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Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'll Be Back Taxes

11/27/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The United States government might have a bigger budget to work with -- if one bodybuilding governor would pay the back taxes it appears he never got around to paying.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Arnold Schwarzenegger owes the IRS $39,047 from 2004 and $40,016 from 2005.

In total the Guv owes $79,064.00 ... and as we all know, he's definitely not saving the money for rainy day traffic violations.

An official at the L.A. County Recorder's Office tells TMZ their system shows the lien is still active.

Arnold's rep released the following statement: "No one, including the IRS, has notified the governor of any issues whatsoever with his taxes. We are contacting the IRS to determine if the document in question, which appears to be a penalty for missing info and not for unpaid taxes, is legitimate and if there is any discrepancy to resolve."


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Not to worry. He's already written a check from California's Federal stimulus funds to cover it.

1701 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

@ "bart" sounds like you're the one doing all the crying. O'bama won so get over it.

1701 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Why do the right wingers always want to go rogue on the topics at TMZ. If you can't keep up with the conversation you should stay out of it.

1701 days ago


That's a damn shame. How the hell did this guy even become Governor? I'm not from Cali so I can't remember when he was elected, but how the hell was he elected when he owes the country money; military personnel can't even move from one base to another until they settle their debts. I'm sorry, but he is truly an embarrassment to the state of California and has no business being an elected official...much less a role model of a sort.

It'll be interesting to see how he gets out of this. Obama pardon? That would be enlightening...Obama owes the Kennedy's a favor...after all, they helped them find Bo.

1701 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

@ "Men Bad,Women Good" I agree with you that's what a wife should do.

1701 days ago

Muellner Michael    

Hey US-Peoples !
Lasst unseren Arnie in Ruhe. Er ist der Beste, der Stärkste. Und wir schauen zu ihm hinauf. Wir sind stolz auf Dich Arnie.
Fans from Vienna/Austria

1701 days ago


MY GOD! THIS GOV. AND HIS WIFE are the most repulsive couple in our country! HE SQUIRMS out of paying taxes, SHE SQUIRMS out of parking tickets. They are not even embarrassed by their own conduct! WHAT A WAY TO RUN A STATE! These people actually ran California into the ground and not even an apology. Running them out of our country would be too good for them. Jail, sounds better but, will never happen! Their behavior considers the general public "dog dirt" under their expensive shoes. How many more times will it take to show them their dirty tricks are over? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

1701 days ago


I think the two of you are maybe starting to embarrass yourselves, Arnold. Or are you going to cop a Michael Jackson (fan's) "I was ill-advised by people who took advantage of me and never paid my bills because I never knew" defense?

1701 days ago


You know, that's a really good question, #65. Elected officials usually have to file financial disclosure forms with the state ethics commission, and these filings are sworn under penalty of perjury and are public information. It would be worthwhile for TMZ to investigate whether these debts made it onto his disclosures and whether he told the truth about them in general.

1701 days ago



1701 days ago


This arrogant eff'ing a$$hole, Collieforneeyah should impeach this POS before he his dictatorship ends.

1701 days ago


Arnold should resign! This POS ran my beloved state into the ground. As soon as he took office, he slashed education spending even before the economy was bad. His bratz attend private school, so he doesn't care. He is an arrogant, uneducated, narcisstic, tax evading, GROPER who should resign!!!

1701 days ago


This blowhard and his hatchet faced wife make me sick.

1701 days ago

John Stuart    

Through the govenor & his wife in jail, were they both belong. They are big pieces of crap!!!!!!!!!!

1701 days ago


46. What gives with policitians and rich people just conviently forgetting to pay their taxes and blaming it on their accountants. If I forgot to pay my taxes the IRS would be hounding me, garnishing my paycheck, threatening me with jail time and seizing my property. Something wrong here

Posted at 10:56AM on Nov 27th 2009 by whateva

First off.....I'm no AHNOLD fan.....but these people DON'T DO THEIR OWN TAXES and even the tax WR
ITERS don't understand what the hell it is they've how is any individual supposed to know what THE PROFESSIONALS did is correct? They DON'T even though they are PAYING those people big $$$ to take care of that crap......ACCURATELY. I NEVER thought I'd be defending the AHNOLD but what's right is right. There are REASONS laws were written to protect rich and famous people from being screwed by the very people they TRUST to handle their financial matters.
This WON'T be the last time this kind of thing pops up. But when it DOES......HOLY CRAP the press is all over it like a shark feeding frenzy......and Harvey Levin BEING A LAWYER IS one of the

1701 days ago
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