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15,000 More Reasons

to Hate Michael Lohan

11/27/2009 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As if Michael Lohan could descend any lower on the crappy father scale, TMZ found out he's over $15,000 behind in child support.

 Michael Lohan
According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Michael has racked up $15,100 in unpaid child support to Dina for their three minor children: Aliana, Michael Jr. and Dakota Lohan.

Now how about this horrible scenario: If Michael profited off those audio tapes he released of Lindsay's lowest moments, he could actually pay off his child support with money he made from exploiting one of his children.


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Only marry foreign women    

$15k - what that's like 1-2 months of support. I know people who have not paid their mortgage payment in 6 or 7 months.

1790 days ago


it didn't stop dina the dino from going to puerto rico with her boyfriend. how did that hag even get one? eww

1790 days ago


17. Whoever said "Marriage is a 50-50 proposition"

"laid the foundation for 20 years of support for the father than any other short sentence in our language."

Posted at 7:48AM on Nov 27th 2009 by Strong, Independent Woman Seeking Child Support

What are you saying? If you're going to come on here and bash men try and formulate a coherent sentence !

Let me guess.. you're strong and independent now because your man dumped you when you turned into a big fat assed bitch that wouldn't get off the couch and find you own job? When he came home from work, did you greet him at the door with a chicken leg in one hand and your other hand held out for his pay check?

1790 days ago


I can't imagine how he's not going to jail over releasing those phone conversations. Somebody's lawyer has to nail that freak. If he were my father, certainly we understand why Lindsy may have her problems with a man like that betraying you who is supposed to be your 'protector'. 'your father'. He didn't play his side of the tapes, did he.........loser.

1790 days ago


Good Lord, proud to be an american, your rant is way off!! Talk about a stinky odor? LOL* maybe you should check your upper lip if you smell something stinky!

1790 days ago


He could just tell his daughters to go whoring to support themselves. That's pretty much all he does. Or would he be afraid they'd make more then he does?

1790 days ago


He would have to move UP the ladder to be a piece of $h*t.

1790 days ago

for now    

The sore lazy losers keep showing their jealousy while the Lohan family
continues earning millions and donating their time and money to charities.

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Like a mom is going to spend child support on the children. Get a job and support yourself lazy a$$.

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

if women are equal why to they still take money from men? after they divorced the guy they should get a job

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

women divorce men FOR the money dumb a$$

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Men are chumps - after the divorce they have to pay each month for 18 years. if men do not, it's jail. suckers. hahahahahah

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

My dad is not allowed to see us only four days a month visitation...some government rule for dads only.

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

fathers are bad, mothers are good

1790 days ago


This site is forever trying to defend Lindsay's slutty behavior.
Get your collective heads out of Lindsay's azzz!!!!

Michael may not be father of the year but Dina had full custody and let Lindsay live unsupervised at the Marmont hotel at age 17 - a great plan if you want to have a coke whore daughter.

1790 days ago
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