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Tiger Woods

The 911 Call

11/29/2009 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV early Friday morning.

911 call
The caller, a male, can be heard telling dispatchers, "I need an ambulance immediately, I have someone down outside my house ... It's a car accident ... My neighbor, he hit the tree. I see him and he's laying down."

When the dispatcher asked if the person was unconscious, the neighbor responded, "Yes."

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glenn couldwell    

The things I question are,# 1 Why was Tiger going out at that hour of the morning?.Maybe he did have a fight with his wife and didn't want it to escalate so he went for a drive to cool off,and he was so mad when he left his driveway he lost control and hot the curb which rendered his svu out of control and hit the fire hydrant and then went forward and hit the tree.By looking at the photos the airbags should have deployed for that amount of damage.
# 2 They said Tigers wife heard the crash and came running with a golf club.Well how many people do you know hear a crash and respond carrying a golf club or any other divice for all thats worth.They say she broke the bake window to help him get out of the svu. Well the photos are right in front of you,I can't see any damage around any of the five doors and all the windows seem to be intake.If the doors were locked why couldn't Tiger just touch a button and unlock all five doors. My take on what happened here is a domestic dispute.Tigers wife was out of control and hit him with the golf club and being the man we know Tiger is I don't think he would fight a woman.He was injured and the only out besides knoking this woman out and commiting a felony himself was to jump in his suv and drive as far away as he could most probably to his boat.It was to convenient for her to have a golf club that handy. She was already in possession of the club from assulting Tiger and followed him out the door and watched him take off and hit the hydrant and the tree and she ran to the seen as any loved one would even after a fight if your loved one is hurt.There is so much more to this story and because of how private a person Tiger is we may never know the truth.But,The thing that bothers me is why does the sheriff not interview a suspect after a crash that is of a suspisious nature.
We read the sheriff went to Tigers house and was told he was sleeping,HELLO.How many sheriff's would say ok then we'll talk to him tommorrow,then the next day Tigers lawyer states Tiger will not be talking with anyone.Well I.m sorry Mr best golfer in the world hen it comes down to the laws of the state of Florida you are no different than that man sleeping on that park bench without a dime in his pocket.So man up Woods and start talking< your Daddy taught you right from wrong and he taught you to stand up like a man when you do wrong so don't dissapoint his memory.

1791 days ago


The real problem is that this is the PUBLIC'S business NOW,due to the police allowing Mr.Woods to run the show, It would be a cold day in hell for me to get away with that stunt. they are trying to say Woods does not have to talk to the police, where I come from, when there is that much property damage done, and a hydrant costs money, that person files a police report and I mean you file it NOW, not when you are in a freaking mood and after everyone gets the story right and not after the wounds have healed.Put the pressure on this police department NOW

1791 days ago


I hope she smacked him good.Even more so because he's black.Payback for what OJ did to Nichole!!!!

1791 days ago


Because this is currently deemed a "traffic accident" Tiger doesn't have to talk to the authorities.
Neither would Joe Towtruck or Sally Homemaker.(if they had good legal advice)
It seems as though the higher your net worth, the better understanding you have of certain laws.(attorney on retainer)

I don't like golf and I could care less about Tiger.
If you're an adult of sane mind and have ever been in or seen a relationship you could come to the conclusion that:

1.This was a domestic dispute (over who knows what) and Tiger opted to leave his home to avoid escalation.
2.This was a domestic dispute over infidelity and Tiger told his wife... "I'm Rick James bitch" "Don't you know there are at least 1,000 women within a 5 mile radius that I could be with?"
"Bitch you are tripping right now, I'm going to the Four Seasons. Wife proceeds to grab golf club..."Oh no you're not!"

Domestic issues/drama knows no boundaries. Whether a blue collar worker or a man rich enough to buy his own jet.

Any woman who makes the decision to marry a man with the stature of a Tiger oughta know what comes with the territory.
Networth over $100 million and adored by millions the world over.
He has access to anything his heart desires.(including perhaps your girlfriend or wife)
Its amazing how some women think they have the magical Vagina. That's absurd.
The only thing better than than Puss_...is some new Puss_.

I don't need Tiger to tell me what happened.
If he was my buddy I'd show up to his house with a 12 pack of Coronas and say "How'd she find out bro?"

1791 days ago


Should all white men have to pay for what Scott Petersen did to his pregnant wife????!!! Brainless jack@ss!

