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Tiger's Wife Changed Her Story

11/28/2009 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, changed the story she told the first officer on the scene, according to law enforcement sources.

Tiger Woods

The Windemere Police Department says Tiger's wife went outside, saw that her husband had struck a fire hydrant and a tree, and then went back inside the house for a golf club to use to try and extricate him from the vehicle. But we've learned Nordegren told a very different story to the Florida Highway Patrol, and it does not involve going back in the house for a club. Our sources will not allow us to be more specific.

Tiger WoodsAnd we've learned there was no blood found on the steering wheel of Tiger's SUV -- putting into serious doubt that Tiger sustained his injuries from the crash.

As we first reported, Tiger had a conversation with a friend yesterday, in which he said his wife had confronted him over reports he was involved with another woman ... and that his wife scratched his face up during the argument. Tiger told the friend he then left the house, started driving off and his wife then came out with a golf club, striking the vehicle. Tiger then became distracted and hit the hydrant and then a nearby tree.

We're told cops will interview Tiger and his wife later today.

UPDATE: A neighbor tells TMZ they saw cops show up at Tiger's house this morning -- only to get turned away again. Tiger's wife, Elin, was spotted (below) driving out of the Isleworth subdivision in Windermere earlier today.

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Louis Carmin    

This is not a fact, not a true story, not really news at all, but.....

http://www.NYAdvice.com has been asked to remove the "Blood on Tigers chin with clear image of Oxycontin" pictures from their website by a mystery lawyer. We have reason to believe that the Woods are behind the tiger, as you can clearly see in the photo.

Help us keep these pics in public domain, NO to censorship! Please help keep the net free.

You can view the pictures and leave your comments here: http://tinyurl.com/yb6cqzz

1788 days ago


if Tiger had whooped her ass now that would have been a different story altogether

Yeah, really! Cuz it would have been a BLACK man whooping a WHITE woman's ass! Changes it all up for a lot of people (racists, cough, cough).

1788 days ago


No they don't ave to speak to the police. But if the police have case aganst her for assault they can arrest her based on what woods first told the police and their evidence.

1788 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Unfair example maybe, but it seems pretty typical: Courtney Love meets mega-millionaire Kurt Cobain and becomes pregnant almost immediately. After getting all his money she whores around every day for 15 years but doesn't get blessed with any more pregnancies. Maybe "Team Elin" would have you believe Kurt just had lucky sperm.

1788 days ago


Nice: Check out the dog accomplice riding shot gun. Looks just like her!

1788 days ago


This article is linked on http://www.cheatsheetnews.com

1788 days ago


Why should she stay home taking care of the kids while he is out having fun cheating AND playing golf?? And look at her, only the dog is on her side. Heidi and Seal -- please help, step in or do something!

1788 days ago


If they both insist nothing happened, then it did not happen.

Just wondering --- is the "friend" who told the paps that Elin scratched Tiger perhaps Rachel U. ???
I would not put it past this whore to start rumors aginst the wife.

1788 days ago


Hey, fools. It IS Tiger's wife driving that SUV. That is Tiger's dog in the passenger seat. I have seen him with that dog before.

1788 days ago


Let me get this straight: People are saying it's Tiger's fault his wife went psycho and kicked his ass because HE is allegedly cheating. Unlike Chris Brown, Tiger did not retaliate by b!tch-slapping her, he chose to leave the scene. Then this crazy b!tch follows him to beat him some more, but this is Tiger's fault, because we all know a simple one/two would have took care of that sh!t. But hey, it was Tiger's fault in the first place so even though he was assaulted, he has no right to defend himself. Is that right? Cuz I'm confused?

What a bunch of racist hypocrites you people are! I wonder if you all know how stupid some of you sound.

1788 days ago

Jose Cuervo    

WOW.....ugly passenger

1788 days ago


Oh, here we go, again, blaming the wife and mother of small children instead of placing blame on a man, husband, and/or a hore who either leaked sexual escapades with a famous married man or fabricated the story for money. When women become literate, acquire self-respect, dignity,integrity, and stop promiscuously giving their sexual favors away or selling themselves as prostitutes, married men will not have reason to cavort on the side.

One can only imagine the husband-wife golf stories never made public and the fact that many have been chased by the very phallic symbol by which they make a living in this lifetime, i.e. the same goes for baseball and tennis players.

Although I have admired this young man as an upstanding role model on behalf of all races and all children, his wife is not crazy and, obviously, has been driven over the edge (as a passionate wife) with recent behind-the-scenes activities after she became a relatively isolated mother of young children once his father (best friend) passed away.

1788 days ago


Just wanted to say that you guys (tmz) have done the most up to date reporting on this story! You have outdone all the major news outlets! Awesome work!

1788 days ago


I think should be charged with Domestic Violence if this is true. It goes to show you that even celebs with all the money they will ever need still do not live in a fairy tale. There are kids involved now and that is sad.

1788 days ago

johnnie walker    

if Tiger was beaten out by his wife; I m sure he will be blamed for allegedly cheating on her. She will not be blamed for striking a gold club on his face: something that could have killed him instantly...even Tiger will not escape the bias we are about to see.

1788 days ago
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