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More Kids for Octomom? Say It Isn't So!

11/27/2009 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't worry, she's not pregnant ... yet ... but Octomom Nadya Suleman told Matt Lauer on "NBC's People of the Year" last night she's open to the idea of having more children.


Give your uterus a rest. Please.


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This is a joke, right?? You've got to be kidding me?? She's on "People of the Year"!! That's the biggest f'ing joke!!! These types of people are getting exactly just what they want, FAME, all because the TV exec's give it to them. STOP ALREADY!! She's nothing!! She's got 8 kids that other people are DUMB ENOUGH to donate money to, to help support her. She's gets on the same show as Pilot Chesley Sullenberger, what a slap in the face to him! SHE'S NOTHING BUT A BITCH USING THE SYSTEM TO RAISE THOSE BABYS!!!

1758 days ago


Even tough she is stupid and doesn't deserve to have more kids, I think she is damn hot also. I just ignore those pictures of her when she was pregnant and focus on how better looking she has gotten. As annoying that she is, I want to hit that damn hard bang her and hear her moans. Her voice is hot I agree. But her moaning would make me oh! Oh yeah!? For some reason I also always found something attractive about her. But hey, I also think Courtney love looks hot sometimes too so maybe I'm just sick. Man I want octomom. Oh ya!

1758 days ago


If we taxpayers had any control over the way the government spends (wastes) our taxes we could put a stop to supporting all these illegitimate kids and illegals. We shouldn't have to support these people. Is this taxation without representation?

1758 days ago


Since we have no choice in the matter, the government should stop paying child support after they pop out their first one. They need to go to work like the rest of us and support their own. They don't get away with this in other countries. Only in the USA.

1758 days ago


This skank ne3eds to be executed at dawn.Then she's gone forever.

1758 days ago

the seer    

The only ones who voted FOR her having more kids were... THE DUGGERS!

1758 days ago


What man is his right man is going to want to marry her anyway. 14 kids most men will spot her and run screaming. Don't think she has to worry about the future and her having any normal man in her life. She should watch out though she's a pedophiles dream.

1758 days ago


When I first heard about octuplets and that there were already six children, I thought if this person is a really good mother then it'll all be OK. If that person nurtured, loved, adored, and cared for and about her children. However, this woman is maternal as a rock and even worse she did it for money and fame. The more I know about her the sicker I feel. She didn't even raise the older children. They were raised by her mother, while she pranced around town getting plastic surgery. The children have disabilities for which she collects paychecks, mostly conditions exaggerated and encouraged by her. She's got a 4 year old with a constant pacifier that she got diagnosed with speech delay. Take out the damn pacifier. Ever watch her hold a baby, it seriously makes you sick to your stomach. Heads flopping around, picking up two babies at a time, plopping them in bizarre positions. And the insurance fraud scam, exotic dancing when she was telling the doctors how much she was in pain. She makes me sick.

1758 days ago


she has a whole litter of children. i know its not my business if she has more children or not, but she is the last person i want to see get pregnant again. she has her hands full as it is.

1758 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Thiswoman is menatally ill as everyone has said.
My otehr problem is why interview her,MattLaurandNBC,as a Person of the Year.

Why not interview:
Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohly
Some brests cancer survivors from NBC staff
Jill Biden,PhD.
Susan Boyle
and many other people who are not entertainers, but writers,artists, etc.

This wackadoodle is nuts.

1758 days ago


Who the hell are the 8% who said it would be fine if she had more kids? Jesus, people...there are tons of people in THIS country who are going to bed hungry tonight. She should be sterilized.

1758 days ago


Someone needs to kidnap octowannabeangelina and cut her tubes.

1758 days ago


i love how this woman who is on disability for a "bad back" is able to carry all these pregnancies. maybe disability fraud should be looked into?

she needs to be audited for the government handouts shes receiving. with all the interviews she does i doubt she qualifies for money from the state.

1758 days ago


Boy I'm so glad she doesn't live in the State of New York.We pay out in enough welfare without having to add another Dingbat to it. We are already taxed enough and our Governer says the state has no money.

1757 days ago


She said in the interview with Lauer that she wasn't receiving any government support. Yeah right. What about the Social security for her "disabled" kids, plus all of the free medical care she is receiving for early intervention (autism, speech delays, ADHD). Oops, guess since the check doesn't come directly to her it doesn't count in her mind.

1757 days ago
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