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Cops Mum on Maria Shriver Muffingate 2009

11/25/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver crossed the line yesterday when she went shoe and muffin shopping in Santa Monica yesterday without feeding her meter ... but several law enforcement sources say they also have problems with the way the situation was handled.

One law enforcement source says he would have handled it this way: "Maria, put a quarter in the meter!" He had no good answer why Maria didn't get ticketed and why a CHP deputy in the Dignitary Protection Unit stepped in to convince the parking cop to back off on writing a citation.

Initially, a rep from the Santa Monica PD told TMZ if Maria had a placard on her dash showing she was on official business the cop wouldn't write the ticket. But there was no placard in the window and last we checked eating a muffin and shopping for shoes has nothing to do with the business of California.

The rep also said the cop had "discretion" in writing a ticket. But another law enforcement source said Maria should have to pay the piper, one way or the other.

As for driving off without a seat belt, the Santa Monica official told us no one saw it.

As for official comment from law enforcement -- everyone seems scared to cross Guv Arnold Schwarzenegger, so mum's the word.

So far, no comment from the Governor's office either. Ditto Maria's.


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muffingate lol good one tmz but everyone reading this and the wonderful workers of tmz should look up climategate. which proves global warming is a scam and all the "green" morons out there are wasting their time. basically some hackers hacked into one of the leading collages on climate change and released the emails and proof to show that al gore is filthy rich liar. he's the first carbon bullionaire and you all fell for his scam..

1763 days ago


DEMAND that the CHP deputy be fired.

1763 days ago


You people at TMZ are a bunch of f(cking idiots, as are half the people responding. Oh my GOD she didn't put money in a f)cking parking meter!!! Who hasn't diven down the road a bit and THEN put their belt on. Big deal. Really people is there no bigger issues that can be tackeled?

1763 days ago


Who really gives a FU**? Seriously

1763 days ago


She is one ugly woman by the way.

1763 days ago


WTF is she doing? Licking stamps? Who thrusts their tongue out like that to eat a muffin? Is she part lizard?

1763 days ago


She and her husband both continue to have a total disregard of the law.

1763 days ago


As a resident of California ,I for one am so sick of these people having such a feeling of entitlement .If I cant get away with it they shouldn't be able to either ?If you aint on "Official" bussiness than you should be treated no differently ...It's BS .

1763 days ago

The Seer    

Vile arrogant woman.

1763 days ago


We should ticket them every time they violate the law then maybe California won't be in the red and people won't loss their JOBS!

1763 days ago

billy g    

Muffin? Enough already with this Maria Shriver crap. WHO CARES?! You guys are slippin'! It makes you gus look desperate when you keep recycling the same b/s over and over!

1763 days ago


I can't believe how much pubilicity your politicians get!! In Canada we worry more about what their doing in office than what they do on their own time!!

1763 days ago


Enough already. IMPEACH Arnold! Arrest that better than the law wife of his, and send them both packing! He's done nothing but make a mockery of our great state, and lied through his teeth on every turn. Remember when he said before being elected that he would help our schools? What has he done to help? He's taken more and more from our schools and has left them to die. She struts around like she's better than anyone else. All because she has Kennedy blood, and married Conan the Barbarian! Fry them both! I praise TMZ for exposing all of their antics. I thank TMZ for doing what the law blinds itself to.

1763 days ago


How stupid can the Governator and his wife be?! They know they are being watched by TMZ and they keep on breaking the traffic laws!! WTF do they think they are? The LAW applies to EVERYONE! I suspect that someone at TMZ has gotten lots of traffic tickets to have caused you guys to start watching these 2 law breakers! And yes they should be made to man up and pay for their traffic violations since NO ONE gave me a break for a $60 ticket I got last week for parking on the wrong side of the street on street cleaning day ( I moved my car at 8:10am, could only park legally till 8am, but already had a ticket!) Keep up the good work on these 2 TMZ, I LOVE IT!!!

1763 days ago


We the "little" people, we the "normal-size income" people, those of us who have to drive a lot, for work or life in general, drive around feeling like prey 24/7. Red light violation cameras, cops everywhere, an overcrowded, maldesigned transpo infrastructure.. and then we have NO recourse inside the nonfunctional 'system' for attempting to resolve the unjust tickets.. we are NOT the ones who should be bleeding money out to the $$%^$ powers that be.

1763 days ago
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