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Cops Mum on Maria Shriver Muffingate 2009

11/25/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver crossed the line yesterday when she went shoe and muffin shopping in Santa Monica yesterday without feeding her meter ... but several law enforcement sources say they also have problems with the way the situation was handled.

One law enforcement source says he would have handled it this way: "Maria, put a quarter in the meter!" He had no good answer why Maria didn't get ticketed and why a CHP deputy in the Dignitary Protection Unit stepped in to convince the parking cop to back off on writing a citation.

Initially, a rep from the Santa Monica PD told TMZ if Maria had a placard on her dash showing she was on official business the cop wouldn't write the ticket. But there was no placard in the window and last we checked eating a muffin and shopping for shoes has nothing to do with the business of California.

The rep also said the cop had "discretion" in writing a ticket. But another law enforcement source said Maria should have to pay the piper, one way or the other.

As for driving off without a seat belt, the Santa Monica official told us no one saw it.

As for official comment from law enforcement -- everyone seems scared to cross Guv Arnold Schwarzenegger, so mum's the word.

So far, no comment from the Governor's office either. Ditto Maria's.


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Why not just put some change in the meter? How petty. People see this stuff and say hey they're cheating, I will too. Good leadership would be her happily doing her part with humility, especially since meter rates and taxes have been jacked up on everyone else.

1739 days ago


She's an entitled, elitist bitch who thinks she's above the law, just like her ignorant husband...

1739 days ago

Palm Springs    

Maria, what a cunning stunt !
Do you think you're special?
You'd be wrong.

1739 days ago


She's elitist and feels entitled and above the law. No sympathy here. Remember the cell phone? After she got caught, she said she gave the phone to a charity women's group, but couple weeks later on Oprah, she said she could never part with that phone becasue it had a message from her mother on it.

I lost all respect when that double talk came out; now this. BOO!!

1739 days ago


THANK YOU for continuing to hold Maria, and now Ahnuld, accountable for their lack of judgement--at least in the parking world. If someone could hold the Governator responsible for what he's done to our once great state, that would be wonderful indeed.

For the record, CHP are "officers". Just sayin...

1738 days ago


She is just typical of the Kennedy family "Do you know who I am?" attitude.

1737 days ago


HAHAHA!!! Have some of you people been living in a cave? Stop your crying and accept the truth - there simply ARE some individuals in the world who are above the normal rules of society. It's been this way for thousands of years, it's nothing new. We just have sites like TMZ to immediately inform us halfway across the globe now.

Seriously, can some of you be that ignorant, that naive? Shriver comes from an old and influencial family, who made a name for herself in journalism. She's now married to a powerful political figure. She is going to do whatever she wants (within reason), and no questions will be asked. Do you honestly think a bunch of outraged imbeciles ranting on an entertainment website are going to change a basic norm of human culture? You act like this has never happened before.

Oohhh, not paying a parking meter! Barbara Bush KILLED a man while drunk driving back in the 1960's. Look it up...

1737 days ago

Johnny Wadd    

Arnie sure one lucky stiff...

1735 days ago
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