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'Early Show' Censors Gay Kiss ... When It's Men

11/25/2009 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As far as "The Early Show" goes, a kiss is just a kiss ... except when it's a male-on-male kiss.

Adam Lambert

During an interview on "The Early Show" this morning, Adam Lambert's AMAs same-sex face suck was blurred out -- but moments later they ran a completely uncensored version of Madonna and Britney's infamous 'lesbian' lip-lock at the MTV VMAs.

All along Adam has said, "...if it had been a female pop performer doing the moves that were on the stage, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an outrage." Dude may have a point.

TMZ called CBS for comment -- so far, their lips are sealed.


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Inquiring Mind    

He has a point.. but it's still gross and MADGE didn't have Brit in her Va jay jay... YOUR STILL GROSS ADAM, and there goes proof he is just an imitator and has nothing original about him!

1730 days ago


Thank you TMZ, for calling CBS on their double standard shizz. They DID prove Adam correct. It's all a sick double standard.

There are people who will say it's 'okay' because when it's women it's 'hot' and there will be people who will say it is because they're established in their careers and he is not--those arguments are totally ILLOGICAL.

1730 days ago


@Still sucks:

this has nothing to do with the simulated oral sex. Learn how to argue a point.

1730 days ago


Yet @ 9:30PM Cougartown (also on ABC) aired a simulation of oral sex.

1730 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Go Adam Go!

Yes, there is a double standard when it comes to male/male and fem/fem. Society for the most part will tolerate and not complain when it's 2 women: it is most men's fantasies to begin with. When it comes to 2 men, hold the fort down because here comes a hurricane of complaint.

Why can't both be shown? What would happen if gays complained about enduring watching straights kiss? I just can't believe it only took 1,500 complaints to ABC to get them to take action. I think that is hideous.

Just seeing both sides of the coin here.

1730 days ago



The FCC doesn't have regulations on "depth" of kissing. Your argument is empty. This was strictly a double standard.

1730 days ago


Janet Jackson had outrageous humiliation poured upon her after a Superbowl event that most people would not have even been aware of had it not been for the constant slow replay of it. This country acted like she had killed somebody and that Justin Timberlake had nothing at all to do with it. Adam Lambert was disgustingly vulgar, could not even hold vocals and now all he can do is constantly make excuses for his behavior instead of learning from it. His 15 minutes are up. Can you imagine how more pathetic and vulgar he will be in 5 years?

1730 days ago


@ Elisa

You're missing the point: CBS AIRED THE MADONNA/BRITNEY KISS this morning --we're not talking about where it originally aired.

1730 days ago

David M.    

A kiss is just a kiss. However, both Madonna and Adam went for the throat. In either case, they were gross and dis-respectful!!! No one wants to see this type of kiss unless it's in porno.

1730 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

What was CBS thinking???? By airing the Madonna and Britney clip and then blurring the Lambert clip, they just CONFIRMED that this is discrimination! Why is a male/male kiss blurred and a female/female kiss not? I look forward to their explanation.

1730 days ago


no they shouldn't have blurred the guy on guy kiss. Big deal. The real problem, just as most people have said, was the BJ simulation. He admited that he got carried away. Case closed. My daughter is 12 and I paused his AMA performance (btw, we are Central Time Zone so it wasn't even 10:00 yet) and made her leave. I had called her in to specifically see his performance, so we were a little suprised that it was so different from his past performances. After seeing his AMA performance I know that I won't let her attend a live Adam concert until she's older. However, I have no problem with her listening to his CD. The lyrics aren't nearly as racy as his live interpretation of them is.

1730 days ago


Americans are acting like all are bunch of angels... please .... Nobody is these days ... There are more important things to think about it !

1730 days ago


Adam did it all for the buzz it would generate, he said he was acting spontaneously and went with the music - ya right, it was planned to create controversy. He got what he wanted - talk of his moves are everywhere. Who doesn't know the name Adam Lambert now?


1730 days ago

guy rich    

Harvey you little queen you love every moment of this.

1730 days ago


Adam should be praised!

1730 days ago
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