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Cops Mum on Maria Shriver Muffingate 2009

11/25/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver crossed the line yesterday when she went shoe and muffin shopping in Santa Monica yesterday without feeding her meter ... but several law enforcement sources say they also have problems with the way the situation was handled.

One law enforcement source says he would have handled it this way: "Maria, put a quarter in the meter!" He had no good answer why Maria didn't get ticketed and why a CHP deputy in the Dignitary Protection Unit stepped in to convince the parking cop to back off on writing a citation.

Initially, a rep from the Santa Monica PD told TMZ if Maria had a placard on her dash showing she was on official business the cop wouldn't write the ticket. But there was no placard in the window and last we checked eating a muffin and shopping for shoes has nothing to do with the business of California.

The rep also said the cop had "discretion" in writing a ticket. But another law enforcement source said Maria should have to pay the piper, one way or the other.

As for driving off without a seat belt, the Santa Monica official told us no one saw it.

As for official comment from law enforcement -- everyone seems scared to cross Guv Arnold Schwarzenegger, so mum's the word.

So far, no comment from the Governor's office either. Ditto Maria's.


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Their sense of entitlement makes me throw up in my mouth every time i see these two. What she has kennedy blood, big deal, that's so old now to this generation and he's what, Conan the Barbarian and exactly why should have a break for breaking the law?!!

1793 days ago

Carl LaFong    

The most shocking thing about the whole incident is the realization that she actually EATS.

1793 days ago


thanks to her genius husband, my job is in jeopardy and everyday i go into work, i'm just waiting to be called into HR letting me know that they have to let me go.

to anyone who says 'who gives a f*ck' you probably don't live in california or if you do live here, you obviouly are a moron and don't care what a poor job the guvenator has done running our beautiful state nor do you care about the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their job because of arnold or are furloughed because of him.

TMZ - please keep following them (maria and arnold) and exposing the residents of california to their behavior. there are no words to explain how fed up i am with arnold. he wasn't that good of an actor so i'm not sure why he thought he'd be a good governor?! i can't wait til his time is hup.

1793 days ago


I thought the capitol of California was in Sacramento ??????

1793 days ago


Did you guys say in a previous article that celebrity baby sitting squad told the cop that Maria was on "official business?" What's so official in her first lady of California duties about buying shoes and muffins?

1793 days ago


ick, who the hell sticks out their tongue when taking a bite of s muffin. Thst is so gross.
As far as the ticket goes. Cops don't give other cops wifes tickets. As a matter of fact, my son had a ticket tore up because he called his cop buddy and he called the ticket giver and he ripped it up. As long as the ticket hasn't been turned in, it can be ripped up. It pays to know " people"

1793 days ago


hahah good for her. I would start parking in handicapped zones, and fire lanes if i were her. Cause even if the ticket is issued, she has about 13 dollars less than god and no problem paying it.
The bigger f'ing question is why are there two law enforcement officials involved in the loop while issuing the ticket?
"He had no good answer why Maria didn't get ticketed and why a CHP deputy in the Dignitary Protection Unit stepped in to convince the parking cop to back off on writing a citation."
What a waste of money, Leave it to america

1793 days ago


TMZ has jumped the shark. Seems like all that gets published is Michael Jackson garbage and Schwarzenegger parking woes. So over it.

1793 days ago


The entire Kennedy clan has been above the law for years. How many of them have gotten away with far more serious crimes than this. They think they are entitled.

1793 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Maria's now thumbing her nose at everyone in CA, including the cops. Nice way to represent your state. "First Lady" my @ss. "First Perp" is a better title for her.

1793 days ago


that is why that state is so broke - give her a damn ticket and apply the money where it is needed.

1793 days ago


I just don't understand all this why is it everyone thinks they are special they are not .There is no reason for them to be treated any diffrent than us. If that was us we would have gotten a ticket She needs to be mailed a ticket. If you do the crim you do the time. why do some think they know every thing they do not . they are human they make boboo . They are not the best judges of people or even the problems in the world . there where they are because of us . the fans with our us they are no one and no where .

1793 days ago

give it a break    

It's time to get a grip papparazzi - ever since the governor signed the bill against you guys - you are on his wifes tails.
Give it up and stop stalking her - you are infantiles

1793 days ago


This is actually good journalism. She keeps thumbing her nose at the public. Her arrogance is bad for government and also just plain ugly.

1793 days ago


What do you mean, the cops are afraid of Schwarzenegger? WTH is going on in CA

1793 days ago
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