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Three's a Crowd

11/28/2009 5:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all the love triangles floating around Hollywood, a simple question begs to be answered ... If the choice was yours, who would be the better couple?


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Brad was all crazy for that scary ass Angie. She sexually twisted with his head. This was a new world for him. He was used to smoking joints, going to Taco Bell and hanging out at the house with Jen. Now, as we all know as written on Page Six, old Angie is back with the "girls". Brad has been left on the side of the road. Just by looking at him now this guy is a mess and left with alot baggage.

1753 days ago


Why is that gigantic vein looking like it's going to jump out of Angie's head?

1753 days ago

its me    

omg will you people stop with this Jen , Angie and brad thing !! brad and Angie have a family !!! and why did they have to put a pic of Angie on here looking like that?? Angie is one of the most beautiful woman around. she does so much to help people and so does Brad . IF JEN WAS NEVER MARRIED TO BRAD WE WOULD NEVER HEAR HER FREAKING NAME! HER MOVIES SUCK , HER X BOYFRIENDS SAY SHES TO NEEDY AND VERY MATERIALISTIC. SHE DOESN'T LOOK IT BUT THATS WHAT THEY SAY. SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO KEEP A MAN BECAUSE SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY AND ONCE AGAIN TO NEEDY! SO STOP PUTTING HER NAME IN WITH BRAD AND ANGIE !! BRAD IS NOT AN ALCOHOLIC. DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. HE GOES OUT AND HAS A GOOD TIME . HE DESERVES IT AND SO DOES ANGIE. BRAD AND ANGIE HAVE HELPED SO SO MANY PEOPLE SO LET THIS CRAP WITH JEN GO AWAY! ANGIE IS VERY PRETTY AND DOES SO MUCH TO HELP PEOPLE . WHAT DOES JEN DO?? SHE SPENDS HER DAYS BUYING CLOTHES AND GETTING BOTOX. ANGIE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ALL That SO LET THIS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really really wish angie would beat the hell out of jennifer . jennifer is only popular because of brad. if angie and brad were not together angie would still be popular because shes one of the best movie stars around. she doesnt need to be married to brad to be popular like jennifer ...........

1753 days ago




1753 days ago


I was THRILLED when Brad left such a SELF ABSORBED, VAIN person like Jen. He wanted kids, lots of them and she just wasn't having that. God forbid her body get some stretch marks or she look fat-the world would end for her. She is ALL about herself-still is. Wants this big career-which she'll never have-her movies are nothing to rave about, she's in her late 30's, no kids, no boyfriend-GEEEEEEEEE-I WONDER what's up with that?? Here you have Angelina-at the time she met Brad on set-she was the hottest thing going. She had NO PROBLEMS or worries about what would happen to her body if she got pregnant-and didn't care if she was the sexiest thing alive. She wanted and loves kids-as does Brad. Looks GREAT on Jen-all alone with no kids (that now she claims she wanted-YEAH RIGHT). And to the person who commented "Why does Angie look older than Jen when Jen is actually older than Angie?" COMMON SENSE-Angie and Brad are busy RAISING 6 KIDS, globetrotting to help aid foreign, impoverished countries-while JEN is going to spas and being her usual SELF ABSORBED Jen. THAT'S why. Case closed-Angie is FAR, FAR a better person that VAIN JEN. Her and Brad are doing something that REALLY counts-raising a family and helping the poor. They're not couped up at some spa or resort like Jen ALWAYS is.

1753 days ago


I want to see Jennifer and Angelina hook up...for purely selfish reasons!

1753 days ago


He was a fool to leave his wife for Angelina. He deserves the unhappiness he has now. Angelina will never marry him and he will never make her happy. OH WELL, thats what you get Brad.

1753 days ago


Brad's competition is other WOMEN, LOL SICKKKKK

1753 days ago


Not trying to be funny but Angie looks like she's stressing out. That's what happens when your a home wrecker.... It may work for a while. Everybody knows Angie can get down in the bedroom but what else can she bring to the table. That's why she was popping out all of those babies thinking that this will be the way to keep Brad. I think it would be poetic justice if Jen gets Ben back and then dump his tramp behind.

1752 days ago


Despise that home wrecker Angelina. I wish she would hurry up and get hit by a bus.

1752 days ago
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