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A Minor Victory for Roman Polanski

11/25/2009 7:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Convicted statutory rapist Roman Polanski can finally put a price on his freedom -- $4.5 million.

A Swiss court has approved Roman's offer to pay bail of $4.5 million -- and in exchange he would be released from prison and kept under house arrest at his Swiss chalet ... but there's a catch.

Roman won't officially be released until the Swiss Justice Ministry decides whether it will go to the Supreme Court to appeal the bail decision because they consider him a flight risk ... probably because he's been on the run since 1978.

Even if Roman is released, he could still face extradition to the United States for having sex with a 13-year-old girl back in 1977.

UPDATE: The Swiss justice minister sees "no reason" to appeal Roman's bail.


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#16 - Penny - REALLY?? blame a 13 year old for an adult's decisions. He didn't care and still doesn't. I hope he ends up in prison where all molesters belong.

1763 days ago


Keep that dirty azz pedophile rapist in prison,where he belongs.Is there justice when rich rapists are involved?

1763 days ago


reply to pennyb638....I read the article and it states that she went on a photo shoot with Roman who then took topless pics of her. She did not tell her mother what had happened so when he wanted to take her to shoot more pics using the story that they would be used in a magazine the mother had no reason to doubt him. He then proceeded to get her drunk, asked her to pose topless in a hottub and then drugged her. She had said take me home but he refused. She knew he wanted to have sex but was unable to stop him. Go back and read the article again. She IS the victim in this CRIME! What happened to Roman with his family was tragic but that is no excuse for what he did. He was 44 years old! He knew exactly what he was doing!

1763 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    


Everyone is saying, " throw him in prison". Obviously, you people NEVER even been to prison. It's not what you think. Prison is gay. It's like a resort. They get pampered, visits, CD players, tennis matches, SubWay sandwiches. Double-cheesburgers from Burger King, conjugal visits (where the State arranges for the inmates to have sex with civilians in sanctioned buildings), flat screen TVs...

We all know someone who has been locked up. Ever wonder why they refer to it as "vacation" ???? California prisons are four-star resorts for criminals.

1763 days ago


How much is this fiasco costing the American taxpayer? Too much! Fine the jerk a few million and be done with it. Stop wasting my money!

1763 days ago

Chris Liberty    

I guess Natalie Portman and her ilk can jump for joy. TO those of you who don’t know, good old Nat signed a petition calling for Roman “child molestor” Polanski to be released. Yes, the same Polanski who drugged a 13 year old girl with part of a quinine pill, and raped her anally, orally, and vaginaly, all while she said “No! Stop! Stay Away!” Of course Portman also likens those of us who eat meat to rape. She said in a Huffington Post article, “If we don’t tolerate rape, why do we tolerate meat?” The reason is, dear Nat, is because God gave the animals of the earth to humans to consume for food, THAT’S why! Since you’re a Jew, like me, I guess that means you believe in the bible. If eating meat is wrong, I guess you and others like you think God made a bad call! Wow! I wouldn’t want to be you on Judgement Day, honey. But then, why should anyone expect any better from someone who is asking for a child molestor, who never served any time for his crime, to be free. Natalie, I think you’re sick, so is Harrison Ford, and all the rest of your ilkish friends who damned your names by signing that immoral petition! You don’t have any moral gravity, nothing keeps your head out of the clouds and grounded. From hereon, I shall boycott all your movies. I can’t give my hard-earned money to someone who supports a child molestor. I guess we all know what Roman Polanski will be doing this Thanksgiving, if he gets out. Not stuffing a turkey. Probably stuffing another 13 year old. Natalie will probably be sitting by, joyfully laughing. Sick witch!

To be fair, she wasn't the only one who damned her name by signing that parchment of immorality. So did Harrison Ford, Monica Bellucci, Emma Thompson, Penelope Cruz and over 100 other moronic imbreds

1763 days ago


#28: Its not costing the American taxpayer a dine, you idiot!!! The charge was in California and the California justice system is arguing the case. Why are you willing to get by with just a fine when the perp is a slutty movie making whore?

1763 days ago


List of free Polanski signers:

Some other free Polanski petition signers: Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen, DIANE von FURSTENBERG, Pedro Almodovar, Tilda Swinton

Seems like many older male directors. Did the Directors Guild campaign for him? Do these older male directors identify with Polanski? Hmm.

Emma Thompson supposedly removed her name from the petition after reading the facts.

1763 days ago

Chris Liberty    

Kalvin, I agree with you. Why are some people so blinded by celebrity status? Why is child molestation alright if the one who did it happens to be a celebrity? It's sick what some people are willing to trade morals and values in favor of. The names on that petition are great examples of why many people consider celebs out of touch with reality. Of course, some are very much "in touch" with 13 year olds. Sick!

Thanks for the information about Emma Thompson, Twisted. I just think that BEFORE she ever put her name on the list, she should have done research to read about what he admitted to having done. That's the problem, I think, with many in the Hollywood community. I believe most don't have any idea of what he did. They just hear that he's accused of the crime, rather than the FACT that he admitted to the crime. After all, he's one of them. So, he can't be a bad guy, right?

I know Natalie Portman's said to be really intelligent. Harvard Grad, straight A's and all that good stuff. If she's an example of Ivy League education, perhaps it's overrated. Or maybe she's just a really bad example of it. Perhaps by Hollywood's standards, she is intelligent. By real world standards, I think she's just an air-head who's sucking on the helium of immorality. But yes, Natalie. You and your ilk go ahead and sign more petitions to let the bad guys out. Bring more hurt to the real victims. Yeah, you're such a role model. NOT!

1763 days ago


I wish they still had the death penalty for rape.

1763 days ago

Chris Liberty    

Oh, and BTW, this is coming from someone who used to respect NP. Not anymore. Anyone who tosses away all values for the sake of keeping her nose entrenched up Hollywood's backside even deeper deserves no respect from anyone!

1763 days ago


What he did was just plain wrong and sick!

1763 days ago

Chris Liberty    

I agree with Stormy7. PLEASE! Let's bring back that sentence.

1763 days ago

Chris Liberty    

I agree with Stormy7 all the way. PLEASE! Let's give him that sentence.

1763 days ago


Its about time they did the right thing. The petition was a grand success! I want to thank each and everyone of you who sign the free Romain petition. This artist has given the world so much, let end the injustice end and bring Romain home.

1763 days ago
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