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Maria Shriver -- Sweet Street Justice!

11/25/2009 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not to be outdone by hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver broke two more road rules yesterday, but again she got off scot-free.

The rebellious First Lady of California was walking out of Peet's Coffee in Santa Monica when a vigilant parking enforcement officer noticed her meter had expired. The officer pulled out his rusty, trusty "auto-cite" device to ticket the vehicle, when suddenly one of Maria's security dudes ran up to him, flashed something at the officer and did some fast talking.

In the end, the officer backed off without writing a ticket. Maria then got in her SUV, took off her glasses and began eating her muffin as the expired meter continued blinking.

Oh, and there's this .... she drove off without securing her seat belt.

A Santa Monica police official tells TMZ writing a parking ticket is "discretionary." He also said if Maria was on official business she'd be exempt from parking laws, provided she had a placard on the dash. We saw no placard and -- last we checked -- eating a muffin is not official business.

UPDATE: A Santa Monica police official now tells TMZ the parking enforcement officer was about to write the ticket when a man walked up to the officer and said he was a member of the CHP Dignitary Protection Unit. The CHP guy then said he understood the officer had a job to do but the dignitary would be gone in less than 5 minutes. At that point the parking enforcement officer backed off, but issued a warning.

As for Maria then getting in the SUV, eating a muffin and driving off without her seat belt, the parking official says his officer didn't see that.

We contacted the CHP -- they have no comment on the situation.


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I'm sick of this BYTCH and her husband.

She knows she breaks the law, but she could care less.

1790 days ago

doc murry    

DONT DOG ARNOLD ANY STATE THAT YA CAN DAMN NEAR WALK IN ANY STORE AND BUY GOOD WEED MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT..i would love to have maria dance naked at one of my parties and then give me a lap dance..sorry i think i need to go throw up at the thought of that..i need a hit of some pot man

1790 days ago


Hey #1,yes you BALLS,why don't you remove the balls from your chin and get a job.You must live to refresh this page just so that you can type what you don't have.........GET A LIFE YOU LOOOOSSSSEEERRRR!!!!!!

1790 days ago

doc murry    

does lady ga ga have BALLS

1790 days ago

doc murry    

yes mr itchy NUTZ,,you might try head and shoulDers while your in the shower just apply to your BALLS and after a few days they will be good as new,FOR EXTREMLY ITCHY NUTS YOU CAN TRY SELSUN BLUE..BUT ONLY A FEW TIMES

1790 days ago


Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing about how she and that overblown husband of hers continue to use their place in "society" to get away with all these broken laws. If ANY of us "normal" people had faced that meter maid we would have gotten the ticket. She knew that this was going on and yet she still just sat there like some priss and ate her little muffin, and not to be undone, she then took off sans seatbelt! WHEN do these people ever see the arm of the law? Arnold parks in a freaking red zone and laughs it off. She uses her cell phone, doesn't pay her meters, drives without a seatbelt and has absolutely no recourse for it. And what is funnier about all this was the one statement I read here that said she was being harassed!? Give me a break! These people are supposed to be not only heads of the state, but ROLE MODELS! What is this telling out kids? Time to take out the trash. I say that anyone spotting these people doing this stuff should immediately report them and we need to ride the legal system to see to it that justice is served. Enough is enough. For all I care, Arnold can go back to doing his damned Conan movies and she can ride her broom back to the Kennedy compound and park her royal ass there for eternity!

1790 days ago


She is such a self absorbed waste of space. Does she ever think about her husband and kids? In her mind she is too important to think about laws or anyone else but herself.

Look in the mirror Maria, you will find Dr. Phil looking back.

1790 days ago


1790 days ago


So let me get this straight. California is BROKE...and they make EVERYONE ELSE pay when they do something illegal...except that she's a Kennedy and Arnolds' wife so she can do whatever she wants? Nepotism perhaps? Either that or all the cops are afraid Ah-nold will show up and kick their as*es.

1790 days ago


Who cares? Not sure if it's a slow news day or if you guys like to put people on blast because you think it makes you look good. It doesn't. Especially when you over sensationalize the story.

Although Maria should set an example. she is the Govenor's wife. Shouldn't that come with some perks without being scrutinized?

1790 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Ok, you're getting Maria on a technicality about the seatbelt. She was driving away before "securing" the seatbelt, but the last few seconds of video shows her pulling it.

Official business eating a muffin? LOL

1790 days ago


OMG! Who cares. Kids are dying from H1N1, people have lost their jobs, etc. . and you think I care if she gets a parking ticket or not. I wonder how many rules/laws everyone brks on a daily basis. Imagine having a camera on you 24/7. Bet you've rolled thru a stop sign today, or gone 43 in a 35 mph zone. Or talked on a cell.
Does her not getting a tickets affet your life in anyway. And if you say its unfair, well welcome to the real world. What's unfair is watching a 4 yr old get Swine Flu and barely hang on, and there's nothing you can do.

1790 days ago

danger baby    

What kind of example is Maria setting? She should have her licensed pulled, and have to complete a driver's ed course before it is reinstated. This sends a message that she is entitled and/or that the laws don't matter. Call the Governor and express your concerns:

(916) 445-2841

1790 days ago


Come on guys need to move on. This is getting redundant.

1790 days ago


How many times does this self-entitled bitch have to break the law before they suspend her license?! Talkin' about a double-standard! If that were you or I, our license would have been revoked by now.

1790 days ago
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