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Adam Lambert Keeps His Tongue in His Mouth

11/25/2009 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert and that androgynous dude he made out with on the AMAs were on the "CBS Early Show" this morning -- and if "Good Morning America" was worried they'd go at it again, they were sorely mistaken.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
Not only was there no tongue action, he also didn't perform the sexually charged "For Your Entertainment" -- and left the crotch snorkeling backup dancers at home.


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The kiss is not the issue - it was laying his hands on other people that should be at issue. Cramming a face into his gyrating genitals and grabbing a female dancers crotch is the issue. Adam can kiss whoever he wants ... but keep his hands and his genitals to himself.

1757 days ago


My only complaint about his performance was his complete lack on singing abilities. Raunchy choreographies and sexually fuelled performances are not offensive in my view (within the appropriate time slot, which was the case), as long as they are elegant, sophisticated (in an ambiguous way) and somehow artistic. In his case, it was just a tacky over the top mess with a pitchy and rather week musical background.

1757 days ago


Adam SUCKS!! If ya know what I mean!!

1757 days ago


Well said #15... Another thing, Adam, you are where you are because of the mainstream audience. It was THEM who put you in a position to even "perform" (using that term loosely) on AMA or any other big network program. They deserved better from. Why weren't you so dedicated to your cause and brave when you were on American Idol? So much for your principles then!

1757 days ago


Disgusting performance. I hate performers that try to be shocking for the sake of being shocking. His demographic are the tweens that rooted for him on the family-friendly AI. To suddenly abandon that audience in an attempt to be *edgy* is a foolish move on his part. I've lost all of my respect for him. Where's his integrity? Does he really want to be a cheap-thrills performer like Britney Spears? Call me closed minded but my idea of quality entertainment isn't simulated sex.

1757 days ago


The man Adam Lambert kissed is Tommy Joe Ratliff

1757 days ago


As much as I love Two and Half Men, this show continually has been sexually explicit (ranging from prostitution to group intercourse) on a time slot where many children are exposed to television. I'm offeded by that. Adam Lambert's performance though I didn't enjoy it was at 10:55 and if you had school age children up at that hour than maybe you should be questioning your own judgment as a parent.
All of our entertainer come full circle, elvis shaking his hips on television, Madonna with Justify My Love and for those who made the comments about what upstanding men Bon Jovi are ask Heather Loclear how upstanding Richie Sambora is!

1757 days ago

Big Mike    

Lambert is an ARROGANT FREAK who will soon ruin his own career. We do not care what his sexual preference is, he is a mere punk that I will will never financially support!

1757 days ago


To #22 - anybody is welcome to touch themselves, and to kiss whoever they want. But when they start pushing faces into genital areas and grabbing OTHER PEOPLE'S genitals then that is too much for a prime time public tv award show broadcast. This wasn't because he is gay or into s+m - it's just a respect for the type of show he was performing on. He can be whatever he wants in his own concerts. Keep in mind that other artists were bleeped for their lyrics and I don't hear any complaining about that???

1757 days ago



It's the same boring crud all over again.
I was a little impressed with him on Idol, now?
I'm just bored.

His theatrics are making him look foolish.

1757 days ago


Typical gay. Blaming "double standards" and everybody else. On TV this morning blaming everybody under the sun and refusing to understand that what is doing disgusts the MAJORITY of the population.

1757 days ago



1757 days ago


Adam...what were you thinking??? You are going to eff up your career if you don't tone it down a bit. Nat'l time, viewers are not quite ready for your type of entertainment. I have to say, I wasn't offended because I viewed it as ART and ENTERTAINMENT...but I can see how Parents with their children would be upset! Was all the humping necessary let alone grabbing your band mate and rippin of a male on male kiss! WE ARE NOT QUITE THERE YET ADAM....EUROPE...GO FOR IT! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. Don't go so fast man, slow down, this is a new vehicle for you, don't eff it up all in one night!

1757 days ago

Never Politically Correct    

I don't like this guy's music or how he performs so I don't watch him and I wouldn't let my kids watch him if they were still hanging around the house. However, my problem is when he starts whining about people making decisions BECAUSE he is gay. Enough already with the politically correct push-buttons. Bad is bad and I don't care if you are straight, gay, lesbian, transgendered, tweeked, bent, spindled, martian, android or vulcan. I say his performance was horrible and tasteless and it has nothing to do with his being gay. It's too easy to hide behind a lifestyle and completely avoid constructive criticism. If he doesn't care what we think, great! Then say that! But enough with the "whaaaa whaaa I'm gay and everyone is picking on me" nonsense...

1757 days ago

Glenn Beckerhead    

MMM I smell old Crisco...Me Likey! :-P

1757 days ago
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