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Tiger's Wife Changed Her Story

11/28/2009 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, changed the story she told the first officer on the scene, according to law enforcement sources.

Tiger Woods

The Windemere Police Department says Tiger's wife went outside, saw that her husband had struck a fire hydrant and a tree, and then went back inside the house for a golf club to use to try and extricate him from the vehicle. But we've learned Nordegren told a very different story to the Florida Highway Patrol, and it does not involve going back in the house for a club. Our sources will not allow us to be more specific.

Tiger WoodsAnd we've learned there was no blood found on the steering wheel of Tiger's SUV -- putting into serious doubt that Tiger sustained his injuries from the crash.

As we first reported, Tiger had a conversation with a friend yesterday, in which he said his wife had confronted him over reports he was involved with another woman ... and that his wife scratched his face up during the argument. Tiger told the friend he then left the house, started driving off and his wife then came out with a golf club, striking the vehicle. Tiger then became distracted and hit the hydrant and then a nearby tree.

We're told cops will interview Tiger and his wife later today.

UPDATE: A neighbor tells TMZ they saw cops show up at Tiger's house this morning -- only to get turned away again. Tiger's wife, Elin, was spotted (below) driving out of the Isleworth subdivision in Windermere earlier today.

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that is not a picture of elin woods in the white suv. it is a picture of the nicest gal in all of isleworth, initials KS!!!!!

1789 days ago


Well, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans marry outside of their race more than any other group in this country. Geraldo Rivera was married 8 times but he never married a Puerto Rican woman because he thought he was too god for them. That Dominican Arod did the same way twice and it looks as though he is going white again. Same for David Ortiz, of course JLO tried her best but the white boy refused to be snookered in.

1789 days ago


This episode brings to mind a hilarious Wanda Sykes routine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7V0iqhU7lE particularly after the 2:15 mark.

1789 days ago


If the story is true that he cheated of course that is not good but nobody should put their hands on another person(MAN OR WOMAN). He tried to walk away from the confrontation and she followed him. As pissed as she was she should have dealt with it differently. No excuse here.

1789 days ago


Speaking of DUI's....Did you know that a 7 time DUI Convict was
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Releasor will lead to a DUI Tragedy: Source http://www.kmov.com/video.
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1789 days ago


It's a lemon!!!!!!!!

1789 days ago


Put her and Chris Brown in a cell together and
let them have at it...

1789 days ago


Check out this link to see Elin's family back in Sweden. Caution, this video is all in Swedish:))


1789 days ago


This is a private family matter. They do NOT owe the police or the public any explanations.

No one can force them to talk to the police.
They should SHUT UP !!!

IF something further needs to be put out to the public, only their attorney should talk.

1789 days ago


Don't compound the problem by lying to the police. ... Didn't Jim Brown get jail time for smashing his wife's car window a few years ago? I know Tiger has a firecracker temper on the golf course. ... Seems the Mrs. isn't going to put up with this screwing around without Tiger paying a stiff price. ... let's see how sponsors spin and sugar coat this story.

1789 days ago

Ariel Anaya    

haha first off THIS IS NOT TIGER's WIFE! ill say it again, THIS IS NOT EVEN TIGER's WIFE! TMZ u failed, this is another blonde lady who also lives in Isleworth. How do i know this?? I know who that lady is because I live in there. cmon Check your sources TMZ!

1789 days ago


Time this brotha went back to dating the sista's.

1789 days ago


I remember the night my ex-wife went all 'Tiger Woods' on me after she found out (through an STD test) that I had been tapping into some strange. She was psycho out of her mind and went after me with a baseball bat. I woke up in the hospital and we divorced shortly after. Damn that was a rough night.

1789 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Of course she lied, she's a woman and they simply cannot tell the truth EVER.
She lied from the minute she said "Hello".
She lied when she said it didn't matter that he was a mixed mutt.
She lied when she said "I do".
So she beat him with a golf club and lied, that's not news.

1789 days ago

Scuba Steve    

@71 - Wrong.

Domestic abuse is *never* a private family matter. In most states, the police do not give the abused spouse the option of not pressing charges. The accused abuser is almost always removed from the home immediately until the issue is resolved/investigated. Experience has shown that such policies are extremely wise...and help the abused spouse in many ways...not the least of which is safeguarding them from a potentially dangerous situation in the immediate term when they are also most likely very emotionally compromised.

The details of potential marital infidelity are private...but assault and battery are not. As a society, we watch over the state that we empower with law enforcement and judicial powers...and we need to do so here as well to ensure that double standards are not applied.

1789 days ago
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