, he may have some explaining to do.....Artofwar

1733 days ago

hot snot    

Well the little flat faced slut hasn't seen her name for a bit? so now she pulls this. Too funny? Why is she even news? I mean, she is famous for what? Myspace? LOL!!!! Not that famous, i denied her "friendship" lmao

1733 days ago

hot snot    

|-|3LL0 7|-|3R3 L337//4573R! L0L 1 533 j00Z

1733 days ago


She is a walking STD who CRAVES ATTENTION and is in love with herself. Tila you are a knowbody yes a knowbody sorry hun with a 10 year old boy's body with ultra fake balloon bags attached to it and a HUGE HEAD. The only attention you get is not the kind anyone in (the right stage of mind) would want! Please see a shrink before you are the next reality wannabe celebrity to OD.

1733 days ago


OFGS -- why is that only "sex tapes" are stolen. This story is getting SO old (going back to the Pam and Tommy days). You know she leaked the dam thing -- all for publicity.

1733 days ago

jack mihoffenstein    

What this dumb little trollop doesn't understand is this. Once you fire the gun, the bullets don't come back. She is obviously as dumb and delusional as she comes off on her Ustream video because she doesn't know that once it goes on a tube site, it is copied 100,000 times and splattered all over the Internet. What does her tiny little cat sized brain not understand about the power of the Internet? The same could easily happen with the whole tape and noone would ever find out who ever uploaded it.

1733 days ago


Which sex she does on YouTube and now Ustream can be considered a sex tape.

Skank probably put the tape out there herself.

1733 days ago


Could there BE a bigger forehead??

1733 days ago


She is both ugly and irrelevant.

1732 days ago


It's only 10 seconds long, I would imagine this is Tila's way of selling the sizzle and not the steak. For the right amount of big money and I mean BIG money, she will release the rest of the video.
The girl knows how to market, just look what she did on myspace, she's no dummy!

1731 days ago


It's amazing such a trampy awful specimen and she still gets publicity...sad...

1713 days ago


She was on a show on tv ... trying to find a soul mate... she is bisexual i guess and she found a woman that she liked... but after the show the girl dumped her ...
found a video on HOPE YOU LIKE IT

910 days ago
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