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Three's a Crowd

11/28/2009 5:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all the love triangles floating around Hollywood, a simple question begs to be answered ... If the choice was yours, who would be the better couple?


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I still don't see why many of you think Jennifer is all that. To be honest, she has man looks. look at her face man, it looks like those female bodybuilders. And no, young Brad Pitt puts Aniston to shame. Hey, we all know you can't compete with him if he shaves off that beard. Not gay, but I go with Durden.

1792 days ago


Jen is a cute and fun girl, Angie is an enigmatic woman, and Brad has grown from boy to man. He is not very interesting but a great philantropist.

But none of that matters. Those who are in love should be together, and that's Brad and Angelina, and let's hope Jennifer finds a good guy soon.

1791 days ago


Why wont this old tired story die. Is it a slow news day? I think not. Why is this news? Guys have been doing this for years, whats the big deal with Brad and Jen. Jen couldn't keep his attention so stayed over to Angie, thats a man for you. Angie is not the blame here, Brad couldn't keep it in his pants and was no longer interested in Jen. Guys get bored and they stray, its human nauture. Why would Jen want his tired ass back anyway. He's got SIX KIDS come on, give her some credit. TMZ stop trying to dig up this dead story. Nobody cares, and to those that stil do need to get a life. Angie, Brad, and Jen are not thinking about anybody reading this story.

1791 days ago


Jen is soooo much better than that pair of losers put together. By the way, why has The Jolie got a worm on her forehead?? Oh boy Brad, did you make one helluva mistake when you left Jen for that woman. Bet you've got loads of regrets now. Too late lad. Jen is sooo much better without you.

1791 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Brad should get with Roseanne Barr. They'd make a great couple.

1791 days ago


RIPLEY- I think I know who you are, this is Katie in St. Louis, if you read this, post another comment!

1791 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Jen is smart, funny, beautiful, a sweet if somewhat unsophisticated girl who any man would die for.
Angie is weird, quirky, tattooed and troubled which likely means she's a maniac in the sack.
Brad's a hippie stoner child, it figures he'd toss a decent woman for a freakshow.

1791 days ago



1791 days ago


lol @ you people choosing the worst pic of Angelina and a pic of brad frm when he was still using botox. I guess we know who's publicist you're in touch with. It aint angelina's

1791 days ago

this is what Brad Pitt looks like without the botox. click on enarge to see full effect. I don't why TMZ
and the rest of the media uses old pix of him and never does side by
side comparisons of his before and after botox.

1791 days ago


Yay Brothers.

1791 days ago

Lippy Loo    

That is one veiny tenhead on butt lips Angie! I will never understand Hollywood's definition of beauty. You have got Chinnifer Anniston...always has her mop hair hanging in her face, Billy Goat Brad Spit.. UGGHH! And scrawny, veiny Angie. Good gawd, there are much better looking people out there.

1791 days ago


I am not here to hate on anyone, but I do see some important differences between Jen and Angie.

Jen has always been the more light-hearted, fun and down-to-earth girl-next-door. However, I am sure she has her faults too. But Angie is aging already, way beyond her years, with all her third-world poverty drama, her self-importance, and infinite desire to solidify her position as 'ambassador' to the entire freaking world.
Angie tries too hard, it seems contrived, and what man really wants all that maintenance ? It appears being with Angie takes some major commitments.

Sure, they are BOTH pretty, in different ways. But if I were a man, I'd choose Jen any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Life's too short- have fun.

1791 days ago

big vic    


1791 days ago


Angie is beautiful and Jen is beautiful. But Angie has the bigger heart. She is constantly trying to make the world a better place and giving money to charity. She does that in addition to raising 6 children. It is hard to raise kids and they seem to love it. Jen appears like a sweetheart but actions speak louder than words!!

Angelina is a beautiful person! With or without Brad!

1791 days ago
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