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Tiger's Wife Didn't Call 911

11/29/2009 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsThe 911 made on the morning of Tiger Woods' car crash did not come from Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren -- it came from a neighbor.

Florida Highway Patrol says there was only one call made and it will be released sometime today. We'll put it up on the website, stat.

The FHP is scheduled to go back to Tiger's home at 3:00 PM ET to speak with him and his wife ... and to observe the marks on his face.

Stay tuned ...

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Racists on here have nothing intelligent to contribute other than displaying their ignorant bigotry and hatred. In the case of Tiger Woods they are jealous that he is one of the world's richest men, good looking, talented and educated at Sanford with a gorgeous Scandinavian wife. The racists on here don't have much in life so they are angry and bitter and lash out at others who have more than they do. All couples have occasional spats but because he is so famous it is splattered all over the tabloids.

1727 days ago


Is it me or are Tiger and Elin putting off talking to the FHP so they can concoct a new story to tell? They should both fess up and move on with their lives. Everything will be much easier afterward.

1727 days ago


Oh please.
This whole story is starting to collapse already.
Nothing but allegations, hearsay, and speculations.
You can all crawl back into the woodwork now.

And btw,Tiger and his wife are within their legal rights to efuse t speak to the police.

1727 days ago

dee an    

Obviously, you have never dated or been married to a good-looking professional athlete. Just because they are the utmost disciplined in their sport DOES not mean they are disciplined with their lower male organ. These men are used to beautiful easy women. Tiger is arrogant, which some may say be deserves to be on the golf course, but being the best golf player in the world does not entitle him or anyone to break vows. He chased Elin and she comes from a prominent family in Sweden. Yes, she spends his money but I guarantee his mistresses or hookers would leave him in worse shape. If she married him
for his money she wouldn’t care so much about him cheating. MANY wealthy married women look the other way for years to stay in the life style or cheat themselves. There are top athletes that have good reputations whose wives just cheated back on them after finding out and are still married (I am talking about top NFL all time stars) who have been married for many years.
Anyway all these men who say live like a rock star is because they can’t or haven’t. Sleeping with tons of people over years gets lonely unless you are mentally incapable of emotions and love. Maybe Tiger got married too soon for him but that is his fault -then work it out or get divorced but don’t LIE and act perfect. Tiger loved her at one point to marry her so he should at least have the decency to be honest with her. He willingly had children and that is what he should think of. Having bimbos in his life will not help his children. That’s what he should be thinking of not his reputation and endorsements. If he doesn’t come clean and try to work on his marriage he does not have the character of a great man no matter how good his game of golf is. To be a great man, like he wants his image to portray, is to balance greatness in all areas of life. Have you ever heard of Maslow’s pyramid?

1727 days ago


Doesn't the Escalade come with "onstar"? And that system is linked to a monitor that knows if there has been an accident and Tiger would have been asked if he was okay..........

Sooooooooooooooooo there is a transcript of that conversation probably with the wife.

Investigate that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, there were two clubs at the scene so she had to decide which one to use probably because of the wind.

1727 days ago


Of course she didnt call 911! I am sure she was busy beating the hell out of Tiger, while he was pulling out of the driveway- thisis how he smashed the car. The neighbor heard all the fighting/crash and called. I am sure they will move soon. His wife must believe/suspect its true (affair), or she wouldnt have went ballistic over a story pu tout by the National Enquire... she has probably known/suspected, but the story was an embarassasment.

1727 days ago

chirs messin    

is not the fire hydrant public property?? destruction of public or city or rich place to live a misdemeanor? my understanding is that this place is not even incorporated. It is not a city. so the fhp must investigate. How much richer do these folks have to become. Break the law, but only the state can investigate???

1727 days ago


Sorry but Tiger Woods wife is sooooo ugly! A hot mess. Oh well, why do these white women marry these Black men thinking that they can wrap them around their finger. Take it from a Black woman, Black men can not be faithful to no one especially a blonde hair blue eyed "Becky"!

1727 days ago


Tiger's wife comes from an upper middle class back ground, that's why his mothr approved of him marrying her.
She is no gold digger. Her mother was a member of parlament in Sweden.
You are all making assumptions about people you don't even know.

1727 days ago


When is the FHP going to release photos of Woods' SUV. If there are dents on it from a golf club seems to me we know what was going on. Also seems odd that his wife ran back into the house at 2:30 am to grab a golf club.....and break out the REAR window to help Tiger out. Why not a side window?
This smells and I hope his handlers don't wind up getting him and his wife charged with a crime for lying to preserve his "image". The cover up is always what gets the big shots.

1727 days ago


It never amazes me how stupid the comments in here can be...

1727 days ago


The hydrant is not public property because Tiger lives in a double gated community.
The roads etc are maintained by the homeowners. He'll have to pay for the damage, that's all.

And NO ONE ever has to talk to the police.
Smart people don't. At least not without a lawyer present.

1727 days ago

Tired of stupid comments from b people    

She should have never married a black man. Black men like white women and black women cannot stand that. Black women hide their insecurities saying that they are “strong black women…” Yeah, right…
Elin is very pretty and should get the kids and his money now and go back to Europe and find a nice white man.
Blacks blame everybody for their “misfortune” but if they would not have been brought to the US as slaves they would be in Africa starving and chasing antelopes with bone arrows.

1727 days ago


Is TMZ going to report how the President of France helped get Roman Polanski free on bail? MSM doesn't appear to be reporting this. And MSM wonders why people no longer go there for news. The President's wife is reportedly friends with Polanski's wife, and the President's wife was just cast in the next Woody Allen movie, and Woody Allen is a Polanski supporter.

Polanski is not being fitted with a GPS device, so he will be able to flee again once released from prison.


"Polish director Roman Polanski’s family is thanking French President Nicolas Sarkozy for being “very effective” in helping to win his release from a Swiss prison.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is thanks to the President that Roman has been freed, but he has been super,” Polanski’s sister-in-law, Mathilde Seigner, told Le Parisien newspaper. “The President has been very effective.”

The London Times speculated that Sarkozy’s wife, ex-model Carla Bruni, may have pressured her husband to intervene because she used to hob nob with Paris’ artistic community, which includes Polanski and wife Emmanuelle Seigner.

After initially balking at his release, Swiss authorities agreed to let Polanski move from a cell to his luxurious Alpine chalet once he puts up $4.5 million bail.

A bracelet will allow police to monitor Polanski , but the device does not include a global positioning system to track him should he escape.

“We can only check if the person is at home," Jonas Peter Weber, a professor at the University of Bern, told the Times. "If the alarm goes off and no police is in the vicinity, the person will be able to flee...”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2009/11/28/2009-11-28_roman_polanskis_release_secured_by_nicolas_sarkozy_sisterinlaw.html#ixzz0YGtWYHnZ

1727 days ago


HOW DO PEOPLE KNOW TIGER DOESN'T WANT TO TALK? For all anyone knows the guy is dead in that house.

She doesn't call the cops and when they get there she is standing over him with a golf club and he is unconscious in the road.

If the roles were reversed and it was Tiger turning the cops away after he supposedly beat her up they would be breaking the door down to talk to her and to make sure she is ok.

1727 days ago
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