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Tiger's Alleged Mistress: I Never Saw His Putter

11/28/2009 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accused of having an affair with Tiger Woods says she has never slept with him and calls the entire story "bulls**t."

Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel

TMZ spoke with Rachel Uchitel, the woman the National Enquirer named as Woods' mistress. She said she has met Tiger before, but never had sex with him. She claims the "sources" that spoke to the Enquirer were each paid $25,000 for their story.

Sources tell TMZ Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, were arguing over the alleged affair right before Tiger's accident yesterday.

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All professional athletes spend a lot of time on the road going from match to match or game to game. They get lonely and horny, and there is way too much temptation out there. You can't stay squeaky clean forever. Like Kobe Bryant and Ben Rothlisberger, they will be excused by their fans and sponsors because they are such big successful athletes that continue to pull in the money and championship rings. Woods is one of these few that can get away with a little bad publicity without it hurting him. It might even make him sexier and more attractive. It is always the "woman's fault" in these situations.

1734 days ago


When your famous, it seems the spotlights our always out looking for scandalist news, true or not. His wife should have realized that when she married him, cheating or faithful. Hope the best for the both of them what ever may happen. To his wife if she does love him and he did cheat its only a piece of a**. Where is Tiger now (home with you and your child)

1734 days ago


name ONE black, successful black man that hasn't had a mistress?

1734 days ago


Interesting, although black men/nonblack women relationships are at an all time high, we are starting to see the same troubled issues nonblack women now have with black men that black women have been dealing with for years, but black men would say that it is the "black women" with the issues. And now non black women are coming to terms with the bull of marrying black men. Most black women are not single because they "want to be", because black men are unhappy souls who hate their physical looks and are disturbed mentally from all the years of abuse of being black men in this country. They are damaged goods and are not marriage material no matter how much money or success they gather.

1734 days ago



Absolute truth.

1734 days ago


There are probably less than ten attractive black women walking our planet.

Nothing attractive about a loud mouth black woman and they all have big mouths.

Nasty looking too.

1734 days ago


To comment #32. You have hit the nail on the head. I agree with you 100% and have been telling people the same thing for the longest. To all of you beautiful intelligent strong and loving black women, ignore the derogatory remarks and keep the faith. The truth is slowly but surely being revealed.

1734 days ago


Sadly, some women and men of color on here are jealous and prejudiced towards a lovely blonde from Sweden who caught Tiger's eye. If you've ever heard of Wikipedia, you would know that Elin comes from an upperclass Swedish family and, yes, she was a model. A lot of independent young women from around the world, including young American college graduates, become nannies for the experience it provides emotionally and socially before they enter professional worlds. Instead of our first family's election helping those of color emotionally, it would appear they have assisted with infusing more hatred as regards their feelings toward the caucasian race...how pathetic and what a waste of an opportunity for advancement for those who wish to wallow in self-pity and learned hatred.

1734 days ago


#32 umjs

I think you are correct. #36 Cathy I think you are missing the point and may have contradicted yourself if it is directed at #32 comments. You are justifying Tiger's pick of this woman as his wife, and that is true, although she was a nanny when they first met, I am sure she is intelligent and beautiful...etc. But that said he still cheats, what kind of idiot would cheat on his wife if he was not disturbed mentally in some way??? He should had not been married if he cannot keep a committment, point black, i mean blank.

1734 days ago



Stealing cars and unemployed, really!
You are jealous of Rich Black guys.
She should be more than happy.
You need to look at Elin thin lips and flat ass
Anyway, he gonna get rid of Elin, soon white age fast and so do you!
Overall, I like her but she not beautiful


1734 days ago


Dude...skip the doe, lazy eyed skank and stay with Elin.

1734 days ago


Tiger likes the skanks. Just like Jon Gosselin. Hey don't we all..

1734 days ago


so funny how some people like to sit behind their keyboard and judge other people and call them names from afar. lol
also hilarious how some people think that they can believe what they read on tmz or online or anywhere else then make comments on it like it's the gospel. these types of forums must be for haters that have no life of their own and can't wait to wish hateful stuff on other people

1734 days ago


Great Header TMZ!

1734 days ago
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