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Tiger Woods

The 911 Call

11/29/2009 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV early Friday morning.

911 call
The caller, a male, can be heard telling dispatchers, "I need an ambulance immediately, I have someone down outside my house ... It's a car accident ... My neighbor, he hit the tree. I see him and he's laying down."

When the dispatcher asked if the person was unconscious, the neighbor responded, "Yes."

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This is a non-story. Sorry ya'll haven't noticed.

1752 days ago


How many times does the 911 operator have to ask if he's outside the vehicle? They're as dumb as Tiger is.

1752 days ago


the one interesting thing is that its the neighbor there with him, NOT his wife. so much for the story that the wife was there to help him, broke the window out etc. that whole time of the call the wife isn't even there...

1752 days ago


everyone really needs to stop. you know nothing unless you are the supposed friend telling all of tiger's conversations. maybe him and elin did get in a fight, maybe he doesn't know if he wants to press charges.

1752 days ago


I tell you, there is nothing worse than hearing people call 911 and then act like there in left field. I'm mean they had to say hello? hello? a half a dozen times. Then somebody else comes up & wants to start talking to the caller. I mean if your calling for help. Talk to the them or hang up the dang phone.

1752 days ago


I don't believe for one minute that his wife slammed the back window to save Tiger. Pure and simple this sounds like a case of domestic violence and Tiger needs to stop playing games and tell the truth. So does his wife. It's obvious they got into fight. It makes me feel like he is more human, like the rest of us, and he shouldn't be ashamed. Admit the truth Tiger!!

1752 days ago


Serves him damn right, she should a cut off his balls, then beheaded him! A lesson to all those black entertainers and black athlethes (including the ugly ass ones like lamar Odum)whose only vision of marriage, is with a white woman or one that is just very barely black!! There's a crypt with your name on it somewhere...she's gonna kill his ass next time...

1752 days ago


Boring story...

1752 days ago


Useless cell phone.

If you want to learn how rumors are built and how people use the scantiest info to make up whatever story they like, based on their own experience and anger at various people (such as ex wives or husbands or black or white people), just read all the comments in connection with this incident. Very illuminating.

1752 days ago


Where is wifey for all this, I hear no yelling crying, nothing.

1752 days ago


Anyone can not talk to the police. Police can never ever ever ever ever MAKE you talk. A Court can unless you have a valid reason for taking the 5th Amendment.

Do you think they have evidence to actually arrest someone for something yet? Of course even then taking someone into custody doesn't mean they have to talk.

I just get annoyed by the constant posts "normal people can't not talk." Anyone can not talk.

1752 days ago

George Anderson    

Should have used a driver instead of that tree-wood.

1752 days ago


It sounds like she attacked him about the mistress story, scratched his face, and then he decided to crash the suv to make it look like an accident so he wouldn't have to admit that his woman hit him. Then she was still mad when he left so she took the club to his suv. Tell the truth like a good person. You are just like all of us!

1752 days ago


Anyone else think that the wife should be in jail? Where IS she on this tape? Some wife!

1752 days ago


Number 21 is dead on. If you call 911 TALK TO THEM NOT THE F* NEIGHBORS. The dumbass isn't even that calm. And he should really charge his phone or get a new cell. Sounded like he was calling from Baghdad.

1752 days ago
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