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Tiger: I Need a 'Kobe Special'

11/29/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods had a "Kobe Special" on his brain hours after what looks like a domestic dispute with his wife, Elin Nordegren -- this according to someone who spoke with Tiger on Friday.

Tiger Woods

During the phone conversation on Friday, Tiger told his friend, "I have to run to Zales to get a 'Kobe Special.'" The person on the other end of the phone asked Tiger what a "Kobe Special" was. The reply -- "A house on a finger."

During the conversation, Tiger said his wife had "gone ghetto" on him.

As we first reported, Tiger told the friend his wife had scratched his face up during an argument over a report that the golf great had cheated on her. The "other woman" named in the story -- Rachel Uchitel -- calls the report "bulls**t."

Tiger WoodsOf course, the Kobe reference is the now-famous house/ring he gave his wife Vanessa after the whole Colorado thing. We're assuming Tiger was joking, though he can certainly afford it.

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First; If your wife is swedish, dont cheat. period. viking girls dont take crap. the axe will swing.
Second: Elin is not a gold-digger, comes from upperclass family, mother memer of parlament, ex cabinet minister. Father journalist with own radio-show.
My guess Elin + kids is comming home from x-mas for a time out.

1755 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Lest I forget.


Don't bother with any women who do that "fish lips" pose.

1755 days ago


I agree with countryman Lars (take it you are Swedish?) Swedish wives do NOT stand side by side with cheating husbands in front of microphones.

Papers in her old homeland have war headlines about her "chasing Tiger with a golf club". Nice job, TMZ. Proud of yourselves?

She won a lawsuit against NE, so look out.

1755 days ago


Now, what friend(s) of Tiger Woods would talk to TMZ for a PRICE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?????

1755 days ago


How's this for an explanation? On hearing of an affair, Tiger's wife tees off on his head with a golf club leaving Tiger nearly unconscious, and as he tries to drive himself to the hospital he passes out and hits a hydrant. Why don't they want to talk to the police? There are domestic violence laws and Tiger's wife even without him filing charges could be facing jail time if they talk to the police. And they do not have to. End of story.

1755 days ago

Michael Jackson #1 fan    

HA HA his kids are white, does it mean they are not his kids?? I bet if this was Michal Jackson they would have harrased those kids about their race. Tiger kids are white, lol...

he thought he married a white woman bc the media fooled him that white women dont act ghetto, shame on you Tiger to think that way. You should have married your daddy's specie, and maybe you would have gotten a divorce instead of sracthes on your face. Switish women ar even more harsher and meaner than the average American women, bc they raised to be cold hearted people.

And I remember when you said "I am not black". Then what race are you Tiger? I know skin color doesnt define race, but boy you dont look chinese or Japanese to me..or what race is yo mama again?

What race are your kids from? They kinda look like a mixture of races. Black, white, Chinese, wow you have really thinned out your genetic make up, we might never see another Tiger woods again..

1755 days ago


bye bye fortune

1755 days ago

Big Momma    

this story is not very credible, and repulsive at the same time. understand celebs not legally responding to every rumor that appears in rags and tmz. but this is one time if tiger has not had an affair, he should use some of his millions/billion and go after The Enquirer and Star and any other spreader of falsehood and defend his marriage/honor. If he does nothing about these stories legally, i'll assume he's guilty. Another overpaid, over pampered sports celebrity. and don't even THINK about laying any guilt on the wife. a confirmed private woman who never seems to seek the spotlight having her husbands face spread all over the Enquirer and Star and TMZ....i'd go after him with ALL the golf clubs.

1755 days ago


This is not true. No way Tiger has ever bought anything from Zales. I'm not even rich (but have been worth more than a million) and I know people with money don't get anything from Zales.

Tiffany's, Cartier, maybe, Neimans, David Yurman? Not Zales. And I doubt Tiger used the phrase "going ghetto."

1755 days ago


This piece is a fake. Who really thinks Toger Woods would shop for jewelry at Zales? Or that he would even do the shopping himself? TMZ lies.

1755 days ago


TMZ has blown this whole thing out of proportion. They make private matters like this their business and it's pathetic. If TMZ headquarters blew up with all of them inside I wouldn't blink an eye.

1755 days ago


I think the wife belongs in jail

1755 days ago



he has a tight knit circle of best friends (including Michael Jordan) and none of them have ever leaked anything about him nor he about them -they are loyal friends who are not stupid

they would never betray their friendship - especially for a gossip mag/site and a few $$

don't you think that if this were true, Woods would know exactly who talked and that individual would be an EX-friend immediately


1755 days ago


Let's see, Tiger is out messing around with a woman who has a pattern of dating married men, telling her friends they're in love. It's printed on the front page of a tabloid newspaper for all the world to see and know about. Elin is home with two children, having just recently given birth to one of them. She gets angry and goes ballistic when she finds out and it's all her fault?????

1755 days ago


Hey rest of world -lets get this straight. Im Tiger Woods and your NOT! Now lets get over this. Me and Ophra have the world to rule.

1755 days ago
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