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Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'll Be Back Taxes

11/27/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The United States government might have a bigger budget to work with -- if one bodybuilding governor would pay the back taxes it appears he never got around to paying.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Arnold Schwarzenegger owes the IRS $39,047 from 2004 and $40,016 from 2005.

In total the Guv owes $79,064.00 ... and as we all know, he's definitely not saving the money for rainy day traffic violations.

An official at the L.A. County Recorder's Office tells TMZ their system shows the lien is still active.

Arnold's rep released the following statement: "No one, including the IRS, has notified the governor of any issues whatsoever with his taxes. We are contacting the IRS to determine if the document in question, which appears to be a penalty for missing info and not for unpaid taxes, is legitimate and if there is any discrepancy to resolve."


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Only marry foreign women    

He fits the profile to work on Obama's advisor team

1770 days ago


Hey...If it didn't matter for Timothy Geithner, how could it possibly matter for Arnold Schwarzenegger?

1770 days ago

doc murry    

where is the latest info on michael jackson..this stuff is crap who gives a rats ass about these losers ,,we want to know why dr murry isnt having his turkey dinner in jail and why and whos about the investigation..come on peeps lets get it on

1770 days ago


16. He fits the profile to work on Obama's advisor team

Posted at 7:41AM on Nov 27th 2009 by Yeee
Are you one of these people who feels Obama should have solved all the problems Bush left within the 11 months he's been in office?

Give him a bit of a break. He has a huge task in front of him that will take some time to clear up.

1770 days ago


Hey by the one.... Will you admit MJ was a junkie and shouldn't have put DR Murry in a position to HAVE to shoot him up every 6 hours?

All these people who support MJ are in some sort of denial. MJ was responsible for his own health and he choose to be a drug addict instead.He was not even a bit of a junkie, he was a full blown pill poppin freak. Have you seen ALL the drugs this guy took?

What do you people have to say about that? Tons of people where robbed of their childhood so don't use that crap as an excuse.

1770 days ago

doc murry    

sure whammo i agree mj is responsible for his own actions but dr murry violated plenty of rules and should be in jail..

1770 days ago

South Beach    

"Barb" has it. Disheartening to see both of them giving the citizens who elected him the finger. Maybe it's "in advance flip off" since from what I hear he's history come next election and most can't stand him.

1770 days ago


The average Joe would go to jail for not paying their taxes. How do they get away with this? Never liked Arnold or Maria, and now here's more reason.

1770 days ago


See this is what you get when you elect someone because they are 'cool' or nice, pretty, or you simply 'like them' as opposed to actually having some intelligence. And he's a republican!...come on if this was Dem or a third cousin twice removed of Prez Obama haters would popping a vein. LOL

1770 days ago


by the one...Fair enough.

1770 days ago


Hey S. Palin... I ask you, what do you feel Obama should have accomplished by this point of his term? I’m not American and I’d like to hear what his detractors think he should have or could have done. Just curious.

1770 days ago


I'm sure there been a mistake..Arnold paid his taxes..

1770 days ago


Cool yer jets Whamo, I agree with you. If you noticed I said that 'if' this had been a Dem or anyone related to President Obama (no matter how remotely, hence the third cousin twice removed remark) the haters would be screaming for blood. I was just pointing out that like Palin, Arnold was loved by many, not for his smarts or his policies but because they 'liked' him, he was cool, he was Conan for crying out loud AND he was republican. Palin would be the same except we'd have to also deal with her faux family values, you betch'ya grandstanding. I totally agree that Obama was handed a dump truck load full of Bush-$hit and the 'other side' expects him to wave a magic wand and make it all disappear in under a year. The republicans have made an art out of 'Do as I say not as I do' politics.

1770 days ago


Im not a fan of this guy but seriously who give a rats ass that he parks in the red zone or even if his wife is on the phone while driving. And serios;y, he hasnt paid taxes? for that small amount that is pocket change to this guy. Come on people, he doesnt even get paid to be govenor. He chose not to get paid and every check he gets he donates right back to the state. Im sure these tax wite offs will clear that balance right up. he works for free publicity which is making him more famous then ever. TMZ is just helping his cause

1770 days ago


Instead of spending time on the average hard working American, these are the people the IRS needs to be going after & fining, plus jail time, plus interest. Ploticians & entertainers are the ones NOT paying their taxes, so that is why they support Democratic Government, because they do not care if taxes are raised because they do not pay what they shopuld to begin with. Go after Al Gore,Bill Clinton, Bon Jovi, Oprah, etc...

1770 days ago
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