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'Early Show' Censors Gay Kiss ... When It's Men

11/25/2009 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As far as "The Early Show" goes, a kiss is just a kiss ... except when it's a male-on-male kiss.

Adam Lambert

During an interview on "The Early Show" this morning, Adam Lambert's AMAs same-sex face suck was blurred out -- but moments later they ran a completely uncensored version of Madonna and Britney's infamous 'lesbian' lip-lock at the MTV VMAs.

All along Adam has said, "...if it had been a female pop performer doing the moves that were on the stage, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an outrage." Dude may have a point.

TMZ called CBS for comment -- so far, their lips are sealed.


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sensible grandma    

compared to the Madonna kiss, Adam's was obscene. Also, there were other things in his performance that were inappropriate, and therein lies the problem. A simple kiss, would not have caused a problem. This kiss went way beyond that.

1795 days ago


Sensible grandma, you're not too sensible. CBS blurred the kiss on the Early Show this morning, so clearly, they do have a problem with it and if you put your classes on and read, you'll see that this is what the article touches on.

1795 days ago


Adam Lambert - The New King of Pop

1795 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

30. Harvey you little queen you love every moment of this.
Posted at 2:13PM on Nov 25th 2009 by bill oreilly

What does Harvey being gay have to do with the price of tea in China? Harvey had nothing to do with Adam's performance or how CBS chose to prove the discrimination within the US.

What happened to just loving people for who they are not what society says they should or should not be? NO ONE is perfect in the eyes of society (or a majority), including you.

1795 days ago


Honestly had that been in Europe instead, not a single person would have blinked.Yanks are such prudes.

1795 days ago


I think homophobes are perverted for having a constant urge to hurt gay people. Just have sex for God's sake. If you had a genuine problem with what he did, that's fine. But judging by the nasty language you freaks use, you were just waiting for him to be criticized so YOU could jump down HIS throat. Well I think that is wrong, and an abomination to God. Congratulations for showing that ANY side can be taken too far. Crazy people.

1795 days ago


Even if the simulated oral sex would have been done by a man and woman, it would have still been over the line.

It has nothing to do with that kiss.

It has to do with all of the nasty stuff that happened before the kiss.

Why does he seem to think that is the issue? Or is that what he wants us to focus on because that is the only part of his performance that he can TRY to compare to performances by other stars?

This performance was not artistic. It was a freak show at best and it did not belong on network - prime time television!

1795 days ago


its easy to see theres more than just a double standard with the male/male kiss and female/female kiss. its the whole social stigma that has arisen out of same sex anything, so whoopee Adam Lambert was gay, on stage, on TV, he was being himself, a GAY, and theres nothing wrong with that. He can't change that, he didn't choose it, and if you are criticizing him for trying to do what female performers have been doing for years on stage, on TV, than there is something wrong with you'r view point. i'm not saying its OK to be gay but theres an obvious contrast between what happened here and what happened between Brittany and Madonna for some reason and its probably because he is gay. I think (my opinion) that he has one great big point, if he had been female, (not transgeneder just born that way)and had done the kiss with a female it wouldn't have been this big of a deal.

1795 days ago


I used to be a big supporter of the gays. Gay friends by the dozen. Now, I can't stand them, any of them. Do you know why? The GAYS made me hate gays. I got so sick of them shoving thier political agenda down my throat, telling me I was an evil biggot for thinking that the act of gay sex was not ok. So let me get this right, you DEMAND that we accept your "lifestyles" with no argument, but if we stand up and say we don't think it's right, we are evil. A lot of us were raised in the belief that that kind of relationship is wrong, just as wrong as having relations with your brother or sister, sick and preverted. That's how we were raised, period. So to demand we just change our principals and moral beliefs so we don't "hurt you're feelings" is asking far too much. I wanted to stay friends with all my gay/lesbian friends, but I was told by one couple "If you don't support our fight to be gay and proud, then we don't want to be your friend." Oh well, I didn't care what they did in the bedroom, I just wasn't about to go marching in thier parade.

So if you all have the "right" to be gay, I have the "right" to think it's wrong. End of discussion.

1795 days ago


@Tre---I was just going to post something like that. I believe Adam set the Gay Marriage movement back by another 5-10 yrs! All he did was perpetuate the myth that gay people must be sexual deviants which couldn't be further from the truth! Out of curiosity, how many parents out there let their kids watch Cougartown? I've heard this being brought up as a support to their arguments. Anyone? Funny---I would assume based on the title that parents already know this show is inappropriate for children...but the AMA's?! Does that have to be out of bounds for kids now too?? Stop making excuses...Adam went too far and only cemented my belief that he can't make it in this industry on the merits of his musical abilities alone. Tis a shame..

1795 days ago


Unbelievable, It has everything to do with the kiss. Read the damn article. CBS made it an issue when they blurred this kiss, and did not blur the Madonna/Britney kiss. That is what this article is about.
Furthermore, Cougartown simulated oral sex and they're on at 9pm on ABC.
Oral sex simulation is not against FCC regulation.

1795 days ago


I don't think either is appropriate on TV or stage. They are making a public spectacle of themselves and trying to push it off on the general public as accepted behavior It is just disgusting to have to watch and viewers should just cut the TV off or turn the channel or not watch it at all. Just a bunch of perverts trying to get all the attention they can. Before you know it they will want to have sex on TV or on stage and think that is OK too. Well, it is NOT OK with the GENERAL population.

1795 days ago


yea allways show wonman kissing but man omg what will thay say i say sexy baby about time

1795 days ago


Oh "FED UP" who the heck would want to be your friend if you think they're sick and perverted? Would you continue to be friends with someone who thought heteo sex wand perverted and let you know all the time? Why is hetero sex any more moral or less perveted than the other? Because your Bible tells you so? Beucase your parents taught you so? Well that's all fine and well, but then it is YOU who is shoving your agenda down your gay/lesbian friends' throats!
You say, "I didn't care what they did in the bedroom" but obviously you do.

1795 days ago


I think that Adams performance was disgusting! If he feels the need to be so open then do it on cable. My kids are 9 and 10, they have seen this and as a parent I am now forced to explain to them that some people just don't have respect for the rest of the world. He keeps comparing himself to other performers but things they have done has been on cable television. Many people in my family are gay but have respect for themselves and those around them, they don't feel the need to display sexual acts around people. Stuff like this should not be displayed on television whether a person is straight or gay because young children are watching.

1795 days ago
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