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Aniston and Bloom -- More Than Friends? (Again)

11/27/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumors of romance between Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom made the rounds last year -- and now the two were spotted together again yesterday at Heathrow Airport in London.


The pair were reportedly on the same flight from Los Angeles. They did their best to avoid the cameras when they landed, but were then spotted getting in the same car to leave.


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Why if these are Alisters are they doing a paid hotel opening.. I don't care how wonderful the hotel is. And Gwenny is full of it. Regarding Jen/Brad. that is so 5 years ago. And Brad seems quite happy with his life. The triangle thing needs to drop. I just wonder why we NEVER see jen with her family. I mean she has parents and siblings. YET she is never with them. at least when we see her.

1727 days ago


she lookz like a man wit a wig

1727 days ago


Someone please give her a brush!
I've also heard she is very insecure and clingy

1727 days ago


I didn't know Jen had siblings! Seriously? Wow. I mean, it's common knowledge she was mad at her mom for many years as Angie was with her dad. But the relationship was thawing out last I heard. But really I don't think we would really see them "out and about" much. She probably visits at their respective homes.

We all know her dad is an actor but he seems retired now...he hasn't been on Days of Our Lives in years has he? I wouldn't know, I don't watch it. And her mom is non-famous so nobody would really be paying attention to her comings and goings.

The sibling thing is news to me, though! How many and do you know if sister/brothers??...I think it is especially strange to never be seen with them for sure!

1727 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Oh don't worry next week we will be hearing her usual sob story about how she can't keep a man

1727 days ago


I dont think they are together since they were both in Morrocco for thanksgiving and orlando went with his gf miranda kerr. he and jen must just being sharing the ride. I doubt he would go to one place with his gf and leave with a new one lol and give jen a break damn!! gerard butler does the same thing and he is glorified for it!

1726 days ago


Good for you Jennifer! Get yours!

1726 days ago


Jennifer you keep doing what you doing!! People have a lot to say about this woman who HAD a husband UNTIL the snake(angelina ho-lie) snatched him away!! Now THE TWO WEAKEST LINKS ARE TOGETHER(THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER ACTUALLY) Jen, you look good, your doing good, so screw these HATERS that seem to hate you ONLY because YOUR ex husband cheated. WOW WHAT IDIOTS!!!

1726 days ago

Trooper Tom    

OK the only time this woman is out and about is when she has a "new" man to show off or she has another movie coming out, and both scenarios end up in the dumspter. She will be in some magazine next week boo hooing about how she can't keep a man and why don't people leave her alone... that could be arranged, first stop hooking up with men who want a few quick bangs and then move on, second stop making movies that make no money stay in theatres for about 10 minutes and are gone. The world is tired of you and your boo hoo stories about men, and for gods sake show some versatility in the movies you make you can't be that stupid character from Friends in every movie you make

1726 days ago


That picture looks photoshopped.

1726 days ago


The only comment I have is that Jen looks sexy in her leather jacket !Sincerly:Spiderman

1709 days ago


What the hell?? Who cares? She is the tipical girl getting old trying to get some twenty year old man! Sad sad sad

1703 days ago


I'm really shocked by all this downgrading Aniston talk.........What the heck are you all talking about? She was married for a number of years until he cheated on her and destroyed the marragie, she was with long time boyfriend John Mayer, and she had dated "a few old boyfriends" from her past again...........what the heck qualifies that as being a SLUT? Not in my world!! I think she has had her heart broken terribly a number of times, like most of us out here, and I for one think its time for her to step it up and be a SLUT and have a good time with any damn man she chooses to. Have fun! Love later!

1701 days ago


Its hard to feel sorry for Jen.If Brad wanted me to have his babies,Id still be buttnekkid in bed in attempt.I believe my tubes would untie themselves for a crack at that.

1697 days ago

mona lisannt    

Can you say 'photoshop'

unless you are blind, the picture is clearly photoshopped.

1696 days ago
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