1791 days ago

TJ Kong    

77. While I find all of this interesting, it is not our right to know what happened, anymore than it would be if it happened to our own neighbors. Just because it happened to famous Tiger Woods doesn't mean he owes us all an explanation.

Posted at 3:44PM on Nov 29th 2009 by Jan

No, Tiger is not just a private citizen. He is a multibillion dollar enterprise who has hundreds if not thousands of people all over the world whose livelihood depends on him, and several times that in the periphery who could be directly affected by something like this. He's not just some pretty face hollywood starlet. He's an industry into himself. Tiger can't simply be the brand and the private man in matters like this. It's one or the other. The sooner Tiger ties this all together in a way that actually makes sense, the better.

1791 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Wow,what a neighbor there.

The neighbor messed up Tiger and Elin.

I would think the neighbor would have called the gated commuity 's 24hr. private secuirty.

In this neighborhood,you don't have the general population coiming and going.

Elin could have called for an ambulance.

What I want to know which is really personal and things we will never about the rich and famous...
Did she go with him to the hospital ?
She could not have gone and left two infants alone in the house.
Do they have live-in help? Are they ever alone in their home?
Are histeam oflawyers living there in Fl in that city or in another?

ahhhh,lifestlyes of the rich and famous.

1791 days ago


After reading most of the comments, it seems most folks lean towards IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS or THE POLICE TREATING WOODS DIFFERENTLY THAN WE UNIMPORTANT PEE-ONS and also that MR WOODS IS WITHIN THE LEGAL LIMIT NOT TO TALK TO THEM. My question then is, WHY are the police TRYING to interview him? This just makes the POLICE AND THE DEPARTMENT LOOK LIKE FOOLS, it also brings out Mr. Wood's real attitude and lack of respect he has for law inforcement and his fans. I would suggest if the police do not have the right to question him then they should back off or summon him

1791 days ago


85. It is really scary to see how slow the police are when they 911 is phoned for an emergency. Even my nephew said to me "why are they asking the person all those silly questions" instead of getting the help that is needed. I hope changes are made to the entire 911 system soon because people are dying every day because of 911 people that waste time either with dumb questions or condescending remarks. They are suppose to immediately dispatch help yet that rarely happens! That is what we should really be discussing here!

Posted at 7:07PM on Nov 29th 2009 by jackie

Don't even get me started about calling 911. I work in a hospital outpatient clinic and every so often we have a patient who presents with stuff like chest pain and we call 911. First we get the hospital police who transfer us to the outside 911 people who then transfer us to the medical people attached to 911. And with each transfer, we have to tell what is going on.
And one of the EMT's told us straight out when we griped that it took them to get to the clinic that that time of the morning is their BUSY time and yeah, so, they tend to run late no matter what the problem is (in this case, chest pain). Our clinic has NO emergency meds or equipment except oxygen takes and an ancient cardiac machine that will only show the heart rythem. We don't even have an AED.
So we are in the heart of the medical district in a major US city and it is hit or miss if they show up promptly. Comforting. Seems the worst time to have a heart attack in that area is 9 am to 11 am cuz they are "busy".

1791 days ago


Oh well, this Norwegian woman is a true American now. She knows the 3 American wife rules of dealing with a cheating low-life husband;

1. An ambulance ride losing blood on his way to the ER.
2. A one way trip to the morgue.
3. A meeting in divorce court to drain his bank account bone dry.

She chose #1, God Bless her.

1791 days ago

rick pebbles    

If i would of drank & ate pain killers then got in a wreck do ya think i would of been able 2 blow the cops off...? No my butt would of gone 2 jail... the laws are only for the poor & workn class...

1783 days ago


In my neighborhood, Tiger would of been arrested for D.U.I and his wife would of been arrested for domestic violence. And they both would of gone to jail. But I guess there's different laws for filthy rich people..MONEY TALKS AND RICH PEOPLE WALK!!!!!!

1783 days ago


Tiger Woods has made it clear that being referred to as an African American/Black man is offensive to him. So stop comparing him with people who don't have a problem with being called African/American.
That is so disrespectful to African American / Black people.
Also his wife didn't know she married a male whore, so its understandable that she over reacted. I'm sure she is smarter now.
I respect Tigers game, but I do not respect the man.
I don't think his wife should spend one day in jail or even get a fine. BTW Yes, I am PROUD black African American woman who is glad he wasn't having sex with a black skin woman. That would be so disrespectful.

1782 days ago
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