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Tiger's Wife Didn't Call 911

11/29/2009 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsThe 911 made on the morning of Tiger Woods' car crash did not come from Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren -- it came from a neighbor.

Florida Highway Patrol says there was only one call made and it will be released sometime today. We'll put it up on the website, stat.

The FHP is scheduled to go back to Tiger's home at 3:00 PM ET to speak with him and his wife ... and to observe the marks on his face.

Stay tuned ...

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Some folk on this thread need to take a deep breath. Does Tiger or his wife pay your bills? Does Tiger or his wife have a heaven or hell to put you in? It's not his or his wife's responsibility to judge us, so let us not judge Tiger or his wife...

1754 days ago


Everyone that is aware of this, knows what happened and we really dont need to hear it from the police. We just need to hear it to comfirm it officially and what charges will be filed,.."if any".
For this incident only,..(the wreck), I feel bad for Tiger, because what Elin caused him to crash his car, more than likely beat him in the head with the golf club,.."coming in and out of
Consciousness" I think Tiger got into his SUV after he had been hit on the head by Elin and that caused the crash.
I'm sure this will all come out in the news later, but I would bet everything I own, thats what happened. Being a Paramedic,...thats exactly what happened and I can explain why. Tiger said his pain medication caused the crash. Not so. Why? If he was able to get in the car with his keys, start the car and back out of the drivway,..the pain meds wouldnt cause him that kind of distress, but a blow to the head would. He needs a brain scan immediatly if he hasnt had one already.

1754 days ago


He be penalized a stroke for hitting a tree, that's all.

1754 days ago

Grandma of Four    

Well...pretty clear what happened here! Tiger proves himself to be a mortal man thinking with the WRONG part of his anatomy! NOT SMART to say the least! WHAT is it with some men? I did not say ALL men! Elin probably heard his cell go off with a text or caught him texting in the middle of the night and went ballistic! He is one lucky man she did not take his head off with an iron! OUCH! He needs to check out that car, think about how that could have been HIM, and keep his pants zipped tight! Bet this ends his foray into cheating! Can't wait to see how the sports writers question him at upcoming events! Should be fun to watch! He needs to thank his lucky stars the "girlfriend" is saying this never happened! Wonder what THAT is costing him? "Allegedly" of course.

1754 days ago


A man who has everything, including a beautiful blond wife and healthy children, but he wants more. To him I say: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAH! Idiot.

1754 days ago


Well, at least Tiger had sense enough not to beat Elin down and ruin his career the way that dummy Chris Brown did.

1754 days ago


If there's love and passion in a marriage there will be spats when rumors fly that there is infidelity - there's no real harm done here - Tiger can afford a fire hydrant and a new car so why not leave them alone to work out their issues - it's really a private matter - every marriage has its challenges - and many women would get ballistic over a cheating husband -

1754 days ago


He's stupid, she's nuts, and they both need some serious help.

1754 days ago


The (once) Great Tiger Woods will now be viewed as just another arrogant jerk that cheats on his wife. I hope he gets the shanks and the yips. He'll never win another golf Major.

1754 days ago


I totally agree with what camaguey posted" A man who has everything, including a beautiful blond wife and healthy children, but he wants more. To him I say: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAH! Idiot."

It is so true. This guy has absolutely everything any man on this whole earth would ever want: wealth, fun job, beautiful loyal wife, healthy children... I mean this man has everything on earth any many would want ....what a mistake he made..... And obviously he truly hurt this woman who was so loyal to him.......

1754 days ago

eddy jean louis    

Although my father was physically and verbally abusive toward my mother,I have never raised even my little finger on a woman and I am 70 y.o. My congrat. to Tiger for not reciprocating. It is better to be a chicken and fly avay .

1754 days ago

a fan    

I feel sorry for Tiger. His wife seems to be very unstable to chase him out of the house and hit his car with a golf club. She could have killed him. But why was he in and out of consciousness for 6 minutes? That impact was not enough to cause a loss of consciousness. Did she hit him over the head with the club? May be she has postpartum depression.

1754 days ago

Kimberly Norris    

I've watched too many episodes of CSI to let this one get away.

1. Tiger has scratches and bruises on his lips and face but there is no blood on the steering wheel from the "crash".

2. Where is the glass from the broken suv at. Is it at the crash scene or is it in the driveway?

3. Skinny Erin supposedly broke the windshield and pulled out Tiger's big body from the car. She had to break the back window, climb in the car, unlock it, then get him out of the car. Was their glass on her?

4. Where were the children during all this? Were they alone or was a nanny watching them? If there is a nanny present, what did she say happened?

5. Why was Tiger so out of it? Was he on prescription medication, if so, how much? Was this a suicide attempt over the death of his father?

6. Check his cell phone and are there phone calls from that Uchitel hoe?

7. Of course she would have cleaned up the mess in the house which is why she couldn't let the cops in the house to see Tiger, she knew she had to clean it up.

Those are just a few questions but something smells fishy around here.

The national enquirer and tmz will be eating off this story for months.

She might as well call the divorce lawyer now.

I always knew there would be some kind of fall-out over his dad's death. You don't lose someone that close to you and not have any kind of emotional breakdown or acting out. This is just the beginning.

1754 days ago


Heh..guess he didn't have "we'll call 911 for you" OnStar
installed..maybe that can be their new commercial "if your WIFE doesn't feel a need to call 911 and is just standing there "hovering over you" after you've had an accident, WE will call 911 for you"!

1754 days ago


By the way, there were two clubs at the scene so she had to decide which one to use probably because of the wind.

Posted at 12:31PM on Nov 29th 2009 by Running Balls Out

TWO..Gawd. One for each window, perhaps??

1754 days ago
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